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I am really fed up

with my card images being lopsided..LOL.  I think I need to take a photography class.. OR, just invest in a plate stand ($1.00) where I can lodge my card and take a picture of it straight.  Whaddya think?  I am thinking it is a great idea.  So again I apologize for the crookedness of this photo but I just have to share this new flower.  I call it the icing flower.. it is so yummy looking you could eat it (how many days til NEXT MONDAY?-*giggles*).. it’s kind of looks like fluffy cotton candy with icing.  YUM.

[photopress image=”prima_chiffon_flower_002.jpg”]

So my fat outline daisy matches this prima flower EXACTLY (new prima flowers.. I went bozonko when I saw it.. it comes with 2 shaped flowers and rhinestone middle pieces in different shapes.). …. how cool is that?  Also used a new punch I got from Joann’s.. it’s the new Fiskars double handled squeezy thingy.. LOL.. does anyone know what I am talking about?  They have 2 handles that you just squeeze together and out pops the punched shape.. it is SO easy to use.. so I bought 3.. shocked? LOL.  I also used my FAVE versacolor pixie dust.. LOVE that color.  It’s a very simple slouchy, crooked card.. LOL but I *LOVE* it and will have to take a straighter picture of it.  People are asking me what I bought in Niagara.. let me think.. I so write how my thought process goes.. Do I need to really write “let me think??”. Do I need to write about me writing about that? you get the pic.. should I have just deleted the last two sentences?  YES (OMG I am peeing in my pants here).. Ok, I bought I KANDEE pearlescent chalks.. 2 boxes cuz they were on sale for $8.88. I got some sakura stardust markers.. OH and bought these.. THESE ARE MY HAPPY PILLS.. I saw them and went Bazonka again.. seems like a lot of bazonkaness, no? 

[photopress image=”robins_nest_001.jpg”]

 these are flatbacked teeny tiny marbles that you can use on ties (tie pins), centers of flowers, or just as an embellishment.. OMG I am staring at them now and they are amazing.  They are called the “Robin’s Nest” but I don’t have a link of where to get them?!  Not sure who makes them.. UH OH… Anyway.. that’s my happy shpiel.  I also got some new mags and a book on embellishing with ribbon and buttons.  I guess I did buy a lot of stuff. AGAIN.  Oh and then I went to the dollar store today.. OMG.. that’s another post in itself.. I did GOOD.

I am happy again cuz I am staring at my marbles.  my flat backed marbles.  my happy color marbles.

mwah mwah mwah to all!

Hope you likey



  1. Thanh says:

    I lovey!! lol. I own that daisy and loveeeeeeyyyy it. I must hunt down some of those Primas you posted…

  2. Crystalbella says:

    Ilove the card and WANT some of those marble thingys…where did you get those????

    Glad you had a good time and shopping was successful for you. Glad you are back also!!

  3. LinzyD says:

    Yummmy…..reminds me of cotton candy for some reason…
    Off to hunt for da marbles…

  4. Kathy says:

    Where did you shop in Niagara? Huh, huh, where, where???

  5. Paula says:

    Em, I love to “hear” the happiness in your “voice”! Glad you enjoyed yourself shopping—there is no better pill for us crafters to take!

  6. Denise says:

    I grew up in a teeny, tiny town called Vernal, Utah and we had a scrapbook store there (later on, after I went away to college) called “The Robin’s Nest”. I know that they created a lot of their own goodies. I believe the proprietor’s name is Robin O’Crowley. The labels on your marble-y bottles look like the sign on the front of her store. Start checking there to see if they produce these little beauties?


  7. Geny says:

    I love all that stuff! My sister writes emails and letters just like that..”Let me think…,” it cracks me up!!! Love your blog and random thoughts!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Did you know some people put thier cards on an angle on purpose??? Love that big flower!!!!

  9. Jen says:

    It is a gorgeous card!!! (even if it is a little crooked) 🙂 I feel your scanner pain Em, my scanner died last night just as I was trying to scan my first Bella card. 🙁 Last week we had to buy a new iMac because my G4 died. I seem to be having a bad technology month here or a good one since I keep getting new stuff. LOL

    Oh and I love your marble-y, sparkley find. Very cool!!! Have fun with them.

  10. Linda Deline says:

    LOVE this card!! If you ever find out who makes these marbles, please let us know. Thanks. God bless. Linda D.

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