bellarific friday

it’s bellarific friday and a chance to win 50$ in bella buckeroonis for da sistahs who can help me!

Hiya sistahs,

I KNEW I would get your attention!  I need your help.  I have my children thinking, ryan thinking, me thinking and now I want to have you thinking… k?  Ready for my question?

As I mentioned, I am redoing my website.. giving the old one a BIG HEAVE HO..LOL (I like the words HEAVE HO)..

I would LOVE to see which websites inspire you.. which elements of certain websites make you happy.  I have an ideaR in my head of how I want the website to look.. but would love it if you had some favorite websites (not necessarily stamping websites) that you would share with me..and why you love them so much.. a specific design?  A certain function it has?  a colour?

Now second of all, I need your help.  I am looking for a “tag line” to go under STAMPING BELLA.. something clever.. something CURRENT.. something CATCHY as I am redesigning my logo.  My brain is fried.. I have had a few ideas but would love to hear yours.. so for instance, these are a few I was thinking of but they are just so “blah”

Stamping bella: where ink meets paper

stamping bella : where RUBBAH meets PAYPAH (lol)

Stamping Bella: Unleash your creativity

stamping Bella: it’s MAGICAL

stamping bella:  JUST.  PLAIN. COOL


So I need your help!  Anybody have any ideas?  And if I use your ideaR, I will give you a $50 in Bella Buckeroonis…  SO comment away.. not just once.. as the muse hits you.. you can comment a kajillion times 🙂

Can’t wait to see your ideas!

Ok now down to da nitty gritty

Let’s discuss some winnahs from last week’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY.. shall we?

Winnah for COMMENTAYTIN ($10 in bella bucks) goes to

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

10- OLIVIA you win! please email me and I will send you your bucks!

Timestamp: 2012-08-10 21:20:38 UTC


Winnah for CONTRIBUTIN’ ($20 in bella bucks) goes to

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

7-Maria you win!! please email me and I will send you your vouchah!

Timestamp: 2012-08-10 21:23:23 UTC

And now for today’s challenge

a sketch!

let’s see what our BABEROONIS came up with shall we?

Carlabella used RAMONA and TEDDY in their BALLOON

And here is the inside of Carlabella's card !

Cathabella used IDA LULU


Kathybella used MONSTAH BASH

Natashabella used FLOWER GARDEN


Regabella used EM'S FUNKY BARCODE set



ooh.. how about STAMPING BELLA : where SUPER meets SONIC..  grrrr.  LOL. did you ever watch Guy Smiley on Sesame street and he would try to compose a song on the piano and proceed to BANG HIS HEAD on his piano a million times out of frustration?  that’s how I feel..LOL




Violet used CHATTY CATHY

where did all da sistahs go? LOL..

So you gonna help me sistahs?  find a tagline? win some moolah?

Submit a card next week and win some moolah?

Comment on this post and win some moolah?

think I am trying to say something here? LOL

Next week’s theme is BIRTHDAY WISHES…  I mean COME ON.. is that an easy one or WHAT?  I expect a lot of entriesssss.. k?

Mwah to da sistahs who love tag lines.. oh and me 🙂


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  1. Maureen W. says:

    How about Stamping Bella: where stamps become art?

  2. Theresa C says:

    here’s a blog that I like the style of, it’s clean, has bigger fonts and just easier to read (the background isn’t necessary and I think it takes longer to load

    Also really like the style of Pioneer Woman and for the same reasons

    Stamping Bella–awesomeness now in handy stamp form

    Stamping Bella–the cutest way to stamp

    Stamping Bella–almost too cute to handle

  3. Stamping Bella: The Stamping Diva!

    : The Artful Diva!

    : Come Play with Us!

    : Stamps, Ink, Paper = ART!

    Great cards this week, but I think too many people are out enjoying the summer weather.

  4. DIana D. says:

    Sassy Supplies for Savvy Sistahs.

    I would love to see a more colorful website, maybe with already colored stamps adorning the sides of the pages, sort of a collage…just enough info to catch a stamper’s eye to peruse further.

  5. Maureen W. says:

    BTW – all awesome cards this week! Great job everybody!

    Stamping Bella for the sistahs who lurve to stamp!

  6. DIana D. says:

    Brainstorming here…

    Savvy supplies for Sassy Sistahs.

    I have a million of em…lol

  7. Amanda R says:

    My two favorite things on a website is the ability to enlarge a product to see what it looks like, hate to try and squint at a small image and the ability to save my cart in case I get interrupted, just wishful thinking for now etc. For a logo I think you need something personal to you and us that visit like “Stamping Bella-bringing the love of art to you, or Art, Inspiration and Sisterhood” Both of those remind me of you Emily.

  8. Sheena B says:

    hmmm – tagline suggestion

    Stamping Bella – Inspiring The Creative Diva In Everyone

    As for site design – I’ll nudge my S.I.L. She’s on vacation right now so may have not seen your plea for suggestions but she introduced ME to Stamping Bella stamps years ago and she does this sort of thing. I’m sure she would have ideas for you.

  9. Leslie G says:

    I agree with Amanda – I like to be able to click and enlarge the image on a website, I like to be able to add something to my cart and continue shopping, I like a wishlist I can add things to and I like a search button that will help me find the image if I don’t know the exact name…like ‘bridal images’ or ‘holiday’ images. As for a tagline you’ll need cousin Helen 🙂 but here’s my feeble attempt…”Stamping Bella – unleash your inner Diva”. I’m sorry I couldn’t play along this week BUT I am already working on next week’s Birthday Wishes card!!! 🙂

  10. JoAnn H says:

    Stamping Bella- Ink, Stamp, Repeat

    Loving that hot air balloon stamp inked and gonna hafta get my monster bash out – they get cuter every time I see them

  11. dixie in montana says:

    Your funky spellings are YOU…so I’d stick with something that uses that…some ideas:

    Stamping Bella: Delish Rubbah fer Sistahs
    Bellarific Rubbah Art
    Delish Rubbah Art

  12. Alexis says:

    Oh fun, I can’t wait to see the new website. My suggestions would be to have the pictures that are enlargable. I love color. You need more color and I like the idea of just adding to the cart, (not switching to a “cart” page everytime you add something) and then you can just carry on shopping. I think the stamps should include an image of a project that is made with them. I like to have suggestions of what other people have bought with what I am looking at.

    I create websites for the company that I work for and I could definitly give you some REALLY good advise. If you want to email me, we can chat.

    I’m sure whatever you come up with, it will be wonderful.

  13. Julia says:

    How about Stamping Bella: It’s Bellarific!

    Believe it or not, I just found your website and blog. Gasp! Am loving your stuff!

  14. Jessica A. says:

    Love the cards this week. I attempted it but just couldn’t get it done. Next weeks is super easy, will definitely participate next week.

    Website ideas: love the wish list idea. That way I can just check off what I buy. I also like the ‘quick add to cart’ button. Nothing worse then adding an item bring forced to go to your cart & then trying to find where you were last. I also think having categories for designers is a good idea but if possible stamp categories of types of stamps. I do really like how you have a finished card picture with most of the stamps. Don’t change that. It’s awesome.

    Tag line ideas: stamping Bella…where rubber meets imagination – and since hubby helped with this one he says I have to share the $50 if I win humf. So I’m going to try & come up with more.

  15. Margaret McCullough says:

    How about “sassy stamps for your creative diva.” I really like “where rubbah meets paypah.” Is your audience your current customers or are you looking to capture new customers? Anyone who doesn’t “know” you, will not understand anything with an “ah/ahs” on the end of it. Not sure if that will draw them in… Going to think about this more and see what I can come up with.

    • Stamping Bella says:

      Margaret you are 100% right.. I will continue to be “me” on my blog with my lingo but I think I’m looking for something a bit more generic and meaningful! I would like to attract new sistahs ..

  16. Stamping Bella says:

    Ok you guys are awesome and I am having a blast reading these! Keep it up!

  17. Stamping Bella says:

    How about
    “stamping Bella, a place where you can be ” youer” than you!

  18. Corey Robert says:

    The cards are Beautiful! As usual. You can tell its summer. I’m not so good with names…however, I think your artwork is so good….that you should use some of that color on your new blog! You are a creative genius! I really like the idea of stamping with art journaling. Stamps are for everything cards,envelopes, banners, titles etc. like the saying goes “Stamp for Inspiration”.

  19. Valerie Leung says:

    Stamping Bella, unleash your creative inner bella with rubbah!.

  20. Beth Bencie says:

    I love the website as it is! But I have to agree with Margaret McCulloughs ‘Sassy stamps for your creative diva’. It fits your style now so it would be just ‘improving’ on the already snazzy style that you have. Good luck!

  21. Valerie Leung says:

    Stamping Bella, where sistahs create with rubbah!

  22. Valerie Leung says:

    Stamping Bella, a place to find your creative rubbah (stamps)

  23. Peggy Weber says:

    stamping bella, release your inner girlie! Or stamp your supa fun girlie!

  24. Stamping Bella says:

    how about this one?

    Stamping Bella: Our Creation:Your Imagination

    Ryan just thought of this one.. do you think he should win $50?

  25. Rhian Lowe says:

    I love the Anthropology site (clothing store) I love being able to go directly to categories. I have found it sometimes hard to finds stuff on your site. So having it well organized by categories would be helpful.

    Anthropology is great because you can see the clothing from different angles, and in most cases, shown with accessories so that you get ideas how to pair items. So being able to see the stamps used in different ways would provide inspiration on how to use them. You can simply add any of the ones created by the design team. The site is also not cluttered looking.

  26. Angel P. says:

    tag line: Stamping Bella: Welcome to the Sistah-hood of Rubbah!

  27. Angel P. says:

    Stamping Bella: Livin’ & Lovin’ the Rubbah Life

  28. Angel P. says:

    Stamping Bella: Stamp your art out (and put art in a heart)

    Rubbah your art out (and put art in a heart)

    Rubbah. Art. Repeat.

    Got Rubbah?

    Babe of Rubbah

    Babes or Baberoonis of Rubbah

  29. Heather Goodson says:

    First of all I’m up at 2:32am cause my 5 year old woke up scared of the big huge thunder storm going on here, so we are having a snack on the couch and watching some cartoons to distract us!
    As for a tag line…Stamping Bella Where Heart Becomes Art! That’s the only one I’ve got now, will continue to brainstorm.
    One of my fav sites is HATCH CREATIVE STUDIO their tag is ” fresh ideas from a cage – free thinking environment” I like their play on ideas hatching and cage free ideas. Their site has beautiful stuff everywhere!! I really like their props page total inspiration!!!
    As for what I would like on your site. Definatley a wish list section that goes on forever!! ( by that I mean I can have pages and pages on it!) There is one site for art supplies that I think I have 6 pages of a wish list, which is like 148 items on my wish list. I keep track of new things I like and want, plus stuff that I love and want to try but just don’t have the budget for now. I also e-mail this list to family and friends for ideas of things I like and would use. I send it out before christmas and my Birthday. I find this easier now because I have so many art supplies it’s tough to tell people what i have and don’t have so this wish list gives them tons of ideas and a wide variety of price points for all budgets. ( plus for people who just don’t get art My mother in law is such a sweetie but she feels overwhelmed in even a Michaels craft store and ends up getting stuff I just won’t use, which goes in my girls craft stash this wish list great cause she just goes to that site and orders from the wish list, and she’s happy cause she doesn’t get lost in a store LOL!!! O.k. I have to go Scaredy Squirrel story book is dancing on my lap to be read to a 5 year old!! I’ll think some more and get back!!!

  30. Heather Goodson says:

    Stamping Bella : Where Art Becomes You!

    Stamping Bella: Souls are transformed as Art transforms!

    I’ll sleep on it and come up with more!

  31. Great cards this week.

    It’s late so I’ll probably need more time to think about this but what about playing on the name.

    Stamping Bella: Bella images to create Bella art
    Stamping Bella: Supporting the Bella artist in you!
    Stamping Bella: Inspire your Bella artiste

  32. Heather Goodson says:

    ok still not sleeping soooo……
    Stamping Bella : Ideas galore for all to explore!

    Stamping Bella: choose your shoes, pick up the news, where all art is explored to your hearts galore!

    Stamping Bella: choose your shoes, pick up the news, where heart is Art and all ideas are explored!

    Stamping Bella: Heart is Art! Twirl and swirl! All thoughts expressed in the Art form that’s best!

    Stamping Bella: Where heart and art come to play!

    Stamping Bella: Where inspiration and imagination come to play and save the day!
    ( this one with a logo of a super sistah bella- possibly in a cape- kinda like wonder woman or super girl but more art powerful! with a bubble cloud of arty ideas above her head?)

    If these are too cheesey feel free to ignore it’s 4:46 am and i’m still up! Sigh! LOL!! What elese can I do at this hour but laugh!!!

  33. Mary J says:

    Wow, what fab ideas ready! I will put my creative hat on and have a think!

    Gorgeous inspiration again – I love Bellarific Fridays!

  34. JoAnn H says:

    Still liking


    it’s crisp & clean and gets them back for more 🙂

  35. Carmen L says:

    I can’t wait to see the new website. Wish list is a great idea as well as a search engine to find stamps when you don’t know what they are called. Some vibrant colours would really show what stamping can be about.

    Love how everyone interprets a sketch differently and then they all come up with gorgeous cards. Well done Ladies!

    Stamping Bella- where the Stamping world is at your fingertips

  36. Carolyn P. says:

    Stampin’ Bella – A love story, where Bella met Stampin’ – .

  37. Heather Goodson says:

    Stamping Bella: Stamp, splash, play, create!

  38. Margo S. says:

    I love the inspiration this week!!

    I haven’t read all of the suggestions, so hope these weren’t already suggested:

    Stamping Bella
    Release your inner artist!

    Stamping Bella
    Your Inspiration Station

    Stamping Bella
    Make a date to Create

    Stamping Bella
    Making your creative mark

  39. Peggy Weber says:

    stamping bella, trendy rubbah stamps n stuff
    Stamping bella, whimsey rubbah stamps n stuff
    Stamping bella, rubbah…….nuff said
    Stamping bella, that’s one crafty chick (or shes one crafty chick)
    Stamping bella, she always finds time to craft

  40. Patti J. says:

    I’m still thinking on phrases, but would love to see you incorporate the look of a journal page on your new website. How cool would that be! I love the idea of being able to ‘hover’ over an image, see it larger, but never leave the page. Hope that helps!

  41. wenmc says:

    Definitely a wish list for the site, and maybe the ability to save a shopping cart. Personally, I’d prefer that the products and the samples be separate – in other words, when I search for Ketto stamps, all I want to see are the stamps (so I can figure out which ones I still need to buy ). I do like being able to see the samples in groupings as well, so maybe a “search products” vs. “search samples”.
    And I agree with the others when adding something to the cart – don’t take me to the cart and force me to use the back button to go back to the shopping; let me fill that sucker up! 😉
    As for a tagline – yeah, I got nothing. I’m definitely not a wordsmith!

  42. Stamping Bella: A Sistahood of Creativity

    Stamping Bella: HMPH.


    I do love the Wplus9 site, the quick view and wish list feature. Just something easy and clean! MWAH. Love ya.

  43. Stamping Bella: Just Create (or Just Play)

    Stamping Bella: Crafty Playthings for your Inner Diva

    Yes, Ryan should win $50 if he comes up with DA ONE! 🙂

  44. Stamping Bella: Stamps for ART’s sake!
    : Stamps for the ART and for the HEART!

  45. Retro Dolly says:

    After brainstorming a list of words here is my contribution:

    Stamping Bella: Inspiring a life of color created with messy hands.

  46. Retro Dolly says:

    Stamping Bella: A Palette of Color with Ideas to Match

  47. Susan P says:

    I cannot come up with creative ideas, what a choice you have been given. I do like Ryan’s “Our Creation:Your Imagination”. I am sure you will think of something great.

  48. Laura Evans says:

    Where whimsy and art meet
    Stamping Bella – artful stamping sisterhood
    Stamping Bella – sparking creativity Through fellowship
    Artsy, whimsical, and Fun!
    Stamping Bella – everything you love about crafting
    Creative sistahhood of paper crafting

  49. Diana.L says:

    I can’t wait to see the make over of the site!

    Great work bellas!

  50. Olga says:

    Wow, that’s the coolest thing evah that we’re putting our heads together for the tag line and the new website ideas:-)!!!
    Wrt to the websites, I second those who said adding items to the cart without switching to/from the cart is a great feature. What I also love is having my purchasing history in my profile – that helps me keep a record of items I have (I DO have doubles in my stash of stamps!!!).
    Wrt the tagline, Em, I think one of the GREATEST things the Bella is about, is the feeling of belongingness. The fact that once I got a Bella, I’m a Sistah forevah is what warms my heart 🙂 NO ONE else out there treats their clients as “sistahs”, it’s a unique and an absolutely fantastic feature of Stamping Bella. I’m thinking of a tagline along those lines, smthg like “A sistah forevah with (in/through) each rubbah stamp!”. I also think that your unique writing should glance through the tagline. You’re Tha Bella, the line should scream you 🙂 hence “sistAH, rubbAH”…

    I like Ryan’s line too, but I think it’s a bit spiceless 🙂 A touch of your character is a must (don’t know how to incorporate that into the “creation/imagination”, sorry!).

  51. Loving all the ideas using sisters, sistas and sisterhood. Your main focus is your wonderful stamps(which I have bought a number of and love) but also other supplies, instructions and blog(do you have mugs(in pink or tiffany blue of course) or T shirts?- so you provide the inspiration and supplies to create/embellish-
    Stamping Bella: Creative Sisterhood in Art(or in rubbah or on paper…)
    Stamping Bella: Sisterhood of art and creativity
    Stamping Bella:A Creative Life Imagined(or unleashed on paper)
    Stamping Bella: Where Creative Dreams come True
    It’s going to be exciting to see your new site!!

  52. Maureen W. says:

    Stamping Bella – helping you create works of heart

  53. Linda C. says:

    I’m so excited you’re updating! I admit I have a hard time finding stamps I want…. I like it when a site shows not only the image but a thumbnail photo of a card using the image that I can click on. This way I don’t have to hunt one down in the gallery. Give me the option of continue shopping or checkout. I also like paying fast w/PayPal where I don’t have to remember a password w/each purchase. Thanks for asking our opinion!

  54. Jill Norwood says:

    First I recently discovered your stamps and love them! My son (8 years old) says this for a tag line: Stamping Bella – Where stamps get used!

    I thought… “Stamping Bella – where beauty meets paper”
    – bringing artful stamps to you
    – stamping beauty for you
    – beauty in stamps
    – stamping beauty for all
    I will keep thinking.

    As for websites: these are the things that i like:
    large pictures of items, ability to enlarge the picture to get the details and full descriptions of items with sizes of images etc.

    adding to shopping cart without going to cart – saves time and lessens confusion

    searches that work – need lots of tags for items so that they will come up without having to enter the exact name of the stamp set or product.

    Also – need to know what products were added when. New releases as well as searches by release, june release, july release etc.

    I wish I could think of some web sites to suggest….but if I can come up with some I will post another comment….

  55. Tracey D says:

    Loving the cards on here this week! I hope you keep the pink as your main colour as that is what I look for to tell me what supplies come from you.
    For a tag line, how about this:
    Stamping Bella – Inspiring the Uniquely You

  56. Julie F says:

    Hi! I like the wish list idea. I have sometimes found it hard to “search” for a particular stamp when I don’t know the name of it. So, some reorganization of ways of searching for stamps that you carry would be helpful for the website.
    Also, I like the links to project ideas: where a product of yours is linked to a completed project.

    Stamping Bella: where stamps bring beauty to life!

    Stamping Bella: where creative beauty abounds!

    I don’t know: feel like beautiful or beauty should be in there some where, bella means beautiful after all!

    Stamping Bella: where your next beautiful creation begins….

  57. DIana D. says:

    Working off some of the other ideas

    Stamping Bella- Building our family of crafty divas.

    or Welcoming new sisters to our community

  58. Julia says:

    Stamping Bella: Sistahs in Rubbah

  59. Marilyn S says:

    Know what? I have no suggestions or ideas but do want to tell you what a fabulous product and customer service you have so I don’t care what ever else you do, I want that to stay the same.

  60. Angel P. says:

    Stamping Bella: Sistah-hood of rubbah artists!

  61. Makalah says:

    The Sisterhood of Rubber Lovers
    Real Women <3 Rubber
    Bella Art from the <3
    Beautiful Rubber for Bella Babes 😛

  62. Julia says:

    Stamping Belle: For the Best Impression

  63. Angel Vangie and Jenna says:

    how about

    Step into your imagination! or
    The dorway to imagination! or
    A world of fun! or
    Where faries DO believe in people!

  64. Tara says:

    This is one of the craft websites I think has it right They have wishlists, large clickable images and weekly/monthly “new” items. They lack projects linked to supplies but you already do that part so well.
    The one thing I always forget with your blog is to send you the challenges for bellarific friday – I think a “link up you image” type entry would get you more bella babes playing as you’d see it more visually. The first time I entered I came via Lindabella’s blog and it took me ages to find out where I should be emailing my entry.
    As for a tagline – how about Stamping Bella, quality in design and rubbah

  65. Makalah says:

    Stamping Bella: Not your grandma’s stamps!

    Stamping Bella: Beauty. Inspiration. Art.

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