bellarific friday

it’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY! and an update on our release!

we have a date! we have a date!

Sistahs mark your planners!  Our sneak peek start on September 28th and our release is October 1st!  It’s a bit late this year due to covid but.. it will be here and it’s GORGE!

now for today’s inspiration.  Ready?  Set?  HERE WE GO!

Debrabella used our DONKEY TRIO STUFFIES ( our stamp of the month!  50% off until September 30th!) : rubber stamp used- DONKEY TRIO STUFFIES, card by Debra James

Sandiebella used GIGI the giraffe  stuffie : rubber stamp used- GIGI the Giraffe stuffie, card by Sandie Dunne

AliceHUANGabella used our HARRY THE HAPPY MAIL STUFFIE : rubber stamp used- Harry the Happy mail stuffie card by ALice Huang

Fayeabella used our HONEYBEAR STUFFIES : rubber stamp used- HONEYBEAR STUFFIES, card by FAYE WYNN JONES

Shelabella used LEO the BALANCING STUFFIE : rubber stamp used-LEO THE BALANCING STUFFIE card by Michele Boyer

Christineabella used our STUFFIE GANG : rubber stamp used- STUFFIE GANG, card by Christine Levison

Jennybella used our WALRUS, the POLAR BEAR and the PENGUIN : rubber stamp used- THE WALRUS the POLAR BEAR and the Penguin, card by Jenny Dix

How’s DAT for inspiration?  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

hope you have an amazing weekend my sistahs




  1. Elizabeth Hulse says:

    Just love them! How DID you get those balloons so translucent? Always impressive, thanks so much for sharing ladies!!

  2. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love how creative everyone gets when there is a challenge. I love them all!

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