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I know you wanna

I know you ladies would like to meet my artist.. she is PHENOM and an amazing asset to Stamping Bella.. she has the hands and brain, and I have the creative mind and together we make the bellas.. I will call her and say.. “the hands have to be here, she has to be holding.. her hair… her outfit etc” and together we banter and come up with the bellas… the bella evolution is amazing.. if you saw the first bellas created and now to see what they have become is incredible.. Unfortunately my artist is anonymous on the website and just to let you know, I do some drawing as well!  All I can tell you is that she is beautiful, a wonderful person, phenomenal to deal with, understanding (I mean she HAS to deal with me, right?) and patient (again, I repeat.. she has to deal with me!)… And On top of everything else, like I said, she LOOKS LIKE A FREAKIN’ BELLA.. hmph.. double hmph.. triple hmph



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  1. Lorien Clark says:

    I always wonder why the bellas have full legs, but their arms are sticks?? I love them, but that is one of those things that since I noticed it it keeps jumping out at me!

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