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Hiya sistahs

Hope you had a great week!  I did lots of stuff and I wasn’t gonna tell anyone but I kinda made this deal with myself.. to share more about ME.. you’ve been with me for so long, that I feel like I don’t even have any secrets..LOL.  So as you must know.. I am always struggling with my weight.. up, down, sideways, vertically..LOL  So today I decided to commit to Jenny Craig.  Like I said, I really didn’t wanna say anything but this announcement makes it more real for me.. more committed.. more ACCOUNTABLE.  So my journey starts TOMORROW and I am very excited :).  If any of you have ever done Jenny Craig and have favorite meals, please do let me know.. I am very interested!  I will also be starting a post in our FORUM (If you haven’t joined, please do.. we are working on making it a very amazing place to “hang”).

OK.  I feel better.  I now COMMITTED myself to doing this by announcing it to my 4 readers..LOL

Now let’s discuss WINNAHS from last week

Winnah for CONTRIBUTING to last week’s challenge ($20 in Bella Bucks) is

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3- JANE BRACHT you win!  please email me and I will send you your VOUCHAH

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Now for da winnah for COMMENTAYTIN’ ($10 in bella bucks) is

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This week’s theme is this GORGEOUS sketch by Lindabella

Let’s see what da sistahood came up with!

Wendybella used ECOBELLA


Danabella used JILL IS TWO

Paulineabella used LIZZY LAPTOP

Elaineabella used WITCHYBELLA

Lindabella used WHO ME by Mo


Is that EYE candee or what?

Now let’s see da SISTAHOOD’s works of artttt

Angela Pruisman used ALL BUMMED OUT

Angela Pruisman used ALL BUMMED OUT

Corey R. used Zoe the HEARTY MUG GIRL

Corey R. used Zoe the HEARTY MUG GIRL

Jayne M. used IVY KETTO

Jayne M. used IVY KETTO

Jessica K used AGNES KETTO

Jessica K used AGNES KETTO

Jessica W used AMPLEETUDE

Jessica W used AMPLEETUDE





Madison M. used DAINTYBELLA (resident minibella)

Madison M. used DAINTYBELLA (resident minibella)



Mckenzie Morgan used PARISABELLA (other resident twin minibella)

Mckenzie Morgan used PARISABELLA (other resident twin minibella)



regan d used IZZIE HAS A DAISY

regan d used IZZIE HAS A DAISY

Sandra M. used Eunice and IRVING

Sandra M. used Eunice and IRVING

tanya used BEERAFELLA

tanya used BEERAFELLA


Hope you have a great weekend and please leave a comment and say hi and you can win $10 in bella buckeroonis!

Oh and the 10% ends MONDAY NIGHT! be sure to take advantage by using code toosday0914.. OH and you should stay toooooned.. cuz next week we have a SURPRISE 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who think that I am gonna look like VALERIE BERTINELLI LOL



  1. Marla says:

    I just happened to your site. I have known people that have lost a lot of weight on Jenny Craig – but that has been a long time ago. I wish you well as you go through this process. All of the cards are a great inspiration. Thank you!

  2. Michelle T. says:

    Wow I really like Jayne’s card. Actually all the ladies did a great job. Good luck with the Jenny Craig diet.

  3. Megan Lock says:

    Look at all those fabby cards! Thanks for posting them. 🙂

  4. CraftyCath says:

    Don’t kid yourself, I think most of us struggle with our weight! I wish you luck. I know that I definately do better when I feel accountable. Besides, we’ll cheer you on as you reach each hurdle. Just found Lindabella’s one pot soup receipe on the Forum and can’t wait to give that a try this weekend. And as for this week’s inspiration, I think the sketch is a keeper – everyone’s cards are amazing. And don’t forget that next week it’s faux or sew as Linda says – PIERCING or stitching. Pretty easy!

  5. Regan says:

    valerie bertinelli…I’d go for Angelina or Megan Fox

    nice schtuff ladies…good luck Em.

  6. Corey Galluzzo says:

    I could write a BOOK on dieting. I was overweight for many years…I guess one day I decided to stop beating myself up. I didn’t think about the big picture and starting thinking about what was right in front of me. P.S. I lost 30 pounds before anyone noticed I lost weight. The cards this week are beautiful as usual. Love sewing on cards.

  7. Bondabella says:

    Listen, you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it and only you can succeed! No one can tell you otherwise!! Take it from a WW lifetime member…took me 2 years to lose 50 lbs but I did it. I kept it off for about 3 years but I have gained about 20 of it back, which is hard to swallow. But I know you can do it ho!! I am thinking of going back to WW just to get myself on track again. Too much wine and not enough walking this summer has definatly snuck up on me!!! Oh ya, GREAT CARDS THIS WEEK LADIES!!

  8. jen shears says:

    MWAH!!! I’m excited for you! And I’ve had people tell me I look like Valerie Bertenelli too (does that mean I look like da Bella? 😀 ) The sad part was, when she gained weight, so did I! I did LA weightloss & lost weight about the same time she did!! So I DO get it! It’s constant- but I know you will be successful, Em!!
    ps- I don’t fight the curl in my hair anymore, so I think I look a lot less like her, but when I get my hair cut (ok, colored) I have THEM straighten it & that’s when people say it!! (there’s a pic on my bloggo- see what you think- are we twins?!)
    OH YEAH- GREAT cards!!!! 😀

  9. Linda C. says:

    Loved the sketch Lindabella! What fun & creative artwork! Great job everyone! Good luck w/the diet plan.

  10. LoriT. says:

    Gorgeous cards as always, Ladies…wishing you the best with Jenny Craig, Em!

  11. Heather says:

    Good Luck with your weight loss journey…been there 🙂

  12. Jo says:

    Love the cards! If we participate in the sketch challenge where do we put or send the card? I’m a newbie here!

  13. Emily says:

    Just email your submission to me at
    Welcome sistah!!!

  14. Christine says:

    Wow! Great sketch. All the cards are so fab. I especially like Elaineabella’s witchy card. I’m sooo into Halloween right now.

    Good luck on the weight loss. I found putting my car in storage for 3 months worked for me. Of course I live on a steep incline and pushing/carrying kids is a great resistance workout.

  15. Heather H. says:

    Fabulous cards and bravo to you!!! You can do it!!!!

  16. paula says:

    I thing the submissions this week were the over the top INCREDIBLE!!! Each and everyone were just so well put together….Does this mean we gotta bow down to Lindabella? lol

  17. Sandi N. says:

    The best thing about Bellarific Friday is getting to see all the different stamps people use. I swear I have seen every stamp on the site (and have a wish list of many), but then I see the cards made up and go… I don’t remember that one!!!!! Great work!!

  18. Jacilynn says:

    gorgeous line up. full of inspiration.

  19. Alice W. says:

    beautiful cards! love seeing all the wonderful entries!

  20. Susan P says:

    Another week of great inspiration.
    Hope Jenny works well for you Emily. I will be interested to hear what you think of the meals.

  21. Susan F says:

    It’s been a loooooong time since I visited, but I picked the perfect day because all of these creations are amazing. I keep going back to Jayne’s and Paula’s cards – just awesome! I’ve not been stamping very much, but I just inked up Cosmobella the other day and forgot how much I enjoy coloring Da Bellas, so I’m def going to try the sketch!

    And I’m sure most of us feel your pain. I need to lose 25 myself! So congrats for taking the bull by the horns and joining JC! Believe in yourself and do it for *you*, and you’ll do great!

  22. Karen says:

    Gorgeous work ladies.
    And to the Chief Bella babe, all the best for this new journey. On the one hand, who wants to hear that there’s going to be less Chief Bella, but on the other we know this is something you really want. We’ll be cheering you on from Comment Land 🙂

  23. Good luck to you with your new journey!! I have struggled with my weight my entire life, and I still struggle with it today.

  24. calamityjane says:

    Great cards from all da sistahs!! Hang in there with your new journey with Jenny Craig! Ya know we all support you!

  25. Karen Steen says:

    gorgeous cards as always!!

    the ‘weight struggle’, all to familiar to me!! think positive!! you have such determination with everything you master so I’m confident you will do well Emily …

  26. You’ll totally look BETTAH than Valerie Bertinelli….

    Love the cards this week!

  27. Cindy Major says:

    I missed the deadline to play with the sketch, but I did enjoy looking at everyone’s creations! Lots of very talented Bellas hanging out here! 😀

  28. Robin McK says:

    Those cards were awesome, and good luck on your new adventure!

    I am wondering though…what is this week’s challenge?

  29. Denimo says:

    Fabulous cards ladies!! It’s so fun viewing what everyone came up with. Nice job!

  30. Carol W says:

    Fabulous work ladies. Really looking forward to the surprise!!

  31. Jenn Royal says:

    Look what happens when you have a sketch! What a turn out!

    Good thing I’ve read the comments so I know that next week is piercing/stitching. Another fun challenge!

  32. Sylvia D says:

    Great cards!
    Weight loss is difficult, but I know that ‘you can do it’, Emily – good luck.
    Sounds like a goal you definately desire.

  33. Terri E. says:

    The coloring is always fabulous on these cards!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  34. Sarah A says:

    Gorgeous work on the cards this week!!

  35. Pamela Bennett says:

    I had a nice long comment written out and went to submit it and it disappeared because I forgot to answer the question LOL. Oh well, good luck on your diet. I can`t wait to see you at Scrapfest Oshawa.

  36. Anne Marie B says:

    Wow such beautiful cards done by all! Love them!
    Super cute stamps too!

  37. Donna C says:

    The hardest thing to do in the world is to lose weight ! Good luck and I hope you have much success …. the next hardest thing is to learn to embroider ! good luck ! i think I will stick to stamoing and cardmaking myself ………. LOL !

  38. Jayne says:

    OMG….I almost forgot to comment this week! All submissions, both DT and the sistah’s were inspiring , and I feel so honoured to get a comment from a couple of you ladies. To be mentioned by my ‘peers’, those that inspire me each and every week – almost as good as winning the lottery (almost!!).

  39. Jo says:

    Oooh I made one! Love the sketch thanks!

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