bellarific friday

It’s Bellarific Friday!! WOOHOOOOOO!

Hiya sistahs!  hope you had a good week!

I am going to really try and be more productive on my blog 🙂 I promise :)… If you have a NEED to see me.. and miss me SO MUCH that you CAN’T TAKE IT (lol), I would LOVE for you to follow me on FB (you can find me @stampingbella on FB).. you can join our amazing FB GROUP   which is SOOOO inspiring! and you get to meet all like-minded sistahs!.. you can follow me on Instagram (one of my favorite platforms @stampingbella) or on TWITTER (which I really don’t like so much LOL.. @stampingbella).. There you have it.  If you don’t find me here, you can DEFO find me in one of those places.. except Twitter.. me no likey.  Although everyone says I should tweet more.  HMPH.

Ok that’s my BLABLA for the week.

Now for our weekly BIDNISS.

our theme for this week was a SKETCHYPOO.


Lets see what our amazing baberoonis came up with shall we?

AliceWERTZabella used TINY TOWNIE FAY loves FALL


Angelabella used Uptown girl FIONA and our Big Words RIDICULOUSLY BRILLIANT


Danabella used CAROLING CHICKS


and here’s the sentiment on the inside 🙂


Kerribella used Seniorita GLADYS the SUPERHERO


Kerribella used Seniorita GLADYS the SUPERHERO



Sandiebella used TINY TOWNIE BLOSSOM loves balloons


Shelabella used MAGGIE and her PENGUIN


Stephabella used UPTOWN GIRL REILLY loves to RELAX  sentiment from Uptown girl MADISON loves a Margarita


Tracybella used MILTON


TracyMACabella used SENIORITA Gladys the SUPERHERO


How amazing are my Baberoonis.. come on.. tell me.  Go ahead, tell me they are the best.  Or better yet, go along my sidebar.. find their blogs and tell them yourselves n’k?  They are DA BEST in DA industry.  I am SOOOOOO lucky to have them 🙂  and I don’t say it often enough.  MWAH to my baberoonis !!

Now for our amazing SISTAHOOD!!!!  I am so GUSHY today.. I love my sistahood,.  I love the fact that you take the time to use MY product in your projects.  That you take the time to submit your creations.  THANK YOU!!!! Ok.  no more suckiness 🙂  On with the show this is it… (remember that? from looney tunes?- I just sang it a little.   I know you did too… ON WITH THE SHOW THIS IS IT……)

Ok here we go!


Amy used TINY TOWNIE WILLOW the WITCH THis card actually reminds me of BEWITCHED .. thos retro stars in the background.. MAGNIFIQUE!






Tina used Tiny Townie ELLIE the ELF.. look how cute the ornaments are!


What a great roundup!!!

Now for next weeks theme? PAPER PIECING!  Use any Stamping Bella CURRENT image and paper piece it and BOOM you got yaself a card! LOL.. Email to me by next Thursday and  you’re good to go 🙂

Also next week Friday is the first Friday of October so we will be featuring our new Stamp of the Month and our Baberoonis will be featuring it on our next week’s post!  Just to give you lots of inspiration :).. this means that this is the last week to purchase UPTOWN GIRL SOFIA the SICKY at at 20% off!  Take advantage sistahs!

Mwah to my sistahs who “get” my silly sense of humor



  1. Shari says:

    These are amazing!! So glad to see Gladys.. My sister is obsessed with Wonder Woman, so I just had to get Gladys so I could make her birthday card. So awesome!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Love the cards this week!! They are always so colorful and creative. Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh what cute cards as always! A definite bright spot in my day! 🙂 Nancee

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