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I COULDN”T RESIST.. I just HAD to have it. HAD TO.

Sistahs!!! I’ve missed you sooo much!  It’s been a crazy week in Bellaland.. Ketto’s have been SO OUTTA CONTROL!  I thank you so much for confirming that I am NOT crazy for loving them so!  Our orders have been non stop and we thank you.. we may be  a little behind right now so if anyone is in a super hot rush, please let us know and we will try our bestest to accomodate!  Our special offer is over TODAY at midnight so if any of you have last minute shopping, we recommend to place your order today as you will receive very cute goodies if your orders are over $45 and $90.. see 2 posts down!

Ok here are  the winners to our 2 special entrants.. one for comments and one for submissions!

here goes!

the winner from the PEANUT GALLERY (lol a.k.a. comment section) is

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-03-12 18:57:23 UTC

Linda w |

I am already so in love with your new line of stamps. I want one of each. No, maybe I want 2 of each to share.

Thanks much

LINDA W, please email me and I will send you a 50$ voucher! Thank you so much for playing!

Now for the winner of the submission

TAMMY HERSHBERGER! BEEYOOOTIFUL CARD and gorgeous layout!  Please email me to collect your 50$ prize!

Ok, now for what I HAD TO HAVE… I COULD NOT RESIST.. Now that you know my obssession with pretty skulls, and all things ED HARDY…. My girlfriend Natanya came to Bellaland with her 9 month old baby and she had THEE most gorgeous DIAPER BAG slung around her stroller.  A DIAPER BAG YOU ASK?  YUP A DIAPER BAG.. it had pockets and it had the coolest strap (forget about the changing pad it came with..LOL).. It was just YUMMALISH.  YUMMALISH.. I confirmed with my friend if it looked like a diaper bag and she said ABSOLUTELY NOT! So once I had confirmation, I immediately  HAD to buy it.. .. and I mean WITHIN 5 MINUTES… Did ja know that I am compulsive???  and now you will see why.

DA PURSE (forget I mentioned Diaper Bag)

DA PURSE (forget I mentioned Diaper Bag)



SO HOW AMAZING IS THIS?  I just love this purse.  LOVVVE IT.

Now for some GOODNESS from Nickabella… you MUST check out her new and improved blog banner created by one of our BABES MONIQUE! and please leave her a comment and tell her what you think!

Here is Nicky’s card featuring Maisy KETTO

I just LOOVEY this card.. the image, the layout, the sparkle, the Fancy Pants paper.. YUMMMM!!!

is it not the CUTEST?  LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!

We just received an order from AMERICAN CRAFTS.. OMG.. we are all freaking out in Bellaland.. so I had to make a card using my FAVORITE PAPER EVER.. called “Passing Notes” from the TEEN collection. I also used TATIANA Ketto.. my favorite Sassy Ketto Tomboy

and the BFF Ribbon????

and the BFF Ribbon????

you can find it here.. I JUST ADORE this whole tweeny collection.. OMG.. more to follow sistahs!

glitter glitter glitter glitter.. YUM!

Ok, now let’s take a looky at what our babe-o-ramas are up to

Danabella made a BEEYOOOTIFUL card using our Polar Bear Circle.. how gorgeous is this? it’s feeling like winter here again!!

Karenabella made a gorgeous card using our Minty Coffee stamp!  Thanks karen!

Lindabella made a stunning card using bella daisy oven and sentiment.  can you believe the colouring job? OMG.

has anyone seen the DENTABELLA card by Monique?  take a looky! it’s STUNNING!

check out Paulabella’s card?!  She uses Basic Grey Marrakech paper and CRUISABELLA!! What a combo! and the coloring.. OMG again!

here is Shannan’s card!  look how cute! She uses Crafty Huggabugg!  adorable!

Ok that’s it for me today.. see you all tomorrow with the entries!




  1. Vicki Burns says:

    You and your bag~I daresay a perfect match! And I love the matching pink flairs you put in Tatiana’s hair! This Tatiana totally outrocks the OTHER Tatiana, no? LOL Love all the glittah! Enjoy your new purse!

  2. Janet R says:

    Em at this rate i am going to be BROKE! lol The bag is awsome!! I have a guitar purse:) Yours is much prettier though:)
    love your card as well, the glitter rocks!!

  3. Carol says:

    THanks for making a card with Tatiana! That so cemented her in on my order…she is deeeliscious! I love her!

    Congrats to the winners – lucky girls! Have a blast spending that money!

  4. Robb_eeie says:

    Hi Emily —– That bag is SWEEeeEET :o) When you were talking about how you just HAD to have this bag, it brought me back to the post where you were at the ‘One Of A Kind’, or perhaps it was our ‘Creative Festival’ ~~ they were selling hand-made wicker baskets // carriers and you HAD to have one, while Ryan was wondering what planet you were from 😉 LOL

    Of course we all have our obcession with purses and bags, (your last bag was stunning too! Care to donate?), and that again brings me back to when you wanted your own personal mini shopping cart ~~ haaa ~~ the famous race between you and Ryan ~ that still makes me laugh.

    So you know where I’m going now …. yeah yeah I know, no willpower … Ed Hardy look out !!!!!!!

  5. Wow Emily, the bag, the ring, the necklace, they’re so awesome. I’m jealous. Ohhhhh ya, the card. She takes the cake. She is stunning. I’m so glad I got this stamp… oh yeah, didn’t I get most of them. LOL. Can’t wait to play with them all.

  6. Karen says:

    What a great bunch of cards! Linda’s card in particular has bowled me over. What amazing colouring, absolutely phenomenal.

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