bellarific friday

it’s our FIRST BELLARIFIC FRIDAY of DA YEAR! and a question I need feedback on!

so I was a delinquent BELLA and didn’t give a challenge to da sistahs over the holidays.  I gave you all a break.. but NOW I MEAN BIDNISS.  I want you all to get your creative juices flowing and try your best to use our stamps and make 1 card a week for Bellarific fridays! Ok da BELLA BOSS haTH spoken.

So my  sistahood had a break this week.. but da BABEROONIS sure didn’t!



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Get ready for MAJOR MOJO to hit you 🙂  READY? SET? HERE WE GOOOOO


Here’s ALICEwertzABELLA’s card


Here’s ANGELAbella’s card


Here’s DANAbella’s card


and Kerribella’s card


Lesliebella’s card


Sandiebella’s card


and Shelabella’s card


and Stephabella’s card


and here’s TRACYbella’s card


and finally our TRACYMACabella’s card



I mean utter and serious GORGEOUSNESS no???

SERIOUSLY I think I drooled a little. ok  ALOT.


a MOJOBELLA sketch Created by VERVEGIRL!  you can find her Mojo Monday sketches HERE.. they are AMAZING!!!  I actually have a binder with all of them in there 🙂

mojoBella sketch 2 - Jan 15


And finally for my question that I would love some feedback on.   While I LOVE posting your cards you make for the challenge, perhaps some of you are shy or busy and don’t want to email me your cards.  Would you be happy if we had an INKLINKZ installed where YOU, da sistahs, can upload your own cards, give direction to your blogs etc?  I will absolutely look into it if the demand is there

would really appreciate your comments 🙂

MWAH to da sistahs who will “talk” to me


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  1. Mirella says:

    Fab creations from the team! I personally think that inklinkz would be much easier on you and all of the sistahood who want to share their creations

  2. Jane Crisci says:

    Hi Em! Not sure if you remember me, but I was the one that was surprised that you took on this task on your own. I find this to be fantastic and it makes me feel like you truly care about us and how your stamps are being used, and this way you get to see all of the great projects out there. I think it is wonderful that you continue to keep that “hands on” approach.

  3. Lucy says:

    I quite like that we email you and you post them all for everyone to see! If it’s inlinkz you can’t see the photos so big and people don’t click on each one to see them all separately
    Ps I’m soooo excited bellariffic Friday is back woohoo!!
    Lucy xx

  4. Cindy Major says:

    Hi, Emily
    I would be interested in using a Linkz to add challenge pictures. I already post all of my projects on my blog anyway, and I’d love to see what people are working on throughout the week, while the challenge is ongoing.


  5. Hazel Parr says:

    I’ve made a few cards for your challenges but never remember to send them in an email so adding a link would help. Especially if I can link Instagram as I don’t have a blog.
    Hazel xxx

  6. Tami says:


  7. denise i says:

    love all the beautiful cards…. makes me want to break out my stamps and get creating!

  8. stephanie Serrano says:

    Hello, I think either way is ok. It is kind of nice to get traffic to our blogs but the way you do it now is good too!

  9. Jan D., FL says:

    Great cards….love the images. I don’t have a blog, but I enjoy seeing what the others post either way.

  10. Anne says:

    Beautiful cards, and it will be nice have an INKLINKZ, it is easy to use and we can see the others creations!

  11. CinderellaBella says:

    Beautiful cards and super fun stamp! I think Inklinkz is a great tool but can you use it if you don’t have a blog? I tried to find out that answer by going to their website but I’m not seeing what is compatible other than a blog.

  12. Lynne in NI says:

    Yes please, I’d love a links button – I’ve missed a few of your challenges by forgetting to email my entry to you

  13. Happy New Year!!!
    Like some of the others who’ve posted, I also like that you have a personal approach and we email you our creations. It’s nice to know that you are looking at our cards and I think it really seems to show your interest in what we make with the stamps. I guess it doesn’t really matter, and I can understand that it’s easier with inlink, but it’s not as personal, and what you do makes you stand out as being more interested in what we create.

    • Stamping Bella says:

      Hi Annette, I will ALWAYS post the cards that those who email me.. please don’t ever change that process. I LOVE seeing the bright bold big cards.. i was just thinking for those who don’t like that.. maybe are shy.. and just want to submit their cards on their own, they would like this option. PLEASE continue to send me your cards to post. They are gorgeous!!!


  14. Ayesha says:


    Lovely oober gorjuss cards i say!!!! already the mojo returning back to moi 😀
    I sooo was touched how you still included my card when it was not actually as per the sketch given you’re too kind XX x
    Can’t wait to get started .. 1 nights back i stamped quite a few images * i do it in so many steps sometimes friday wooshes by and i dont even realize it :/ today my wee one has surprised me and already gone to sleep guess i better get cracking ^_^
    ps: i do have a request … would love to see more of male stamps as i always struggle with male cards .. i have Kevin loves his computer only … 🙂
    best of luck for the new year …

  15. Lesliediana says:

    As a newbie, I am finally feeling like I can participate and design some cards. I don’t have a blog so submitting them to you would likely be how I submit. Thank you.

  16. Oh what great cards!!! I can’t wait to get her….she is on order!!! I think I like the email option best….I often don’t have time to update my blog (just looked and haven’t updated since September YIKES!….didn’t realize I was that far behind!) Either way would work, but having a choice would allow everyone to join in the Bellafun each and every week. Someday I will have more time… least that’s what I keep telling myself! 🙂 Love Bellarific Fridays! They always make me smile!

  17. Amy Young says:

    Beautiful cards from the Bellas as always. Inlinkz would be a nice option for submitting cards as it would be great to see what everyone is making throughout the week.

  18. Linda Carson says:

    Such wonderful cards by the design Bella’s! I like seeing the entries all at one time however Inlinkz gives me the option of visiting blogs and leaving a comment. It’s always a boost when the design team visits each blog and leaves comments also! Thanks for asking!

  19. Marilyn S says:

    For me, I really enjoy seeing the cards large when you post them and I love the fact that you take the time and care about each one and seeing that it is posted.
    It may take a little longer on this end but it’s so wonderful seeing the big, bold and beautiful cards the way you have them displayed.
    And… I am going to try to follow your challenge and get something done for each Friday. I just got some of those fabulous stuffies (best stamps ever!) and want to get ink on them!

  20. Kris B says:

    I love the Inklinkz tool! Thank you so much for adding it! I always seem to forget when the deadline is to email you a picture, now the deadline countdown is right there for me to check! I love that you are using a larger linky image than most other sites use! Great to get inspiration from other bella’s as the challenge is going on, love to pop in and visit other blogs and make new friends!

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