It’s BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND sistahs! the WHOLE STORE is 30-50% off! COUPON CODE down below



So today is finally the day sistahs!  Thanksgiving is the best time to buy your Christmas gifts both for yourselves and others.. oui oui?  Well we decided to make your decision making fairly “easy” by putting THE WHOLE STORE  (click here to get to our website) on sale! WOOHOO!

Now here’s the scoop.. so read carefully.Our WHOLE STORE is at least 30% off.. so once you check out, you put GRATEFUL16 (all caps) in the coupon code box and POOF you’re 30% lighter in the wallet.  Now seriously, if I can just put a coupon code on my forehead and press my nose and POOF 30 pounds would be gone, it would be REAAALLLLLLY NICCCEEEE  just sayin’.

Now on top of  the 30% off, you can mosey on over to our ON SALE section and what you will find here is already REDUCED ITEMS (limited quantities)  Now what’s so special about this section you ask?  Well if you choose any of those already reduced items, you will get AN ADDITIONAL 30% off those items which can be up to 40 -50% off retail!

You will see STAMPS and DIES in that section and if you click on “CLICK HERE FOR MORE IDEAS” you will see in the description a “cross-link” to

get you to the other item.. so for instance if you see a die, and click on “CLICK HERE FOR MORE IDEAS”, you will see the link for the corresponding stamp that

goes with that die.  Make sense?

I don’t fool around sistahs.. when I have a sale.. I HAVE A SALE!

We have all of our new images being pressed and made.. a CRAZY new release coming  and we need ROOM!

This is also a way to thank you for being so loyal and such wonderful, amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and sweet sistahs all year round and allow you to buy yummy prezzies for others and for yourselves.  We deserve it!

So without any further BLABLA,

run.. I say RUN to da website and have fun!

our sale is on until CYBER MONDAY at MIDNIGHT









  1. Keely Jones says:

    I tried 4 times to input the coupon code of GRATEFUL16 and am getting the message: Warning: Advanced Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!

    I went ahead and placed my order because I want the items I purchased and do not want to miss out on them. I was sorry to see that I did not get the 30% discount that you mentioned was available for Black Friday! I waited up specifically for your sale to take advantage of this and to make sure I got what I wanted. I enjoy your stamps & dies and will continue to purchase them, but may not do so through you directly. I noticed that I can pick them up at other sites and will plan to shop them in the future.

    Thank you!
    Keely Jones

  2. Angie Brown says:

    I’m getting an error when I put in the code, something like “the advanced code you are using is either expired or reached its limit”. I tried it multiple times, I checked and double checked to make sure everything was entered correctly and I used all caps. I’m off to bed but will try again in the morning, just wanted to let you know that it isn’t working.

  3. Rebecca Heinrich says:

    I am also getting a error…

  4. I am also getting a “Warning: Advanced Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached its usage limit!”

  5. Yay it works! Just placed my order! 🙂

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