bellarific friday

it’s Bellarific Friday sistahs!

So… in case you were wondering about my Covid results from last week…. they were… POSITIVE!  OMG I have not been that sick in a lonnnnnng time.  3 Days in bed.. hard to breathe.. coughing.. throat burning.. don’t ask.  I was pretty much OK by Monday but Im still dragging my arse a little.. coughing and tired… but aside from that… LOL

I hope you had a great week despite my Covid LOL

Let’s begin our Bellarific riday shall we? rubber stamp used: BRETT AND BRENDA GET MARRIED. card by Jenny Dix rubber stamp used:BUNDLE GIRL ON A SWING card by Sandie Dunne rubber stamp used: BUNDLE GIRLS IN THE SKY and BUNDLE GIRL STARS AND CLOUDS BACKDROP. card by Allice Huang rubber stamp used: Bundle Girl with a heart trail. Card by Michele Boyer rubber stamp used: Bundle Girl with falling heartsl. Card by Christine Levison rubber stamp used:Curvy Girl with a sign. Card by Faye Wynn Jones rubber stamp used: ODDBALL FLAMINGO. Card by Debra James


Hope you have a fabulous COVID FREE, stamp filled, colour filled , stampingbella filled weekend






  1. Elizabeth Hulse says:

    Oh, thank you! Especially for the wedding one, which I can’t believe I don’t have; the Little Girls, and the Flaming! Boy is she correct!!

  2. Susan G says:

    Beautiful beautiful designs and cards and stamps. Love them. So glad you’re getting better. It’s so great that lately it’s very mild and not necessarily to be feared. Create some new wonderful stamps for all of we Stamping Bella fanatics please. Please stay healthy (for YOU). ?

  3. Kathy Andrews says:

    So sorry you were sick, but so glad you’re better now. Anybody who doesn’t take this stuff seriously needs to really think again. I’m glad it was a mild case for you and didn’t last weeks and weeks and no trips to the hospital. Take care of yourself and get the rest you need. Prayers going up.

  4. Cindy Wilson says:

    Firstly I am sorry you had to get Covid but secondly I am so happy it didnt last too long. It was awesome you could put up this post for us.

  5. BunnieH says:

    So glad you are feeling better! Thank you for all of the lovely samples. So many lovely colors! That flamingo card is knocking my socks off!!

    My daughter was wondering why most of your female characters have long hair. LOL! She keeps hers very short. So, when I made my wedding card for her, I used the Uptown Couple from Jennydixabella’s card and didn’t ink the long curls in the back leaving her with a very pixie look. It worked beautifully!!

  6. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love them all but I of course love the ones with yellow & the shaker card. They are all amazing!

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