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I am so MEAN

my dearest Bella-issimas, 

So I make this card.. YA I REALLY DO MAKE CARDS, OK?  and I really LOVE it.  now I mean LOVE it.  It is really simple and clean.. nothing fancy, but it turns my crank.. this is the CLINCHER.  You ready?  I go downstairs to my photo studio (dining -room- with -2 -8.5*11 -pieces -of- paper -as- a- backdrop -against -a -vase- on -my -buffet- say that 10 times fast).. I take my camera and of course.. THE BATTERIES are DEAD.  I am so miffed (I could so say something worse but I won’t)!  So what I CAN do is show you the stamp I used.. it is called “MANLY PHONE” (that just made me laugh–where do I come up with this stuff?).. girly phone is on it’s way.. So hope you enjoy the stamp.. my card will be up as soon as I can revive the dead camera (you think CPR would work? *giggles*)

Have a BELLA-rific day (ok, now I am getting nauseating)

Emmabella- (not so nauseating)


  1. lauri aka jailbirdstamper says:

    how super cute!

  2. Hey, I think we have the same photo set up!

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