ITS A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME SALE! – 25% off the whole store!


Hiya sistahs…. so I woke up this morning saying “self”… what do I need to do today besides attach myself to the computer and work on our next release (which is being manufactured as we speak!)… I remembered (seriously trying to forget) that my birthday is on Friday and what better way to celebrate than to  have a BIG, JUICY SALE.  Nothing I love better than to share and to have fun.. YOLO right?

So without further blabla.. check out our website.. if you’re new, WELCOME!  We don’t usually have sales it happens very infrequently so now is da time to shop!

If you have put items on your wishlist, gifts for friends, adding to your collection, starting someone on the amazing hobby (that’s my favorite one)..  take a gander at our WEBSITE

click on “CLICK FOR MORE IDEAS” under the image for some inspiration and watch how easy it is to shop once inspired! Shop +sale= EVEN MORE INSPIRED

The 25% off is already reflected in the price.. no need for a coupon

Mwah to da sistahs who love a good sale

Happy birthday to MOI!



  1. Denise B says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and thanks for the great discount!

  2. Jane M Crisci says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  3. Sharon Brand says:

    Happy Birthday! And what a great gift
    from you to us!!!

  4. Cindy Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Bella. Thanks for the sale.

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