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I love “donna’s SKOOTCH”

[photopress image=”nickyskootchcard.jpg”] 

 Don’t ask how this name originated..LOL.  I actually called it a “SPLOOTCH” and Donna (part of my dear stamping group and UBER talented in design and color) decided that it was called a “skootch”.. perhaps she didn’t hear me? (didja Donna?) or perhaps she just really liked the word SKOOTCH  (I know it sounds perverse) but it has stuck ever since.  It is great for a background for under an image (will ask Donna to give me the SKOOTCH original for the website) or as a beautiful layer as Nicky designed.. see above.  I just love it.. It is great on glossy paper or regular.. YA THINK I LIKEY?  I DO I DO likey!  Ooh and of course I just checked to see if my water vase was on line.. Of course it wasn’t so here it is too!

Mwah to my special Skootches out there




  1. Tracey says:

    I love the water vase stamp!!

  2. Kisa says:

    Love the skootch stamp, but… the word reminds me of a dog with issues… skootchin across the floor! : ) Maybe that is where the name came from – I also love that vase! Great card!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I like it all! Especially the name~name!

  4. Melissa - stampedbym says:

    I like this – very neat stamps and a very well designed card.

  5. Chris Mott says:

    love the color and design!

  6. DeeMac says:

    I love love love these colours!!! What a gorgeous card. . . lovely use of the Skootch!!

  7. Robyn says:

    Miss Em … My Confession to you; the water vase was my very first Bella stamp purchased 🙂 I receive compliments on it EVERY time I impliment it on a card, page, note, etc. I love to embosss the vase in black, then use a light “pearlized” pink water colour, to tint the water area. Very simple and basic, but everyone seems just drawn to the simplicity of the design. But wait, I almost forgot, that is like ALL your BELLA creations !
    And Kisa, I agree with you —> just saying “”Skootch”” gives ME an itchy bum, never mind the doggies HA! :0

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