bellarific friday

it’s bellarific friday and I have found DESIGN TEAM PEACE sistahs :)

Hiya sistahs!! Hope you had a great week!  I was in the midst of a post about something CRAZY that happened to me this week but now will have to save it til next week.. It’s SUCH an Emily story… like the OLD DAYS Emily story.. so hopefully I can write it and post it by Monday 🙂  I promise you will enjoy it.. laugh at me.. and with me.. I giggle and blush every time I think about it.  Ok enough about me.

Let’s discuss DESIGN TEAM PEACE… When Stamping Bella was in her infant stages, I never wanted a design team.. I just wanted the stamps to sell themselves by the sheer artwork.. design etc.  Which they did and still do. I then did a little investigating to see how other stamp companies did it and realized what an ASSET having amazing talented sistahs work with you in showcasing these little mini pieces of art and sharing them with the world.  I never cared how “popular” design team members were.. I never cared if they were all over the magazines.. I really never cared “who” they were or “who they thought ” they were.. does this make sense?  The only thing I really cared about was how passionate they were about my images.. about my company.. how loyal they would be to ME as the owner…  I figured if they had all of DAT.. then I had it made.

I have made SO many new friends throughout my journey.. people I could not live without today..  Danabella (who has been on my team since it started.. now THAT’s LOYAL).. Elaineabella who has stuck with me throughout by colouring my images.. giving me daily advice (Sorry Elaineabella).. Lesliebella who has been a loyal customer in my shop and who you would hear SQUEAL outside when she was coming in with sheer happiness (and it was INFECTIOUS! LOL).. I could go on and on.. Sandiebella (who curses just like I do LOL)  who dabbles in different medias and takes risks and makes beautiful cards.. AmyRabella who I have also known from the beginning of Stamping Bella.. Angelabella who has always been a devoted fan then DT member.. so loyal and so talented.. Kerribella who also used to be a retail store customer.. always loyal and so talented.. the amazing Stephabella who is probably blind by all the fussy cutting she does LOL.. and is SOOO talented and so supportive..Alice wertzabella (a newbie) who I recognize as being uber talented and so down to earth and kind..  Tracybella who sends me cards 789 months in advance cuz she’s THAT good.  Her coloring and card design is amazing… and of course TRACYMACABELLA only because she lets me call her that.. LOL.. No of course not.  Her work is MAGICAL.. and when she made a card using nice to see you Petunia and found “just the right” paper and embellishment in her stash to use on a card for ME.. I knew we were soulmates.   I’ve come far from not wanting a design team no?

Enter SHELABELLA.  Michele Boyer who I have been wooing for the last 643 years.. a loyal.. talented.. funny.. amazing card maker and stamper.   She had me at Hello (just  like every single one of my DT artists).. And she finally said YES!!!!  and she is now the latest addition to our amazing design team.  So yes sistahs.. I have found DESIGN TEAM PEACE.  I a happy bella.

I am thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY for these women in my life.. the problem is I probably don’t say it often enough.  And for that I apologize and I hope you all read my blog (if not you’re FIRED LOL).. and see how much I really do love all of you.




Ok so now let’s discuss this week’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY CHALLENGE!

Because it’s MAY 1st today AND Bellarific Friday.. it’s a double bonus!!  We introduce our new STAMP OF THE MONTH today AND you get to see the samples my baberoonis made with it!

Our Stamp of the month is LULU LOVES POPPIES

and this week’s theme was an INSPIRATION PHOTO!

colour-inspiration-2--May-1 copy

Let’s see how our Baberoonis can tantalize you this week… BWAHAHAHA

let’s start with our New baberooni Shelabella


Here is AliceWERTZAbella’s card


Angelabella’s card


Danabella’s card


Kerribella’s card


Lesliebella’s card


Stephabella’s card


TracyMACabella’s card

If this doesn’t tell you that you need this stamp in your collection, I dunno what will LOL.  I always say it but to this day, she is one of my most “FAVORITEST” stamps (yes that is a word)

And now for our amazing Sistahood!


Angela B used SORRY SHANNA

Fantastic cards sistahs!

Thank you for putting up with my sappiness and grateful post today 🙂

Next week’s theme?  A SKETCHYPOO!

SB sketch-9-may-8 copy

if you don’t know how to enter our Bellarific Fridays.. click here

Mwah to my sistahs!









  1. Holy Smokes those cards are off the them all and welcome to new members..Talent out the door!!!

  2. Margo D says:

    Awww! It’s so wonderful to see you care so much about your newly appointed DT 🙂 and your company in general! You have such personality, Emily! 🙂 Loved this post, love you and your stamps and love allllll the cards from this past week! Whoa! Fabulous! <3

  3. Margo S. says:

    gorgeous cards again!! and welcome to the new designer!
    sad that I have missed a couple weeks, with a nasty broken knuckle!

  4. Lesliebella says:

    Oy Emily, I’m all verklempt here – even got a little misty eyed! Such lovely sweet words about your talented team. I will be loyal to Stampingbella forevah! Your stamps are a part of you and I love how real and honest you are with us all. Mwah ????

  5. Oh what beautiful cards!!! I just HAVETA have that stamp!!!! I’ts on my list for sure! Can’t wait to have more time to create!!! Beautiful ladies! Congrats to Shelabella!!!

  6. Danabella says:

    How many years has it been Em?! And then all the time at the store & the $$. It was my happy place when I was in Toronto. Miss ya and yes we have the bestest team. MWAH!!

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