It’s AJ monday!

Hiya sistahs..

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed every minute of it!  I had Paulabella and Jimafella here visiting and boy did we have a blast.  We celebrated BOTH of their birthdays .. mix media’d.. got a FRESH batch of cards.. laughed.. shopped.. ATE (hmph)… did EVERYTHING but PACK… (double hmph).

I have been reading over the internet about a very special woman who lost her battle with Cancer.. she was a fellow crafter, card maker, scrapbooker… Although I did not know her personally (she was a customer of ours), I was so terribly affected by her story, her suffering, her illness.  She was 40.. a wife, a mom.. I am so devastated over this.  If you would like to read more about her..  Cath Edvalson from Moxie Fab World wrote a beautiful ode to Katie.. Sistahs.. I am so touched by this. And so sad.  I just felt I had to share.


Ok.. trying to get more uplifted.. so let’s talk about AJ Monday.. Maybe I should AJ about her tonight.. I think I will.

This week’s theme was SQUARES.. Let’s see what da sistahs came up with!

Corey’s BEEYOOTIFUL page
Jenn B’s page
Lindabella’s page
Violet’s page
here’s my page with my square being the bottom of the house 🙂
I actually wanted to show you my new favorite technique :).. Do you see the “murky” script in the background? OMG I love that look.. I stamped our I AM SCRIPT .. one of my FAVORITEST most VERSATILEST (lol) stamps and stamped it with BLACK SOOT DISTRESS INK.. I randomly stamped it all over the page. I wet a waterbrush and just gently “murkified” (omg I love that word) the edges and middle of the stamp.. just to show a haze and build texture.. I then used our BUBBLE WRAP mini background and stamped it in DRIED MARIGOLD DISTRESS INK.. and used the same technique by watering down the image but still trying to maintain some of it’s integrity. I need to make a MURKY video, don’t I?

Feeling a bit better, now that I had a chance to “talk” to you 🙂

Next week’s theme.. DRAW A FACE.. (and neck if you want).. don’t be scared.  Just draw.  In any medium.. Remember Picasso?  his faces really didn’t look like faces now did they?  Can’t wait to see your entries! 
Mwah to da sistahs who ALWAYS make me feel BETTAH





  1. jenlynnie says:

    love the pages! and i too am so touched by kate’s tragedy. i never met her but followed her journey. i have been hugging my family a little longer and appreciating every moment with them. and i have been feeling blessed to be able to sit and craft and create. so sad to lose such talent.

  2. You ladies are soooooo talented….OMG!love what i’m seeing

  3. lindaH says:

    I don’t know Katie either, but have been following her blog, and her battle, for some time now. The grace she showed through unbelievable pain was remarkable and I don’t think I’ll ever forget her struggle and her strength. And for happier things…the pages this week are, as ALWAYS, amazing. Monday has a whole new meaning to me now.

  4. Robb_eeie says:

    Hey Em ~ I think the MURKY technique is really hot! Reminds me of an old barried treasure that has been aged by sun, sand, and some salt water 🙂 I am hoping & already looking forward to a Bella Tutorial; they always make me laugh 😉

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