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Upon MUCH deliberation (i sound so serious AY? LOL), I have decided to change SCRAPPY TOOSDAY to ANYTHING GOES TOOSDAYS..  wonder why?  Cuz my head is in a KAJILLION places at once and I need to just make what I feel like making without being committed to a certain topic.  Sound good?  So.. HAVING SAID THAT….

I am totally addicted to die cuts.  Quickutz to be exact.  OH YA and my BIG SHOT.  It’s SICK!  Even the older dies that have existed forevah (which I own) are just becoming my new BFF’s again LOL.  So I decided that on TOOSDAYS, we will talk about dies, tutorials, scrapbook layouts, dies, quickutz, dies.. LOL you get the picture.  We are squealing with delight in BELLALAND today cuz I think my most “FAVORITIST” (as jayden says) embossing folder has crossed the threshold.  OMG.. I think you will fuh-reak out!  I can’t explain how Nicky and I HUGGED each other when we saw these embossing folders.. *ahem* I mean we THOUGHT about hugging each other.. LOL.  These flowers are the CUTEST FLOWAHS I HAVE EVER SEEN.. and being run through the big shot? OMG.. the detail, the crispness..  I don’t think I have felt this way in a lonnnng time (sorry Ryan..LOL)

here’s a sample that Nicky cooked up in 30 seconds just to show you the deep impression of this die..  is this the cutest thing EVAH? Nicky also used her SIGNATURE retro flower punches as embellishments and Bella’s dots in the center.

Here is a little 4*4 card I made (HAVE I TOLD YOU I AM ALSO ADDICTED TO 4*4 CARDS??? hmph).. ever since I found the envies to fit, I cannot control myself… double hmph..

I LOVE this card (if I do say so myself)..LOL.  Makes me so very SHMAPPY.  I used the Jenni Bowlin MINI PAPERS in TANGERINE DREAM.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with these MINI PAPERS.  SOOO in love with these mini papers… TRIPLE HMPH!! LOL.  They come with a million sheets..(4 sheets of each image) and they are such a teeny print.. perfect for cards!  LOOOOOVE THEM!  Used the quickutz INSTANT PHOTO teeny tiny weeny winy CUUUUUTE polaroid photo quickutz die.  LOOOVE IT!  It’s wonderful for a scrapbook layout as well.. you can actually put background pictures in them..cropped pictures… they look ADORABLE!! I think that Sarahbella will have some samples using this die in a mini book .. TO DIE FOR!  Also used cloud white bonbons in the top corner sprinkled for decoration. Also used the EK SUCCESS BRACKETS PUNCH as an element. CUTE?

Last but not least.. I made ANOTHER 4*4 card (hmph) using the quickutz TELEPHONE die.. and our sentiment.. it just makes me happy! also used PRIMA CAUTION paper from the Rebellious collection

So how’s DAT for anything goes TOOSDAY!

So here’s a CONTEST FOR SOME BLOG CANDY…  WANNA WIN MY ABSOLUTELY FAVORITEST EMBOSSING FOLDER IN THE WORLD ??? (see above for deets).. well, I would love to hear what you would like to call these TOOOSDAYS!  So leave a comment and let me know if we should replace “ANYTHING GOES”.. k?  Contest closes NEXT MONDAY JUNE 22nd!

Let’s hear what DA SISTAHS come up with!!


  1. lindaH says:

    so excited to be the first peanut to comment! LOVE anything goes tuesdays, and you know i LOVE my quickutz too…maybe when i come up i’ll bring my qk bindahs with me so we drool togethah. and also LOVE the cards. hmmmmm 4×4 cards! think i gotta make me some of those.

  2. Oh, that is super pretty! I think the name “Anything goes Tuesdays” is perfect.

  3. Jennifer D says:

    Very cute cards, 4 x 4 great idea, sometimes the 5 1/2 are too big, now I have to get new envelopes!

    How about Toss up Toosday!

  4. Tamikko Gordin says:

    Love the cards. Very cute. My idea for a name is:
    Two Cents Tuesday. Where everyone does a project that reflects what they have to say. Give me your two cents.

  5. Your card and Nickys cards are fab…I now want that die!

    Actually Anything goes is pretty darn good!

  6. Janet R says:

    such great cards!! I think Tuesdays should be called Bellacutz Tuesdays:)

  7. Karen Motz says:

    Fun cards!!!
    How about Tuesday Tidbit.
    LOVE that embossing folder…WANT that embossing folder…NEED that embossing folder…LOL!

  8. Ann I. says:

    I like Anything Goes Tuesdays.. Makes life simpler 🙂 Love love love that embossing folder!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I like “Anything Goes Toosdays” so you can discuss all different things! Super idea!!!

  10. Jennifer Pearson says:

    I have never been a blog person. I tend not to have time to read them. I have to say your blog might have changed my idea. I so look forward to reading what you have new to say each week. I don’t think it matters what you call it as long as you keep them coming, everyone will be happy. Great job look forward to reading it again soon.

  11. tonies says:

    Great name! Luv it! Keep it!

    I NEED, WANT, and MUST HAVE that paper……….!!!!! LOL
    do I need to ringy dingy U, oh… just put some aside for PICK UP !!

    U know who !! 😉

  12. Crystalbella says:

    I love those folders!! Great cards too!
    I really like the Anything Goes Toosdays. Some that I came up with are: Terrific Tuesday Treats
    Tuesday Treats: Anything Goes
    Bellariffic Tuesday
    Bellariffic Tuesday: Anything Goes
    Everything but the kitchen sink Tuesday!! (LOL on this one)
    Thanks for the chance to win Em….you are the best!

  13. Julie says:

    How about “Tuesday Teasers”!

  14. Tracey says:

    I think Anything Goes is fabulous! You just never know what you might get! 🙂

  15. Love the folders!!! The flowers are so cute. Anything Goes Toosday is just right!

  16. Mary says:

    Those folders are beautiful!! I think..”Bella Tuesday’s Too Die For”
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Debbie Lee says:

    Those folders are way stinkin cute! 🙂

    How ’bout:

    “Toosdays to Craft For”?

  18. Dawn B. says:

    I would call it Bellas bounce bye, Because you bounce in with a tip or two or something!

  19. Janet B says:

    How about: Two for Tuesdays, or Two fer Tuesdays?

  20. Delse says:

    I love the cards & the new embossing folder. Why not call it: “Try Me Tuesdays”?

  21. carla says:

    Tearin’ it Up Tuesdays.. don’t know why that popped to mind.. but there ya go.. fantabulous embossing whoohoooo

  22. I have no cute and clever name but I loveeeee those flowers!!

  23. Loretta weltzin says:

    Oh I love the folders. Anything Goes Toosday is good for me!

  24. Alissa H says:

    If you like it… I like it!!! 🙂

  25. Kathy Hering says:

    I think Anything goes Toosday is a great title.

  26. Jenni Gross says:

    I like Anything goes Toosday is a great name! Love the new folders!

  27. Pinky says:

    Hey Miz Em – YAY new embossing folders —LOVEEE them all.

    How about “Tinkerin’ Tuesday”. When I was a young girl and my Dad was busy working in his woodshop I would ask “Daddy, what are you doin”….he would reply…”just tinkerin darlin’, just tinkerin”….that meant that he was just playing around with his tools and wood.

  28. Jery says:

    okay I have no idea for the name for today, but could you maybe pleeeeeze show a picture of how you use your CB folders in the big shot? I just got a big shot and can’t quite figure it out..yes I am directionally challenged 🙂

  29. Cheryl says:

    Love the flowers, how pretty! how about Totally Tuesdays!

  30. Cathy Green says:

    Usually I’m pretty good at coming up with ideas, but for some reason my brain is on vacation. I did come up with a few though…

    No holds barred Tuesdays
    Limitless Tuesdays
    Bella-riffic Tuesdays
    No rules Tuesdays
    Free for all Tuesdays

    I also think Anything Goes is still good.

  31. Denise M says:

    Well… I’m not great at these things, but I’ll take a stab. How ’bout… News Day Toosday? Or, in Bella spelling… Nooz Day Toozday.


  32. Kelly S says:

    Terrific folders! I like both names, but anything goes Toosday leaves room for well ……. anything!

    How about Toozle-bella Toosday!
    Or Toss it Up Toosday!

  33. Denise says:

    great cards and folder

    I like the Anything goes theme…..or maybe

    Tuesday Treats
    Two for Tuesday
    Tuesday Talents


  34. I’m just tumbling with joy waiting to hear the new name. I’m trembling with excitement to see what you come up with. I’m thinking that Tantalizing Toosday’s could be a good one. Just a thought.

  35. jen says:

    howza ’bout top tip toosday?

  36. Makeesha Byl says:

    OH ya i likes dem folders…….lovely!

    How about ” Twatever Toosday” that way you can put up ‘whatever u want’


    Keesh x

  37. Mandi M. says:

    What adorable embossing folders! Super cute! And I like the whole Anything Goes Tuesday…it leaves it pretty open for whatever you want to share! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Lia S says:

    I think you need an assistant blogger! call me!

  39. Sandye Curry says:

    How about Totally Tuesdays? Whatever name it goes by–it will be lots of fun!

  40. Leslie W says:

    Hey is Technique Tuesday far too obvious!?! Love the embossing folder Em!

  41. Emily Davis says:

    OMG those flowers are so cute. I can see lots of use for that embossing folder.

    I like Tantalizing Tuesday’s as well…
    Tuesday’s Tidbits
    Bella’s Bestest Discoveries

    You are out discovering and exploring and bringing new things… so you could play on that as well.
    Clearly I need more coffee to rev of my thinker.

  42. Christine Blossom says:

    Tempting Tuesdays… because we’re all tempted to buy everything on the site! 🙂

  43. Margo S. says:

    OOOhhh – love any and all embossing folders!!

    I think you should call Tuesdays “To-use day Tuesday”.
    You can come up with any sort of project just “to-use” your yummy supplies!!!!

  44. Christina says:

    How Tantilizing Tuesdays!

  45. Christina says:

    I meant to say, How about Tantilizing Tuesdays! haha Sorry for the goof!

  46. DeniseB says:

    I like Anything Goes Toosday also. The only other suggestions I can come up with would be
    Too Too Terrific Toosday
    Totally Too Too Toosday
    or just plain Too Too Toosday


  47. Dee Peelar says:

    Totally Technique Tuesdays and feature a different technique each week.
    or Tickle Me Tuesday and have a silly theme.

  48. Karen Wilson says:

    Oh, those embossers are a must have!! Hmm, as for the name, wow, there’s so many on here! I love the “Tinkering Tuesdays” one as well. I love Pinky’s story behind it. Reminds me of my grandfather 😉

    Good luck choosing a name, Emily!!!

  49. April says:

    OMG!!! I love that embossing folder. It’s a definite must have!! Oh, who am I kidding, I love everything in Bellaland…. How about Tons of Fun Tuesdays…..Everything at Bloggabella is tonz of funz!!!!! Love to all the Bellas!!!

  50. Oh wow! Such wonderful cards!!
    I can’t think of anything fun, so I’ll go with the first thing that came to mind –
    Totally Terrific Toosday!!
    Have fun!

  51. Mitzi Koons says:

    Love the cards! How about Tuesdays with Bella? Like the book – Tuesdays with Morrie – then it’s just whatever the Bella is up for!

  52. Lisa V says:

    love the cards and anything goes tuesdays, keep the that name

  53. Tara says:

    Great embossing folders : ) Well, I thought long and hard so here goes:
    * Tactic Tuesday’s
    * Mix-it-up Tuesday’s
    * Tuesday Treasures
    * Mish Mash Tuesday’s
    * Hodge-podge Tuesday’s
    * This & That Tuesday’s

  54. Karmyn says:

    Hi gang! while i like “anything goes tuesdays”, i’ll throw some other suggestions atcha!

    Tweak-It Tuesdays
    Tutti-Frutti Tuesdays (‘cuz Tutti-Frutti could incorporate ANY kind of fruit, and we’re all a little Frutti!)
    Trendy Tuesdays (exploring new trends, products and techniques in the craftin’ industry)
    Top Notch Tuesdays
    Tantalizin’ Tuesdays
    Titillatin’ Tuesdays
    Tasteh Tuesdays
    Tell-It-All Tuesdays
    Technically Tuesdays (if you want to get into specific techniques)

    egads, that’s a handful! i’ll come back if i think of any others! 🙂


  55. marla says:

    Techno Toosdays (if you gave technique hints)
    Thrifty Toosdays (if you gave tips to save $$)
    Terrific Toosdays

  56. Shaela says:

    love the cards! I can’t live without my Big Shot and embossing folders either, lol! The name I though of is long, but how about “too-good-to-keep-shut-about Toosdays”? LOL!

  57. jami rudd says:

    How about Tickle your BellaBone Tuesdays?

  58. Kimberley says:

    How about TOODALLY TOOSDAYS? Just toodalling along. Okay lame I know, but that’s all that popped into my head! I LOVE that flower embossing folder!

  59. paula says:

    has anyone suggested Toosday Tresures? blah… maybe
    ToosdayRIFFIC Magic!! ToosdayRIFFIC Scraps??

  60. Angie says:

    how about Totally Bella Tuesday?

  61. Laura says:

    I am obsessed with embossing right now! That IS the cutest embossing design ever 🙂
    how about Talk about it Tuesday? But anything goes tuesday is great too!

  62. Sue S says:

    I think Anything goes suits it well.

  63. Ebru says:

    How about Bellas Tiny Treasures Tuesday.
    Love all the items you are giving away…

  64. Alison says:

    Karmyn mentioned Tweak it Tuesdays and I love it…very catchy!!!
    Love the cards, love Tuesdays and I too love the die cuts right now. Thanks

  65. Ellen Smith says:

    Great folders! How about..
    Tuesday with Bella

  66. Lisa P. says:

    I love those folders! 🙂

    So- how about Too Addictive Toosday? or Totally Addictabella Toosday?

  67. Kerry says:

    Love the folder Em…how about Tantilizing Toosday?!


  68. Tracy C. says:

    How about ,hmmm,……. Toot (your own horn )Toosdays, or Touche it’s Toosday, Teaser Toosday, Hot Tamale Toosday, (tee hee !)

  69. Linda w says:

    The embossing folders are definitely a must have for me. I think I will have to go with Tinkering Tuesday also. It has a totally terrific sound to it.

    thanks much

  70. Michelle A. says:

    I like Anything goes Toosday :)….Hmm… how about Tootsday??

  71. Jennifer Bradley says:

    How about “Tempting Tuesdays”?

  72. Jessica Hammond says:

    I like the idea of “Totally Talkin’ Toosdays” where we can “talk” about anything!
    Or “Tubular Tuesday” for all those “groovy” gals out there!
    Or “Tinkering Tuesday” a day for play!
    Or “Teach Me Tuesdays” where we can learn from each other…

    Ok, that’s all I have!!

  73. chrisd says:

    What about Tuesday Fun with Bella?

  74. How about “Twisted Toozday” or Topsy Turvey Toozday” Whaddya think?

  75. Carol Schuchard says:

    I LOVE that folder…I just sold my original sizzix and got me a Big Shot – I have yet to try it out *gasp*!

    I love all the suggestions for a name for Tuesday. I came up with…

    – Tantaluscious Tuesdays!

    or you could go with some IM lingo –

    – T.M.I Tuesday or T.M.T.H. Tuesday (too much to handle)

    And I dug deep for this one….

    – Tramotional Tuesday! (from Websters – (adjective) : A tramatic, emotional experience.) Ha! lol

    Whatever you pick I am sure to read no matter what!

  76. laura j says:

    Hey I’m easy Anything goes Toosday is fine by me

  77. Laurie VF says:

    How bout “TUNE-IT-UP” Tuesdays!
    How more ideas!!!!
    will post again……2 early in am…………………….la de da de da!!!!!
    Laurie VF

  78. Laurie VF says:

    Oh here is another….



  79. Laurie VF says:

    ok here is another one somewhat close to the other….



    Laurie Fowler

  80. Lisa Helmts says:

    hmm what about totally Terrific tuesdays. Thanks for the chance!!!

  81. Laurie VF says:

    and another

    Laurie Fowler

    OK Em………………………now I will have this in my head all “FREAKIN” day……………….will need brain pill…………………
    that makes me think of another name



    omg………………………..please stop…………………..i do need to go to work today…………………………………

    laurie hmmmmmmm bet ya can’t figure out the last name..


  82. Lisa M. says:

    Well, i don’t think I could top what’s been suggested! LOL! Some of them really made me giggle! But I don’t see anything wrong with Anything Goes Tuesday’s either…


    I do like Tell-a-rific Tuesdays (because your always Tell us something Terrific! LOL!)

  83. Alexis C-Smith says:

    How about Bella-licious Tuesday!

    Awesome folders – can’t wait to try them out

  84. Lindsy says:

    I like the “anything goes Tuesday” ~ leaves it wide open for whatever you want to do :o)
    I need to start using my die-cuts more than I do ~ thanks for this post….may just have to start using them NOW! :o)

  85. Jennine says:

    I think sometimes you need a day to just be you… create… anything… no strings… your chance to let loose! I love it all. Thanks for all the Bellarifific inspiration!!!

  86. Kelly Co says:

    embossing rocks!!

  87. Joan says:

    I saw the new Sizzix folders in person and LOVE THEM. They were all sold out, so now I must win, or wait patiently!! 🙂

  88. Randi says:


    Love that embossing folder!

  89. Tina says:

    How about: Toosday Teasers. Love those embossing folders!

  90. Shelley says:

    Wow, I don’t think I can add anything as far as a name goes – all the other commenters are super creative and have come up with some terrific ones! But I do have to say… that’s my new favourite embossing folder too, and I only saw it five minutes ago!

  91. Peg says:

    Bellas Rockin’ Da House Toosdays!

  92. Sarah says:

    I like Anything Goes Tuesdays…don’t change it!! Thanks for the chance to win the embossing folders!!

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