Hiya sistahs.. I am SO productive this week.. LOL it’s only TOOSDAY.  But still.. you know those days where you feel you got SO MUCH DONE?  that’s how I feel 🙂

Today’s theme for AJ TOOSDAY was this inspiration pic:

I just loved the texture, the color and how the book will look on it’s side with that “crunchy” page LOL


I found a bag of buttons and goodies yesterday and had a FIELD day with my page.. I also couldn’t resist doodling my signature little girl in one of the frames 🙂

heather loved our theme that she has a couple of entries :)

heather loved our theme that she has a couple of entries 🙂

and some goodies added in

and some goodies added in

and another gorgeous page by heather

and another gorgeous page by heather

Ok for next week’s theme… LOL.. journal your STARBUCKS order.. draw the cup.. make a page about how coffee/tea makes you feel.

If you don’t drink coffee or tea?  It’s a free day where you can choose your own theme and submit!

Have fun sistahs!

don’t forget to comment on the post above for a chance to win $10 in bella bucks!







  1. Denise I says:

    Nice to see the creative juices flowing!!

  2. Dolores says:

    Beautiful pages everyone, I particularly love Heather’s circle flowers page. Guess I’m always drawn to flowers.

  3. Heather Goodson says:

    Hey Emily really where do you get such cool buttons??? I went through my stash but have none as diverse as yours!! Any tips for me ? On gathering such a cool stash of my own?

  4. Heather Goodson says:

    I was really actually struggling with this circle theme. I did a couple of pages cause I wasn’t really sure if I liked them. I don’t mind one or two circles but I found it difficult to FILL a page with circles. Strange what gets us stumped sometimes eh?

  5. sammy says:

    I love this! such a fun idea and so happy and colourful! 🙂

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