bellarific friday


Hiya sistahs!  How have you been?

Toronto is on COMPLETE lockdown now.  So I have more time to focus on the new release coming 🙂

Let’s discuss Bellarific Friday shall we?

Fayeabella used our BIG IDEA SQUIDGY rubber stamp used : BIG IDEA SQUIDGY card by Faye Wynn Jones

Sandiebella used our CLOSEUPS BIG ROCK rubber stamp used : CLOSEUPS BIG ROCK card by SANDIE DUNNE

Christineabella used our CURVY GIRL BAKER rubber stamp used : CURVY GIRL BAKER card by Christine Levison

Jennydixabella used our CURVY GIRL with a NEWBORN rubber stamp used : CURVY GIRL with a  NEWBORN card by Jenny Dix

AliceHUANGabella used our ODDBALL with a SWEET TOOTH rubber stamp used :ODDBALL WITH A SWEET TOOTH card by ALICE HUANG

Shelabella used our LONG STEMMED BABY PEONY rubber stamp used : LONG STEMMED BABY PEONY card by Michele Boyer

Debrabella used our POLAR BEAR AND MOUSIE rubber stamp used : POLAR BEAR AND MOUSIE card by Debra James

How’s DAT for inspiration?

Hope you have a crafty, stampy, fun weekend!




  1. Marn says:

    So inspiring. Especially loved Let’s Celebrate.

  2. Kristine Stritch says:

    Fantastic! The stamps are always excellent in subject and quality. The coloring is superb, maybe someday I’ll be able to color this well.
    Very nice….

  3. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love all the cards! The coloring is amazing but my fave is the one with the baby because of the yellow orange dress! Great job everyone!

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