It’s BLACK FRIDAY.. know what that means?? IT MEANS AN INSANE INVENTORY BLOWOUT SALE! *** please read***

Hiya Sistahs!  Well it’s that time of year again… It’s BLACK FRIDAY and it’s our excuse to have a huge inventory blowout sale!  The whole store is NOT on sale but the majority is and some things are VERY limited in quantity SO…  If you even need a minute to think... POOF it could be gone.  If you take a look at our ON SALE section and peruse our website, you will see the sale prices already programmed into the system.. the lowest discount in the shop is 30% off and goes all the way up to 50% off on some items!  Yup.. it’s true!  50% off!   We need to make room for our new release coming up in the next few weeks so if you need a Christmas gift, a birthday gift .. a rak (random act of kindness).. if you need to complete your collection.. NOW is da TIME!   Most of our “CUT IT OUT” dies are on sale if not all of them.  If you haven’t tried our amazing dies and have wanted to.. now is REALLY the time.. they are all at least 40-50% off!  For REALS and YOU’RE welcome LOL.  But I won’t apologize if you do get addicted to them BWAHAHAHAHA.

If you decide to purchase the die and the stamp is not on sale, it is still a HUGE savings for the set so don’t let that deter you because by next Friday, stock will be gone and the prices will be back up to regular price.

Just to show you a feature of our website, in case you weren’t familiar with it.. if you click on a particular “CUT IT OUT” die or stamp..  (“click for more ideas”)  you will get to THIS PAGE.. Once you get there, you can click on “related products” an it will take you to the corresponding “CUT IT OUT” die or stamp and can verify there if they are on sale or not.  easy peasy?

EVERYBODY loves a good sale.. and I LOVE having a good sale especially at this time .. makes me happy 🙂 .  No code is needed upon checkout  all prices are reflected on the website.




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