it’s AJ monday!

Hiya sistahs!

I hope you had a great weekend.  We set up our patio furniture and had a marshmallow roast in the PROPANE pit in the middle of our coffee table (I told Ryan that CANNOT be safe can it?..LOL).. but everyone enjoyed and that’s what counts..  We had great celebrations over the weekend for his birthday.. just all in all one of them GOOD weekends 🙂

Now our Art journaling monday is a bit MEEK this week… where is everyone? HMMMM?

Our theme this week was to write or draw about your PET PEEVES, or things you dislike!

Here is Lorie's page.. and BOY do I agree with her! LOL

this is my page.. I have about 4 journals on the go.. each serving a different purpose.. I think I am addicted to journals. What I LOVE about this one is the format.. it's tall and long and fun to fill!

another piece of good news is that our VERY OWN BETH FULLER (3 sisters stamps) has been featured in ARTFUL BLOGGING SUMMER! If you go to Beth’s blog and read her entries you will literally pee in your pants.. she is HILARIOUS and her sense of humor comes out in her artwork.  She is my collage inspiration.. OBSESSED..LOL..

Here is the cover and pages just to make you wanna go buy the mag.  It is such a gorgeous magazine.. the colors, the pictures.. oh the COLLAGE CUTTING POTENTIAL! LOL

and she didn’t forget about da sistahood..!

*sigh*  I love her.

Next week’s theme?  SCRIBBLES and MARKS.. use whatever medium you would like.. create a background with doodles, scribbles and marks!  have fun and let loose!

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  1. Dolores says:

    Great pages gals. Congrats to Beth, will have to check out that magazine.

  2. Violet says:

    Nice pages – well done. I ran out of time this week…too busy trying to photograph migratory birds and enjoying the nice weather to be down in the studio (aka the basement)

  3. Cindy Redding says:

    Darn I meant to play this week and forgot. I have an excuse though – I turned 50 on Saturday!!!

  4. Leslie W. says:

    Great pages this week! I am however, a little “biased”! I do love both of the participants 😉

  5. paula says:

    I have a better excuse…I was sick as a DOG. Thanks to the love of MY life, he brought home some nasty germs and all I have to say is that he is a lucky man…because in a few weeks we hit Vegas and a sick paula would NOT go.

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