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read the comment from Helen, otherwise known as HELEH (when she mistyped her own name in a contest.. LOLOL) on my labeler post, YOU HAVE TO READ IT.. I was totally rolling on the floor laughing my tushy off.. She is hilarious!  I think I am going to turn the ‘throne’ over to her.. Helen, will you write my blog for me? LOL.  Ok, now that I have totally embarassed our wonderful Heleh, it is on to serious biDniss.

First, I VOWED never to put a picture of my children on the net as I just am petrified of everyone out there (paranoidabella) but I just COULD NOT resist this dynamic duo working on my room together.. (plus, my son is leaning back and you can’t see one feature-lol!)

[photopress image=”ryandtybuilding.jpg”]


Yes, I have survived the last coupla days (barely) and my room looks worse than before.. LOL.. Please forgive me as I am about to make up some words.  I am RUBBERMAIDED and STERILITED out.. if I see one more PLASTIC bin of some sort I am gonna FREAK out!  Thank goodness for PT.  If you don’t know PT, he is my new labeler.  I literally have labelled everything in sight and am on my second roll (those refills are bloody expensive!!!).  Ryan and I worked quite well together.. ahem I mean Ryan worked well by himself.  He kinda worked around me working shall we say but all in all, everything is IN the room, now it is the “throw -out- and- never- look- back- moment”.. I have realized how much money I have wasted in the past 5 years.. OY.  Scary.  But moving forward, I am sure to spend my money in a much more intelligent way (YA WHATEV..)

k, now that I talked about plastic containers and how “binned” out I am gonna talk about glass containers.   I went to IKEA and saw these amazing beautiful humoungo (sp?) mason jars with lids… so I had to try them out.  I bought 2 to try and then sent Hub to pick up 6 more..LOL AND to build shelves around these jars.  And of COURSE you will all relate to this.  I used to make jewellery and collected colorful beads for funky key chains, necklaces etc.  I have never gotten rid of the beads and I will NEVER EVER use them again.  So what did I do, you ask?  I invested $10 in a jar to store them in..LOL.  I mean, am I ever gonna get better?? EVER?

[photopress image=”jar_of_beads.jpg”]

And I mean, what the hell is that “marine themed” red anchor button doing there anyway?  Was I ever gonna do a nautical themed card or scrapbook page?  nope.  just needed to have it. I feel like that jar is like a kid’s eye-spy book.. or on sesame street “one of these things is not like the other…” (singing the tune in my head).

Well, that’s it for now.. will try to post more pics as the day/week/month/year progresses

MWAH! (and in case you don’t know what it means, just say it out loud!  It is the sound of a big wet smoochola)




  1. Robyn says:

    Nic pics Em! Great minds MUST think alike .. those are the “milk jars” I referred to in my post (when I crept out of Lurking regarding my two favorite storage thingies :). Aren’t they great?! All shapes & sizes with a nice lid that doesn’t take an hour to get a grip on and open. But c’mon, be brave ~ I’m sure we ALL want to see your room, where all the Bellas come to life ~ even if it’s not finished 🙁 Love the card too ~ I have several kid’s b’days coming up so I’ll have to locate that number paper. Thanks for sharing – again! Robby

  2. Crystalbella says:

    Love the jar Em. Did you Gramstamper (right after Helen)…those two are a hoot and a half. Glad you are back. We missed you!

  3. Thanh says:

    OMG! What cute men you have, Em. hehehe. I cannot wait for the finished room. Remember to be a photographabella and take lots of pics.

  4. Shelly says:

    You are too funny! I can’t wait to see the finished product(your room). I love the card..but what??? no boyabellas to make a catd with???

  5. Helen (Bagpuss) says:

    I’m half embarrassed… half pleased… and half miffed that you made another post almost straight away so that I’m no longer headline news! Oh wait, that’s three halves…

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