Art Journaling

is it a moon? is it a SUN? are those flowers?

who cares..LOL.. it’s what I INSTINCTIVELY drew or felt like putting on the canvas ūüôā¬† We had an AMAZING canvas class today , and this was the sample that I worked on .. everyone’s results were PHENOMALICIOUS!

I had no plans at all when I started this piece.. first thing I did?¬† I took a pencil and transposed everything going on in this NOGGIN (love the word NOGGIN.. nogginnogginnoggin) and wrote it on the canvas… it was LIBERATING!¬† I knew it would be covered up with all the layers so I really wrote what was going on in my life.¬†

Then I gesso’d

Then I TUMBLE DYE INK’D (have I mentioned HOW MUCH I LOOOOVE those inks??? Thank you so much ROBEN MARIE for introducing me to them :).¬† If you haven’t read her blog or taken her classes, I recommend them highly.. she is PHENOM!¬† These inks are waterbased but when they are heat set, they don’t move! so you can see hints of stencil through all the layers.¬† I especially love the neon colors (SISTAHS, mark my words, NEON will be back shortly.¬† I KNOW IT)…¬† all the colors in the tumble dyes are amazing


then I STAMPED.. bubble wrap.. my favorite I AM SCRIPT¬†and music¬†background and the ECLECTIC #8 BACKGROUND stamp¬†and the ECLECTIC ELEMENTS GRID that I cut apart :)..¬† cuz I am smart in da NOGGIN’ (LOL)



I used FABER CASTELL big fat juicy PITT PENS for the shading

and voila.


see you tomorrow for BELLARIFIC FRIDAY!

mwah to da sistahs who will scribble on a canvas




  1. Stunning!!!!!! Absoultley beautiful!

  2. Paula says:

    Omg, this is what goes on in your noggin? What a fun place to live. I love it!!!

  3. Dana White says:

    I want to live in your noggin there’s lot going on there! Love this

  4. Sheryl (MileyCasey lol) says:

    Nicely done! Love the texture and the colours – especially the ‘pop’ of red.

  5. christy says:

    Emily– What a beautiful piece of artwork. I love green and you are SO right–neon will be rushing in before long. Long live the tie-dye!

  6. lindaH says:

    ahhhh….this is stunning! like TOTALLY STUNNING!

  7. jenlynnie says:

    i love this!! i am going to have to try those inks.

  8. Laura says:

    Em, that is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Very inspiring to this sistah!

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