bellarific friday


Hiya Sistahs!  I hope you had a good week.  Seems like some restrictions are starting to be lifted… but that still doesn’t make me want to go anywhere or touch anything EVER LOL.. How is everyone doing?

We are still waiting for confirmation of our 30 + image release.. it’s waiting ..and the gates will be lifted soon 🙂 and it will be CHAOS :). a good chaos I hope!

Just to remind you  we still have our sale going on.. still have some goodies left.. in limited quantities.. you can find everything HERE

Once all the dies are gone, they are gone.  The prices are so good that if you need the stamp to coordinate with it, it still comes out VERY affordable.. so have a look and see if anything tickles your fancy 🙂 ( who says that? LOL)

Here we go!

JennyDIXabella used our BUDDING CHICK rubber stamp used : BUDDING CHICK . card by Jenny Dix

AliceHUANGabella used our CHERRY CHICK rubber stamp used : CHERRY CHICK . card by Alice Huang

Debrabella used our GARDENING CHICKS rubber stamp used :GARDENING CHICKS . card by Debra James

Fayeabella used our MARCHING CHICK rubber stamp used : MARCHING CHICK . card by  Faye Wynn Jones

Christineabella used MOTHER’S DAY CHICK rubber stamp used : Mothers day CHICK . card by Christine Levison

shelabella used our SUCCULENT CHICKS rubber stamp used : SUCCULENT CHICKS . card by Michele Boyer

Sandiebella used our CHICKS who COULDN’T EVEN rubber stamp used : THE CHICKS WHO COULDN'T EVEN. card by SANDIE DUNNE

How’s DAT for inspiration?  and such a wonderful way to get to “know” our little chicks.  You can find all of them HERE

I hope you have an amazing, safe, healthy, STAMP FILLED weekend my sistahs





  1. Jackie Hall says:

    I love these chicks, and I absolutely love the Shelabella card.

  2. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love the chicks! Great job with all your cards & especially because they are full of yellow!

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