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how cute AND PRACTICAL is this?

[photopress image=”fiskars_caddy.jpg”] 

I am in love.  Remember a coupla posts back I wrote about the whole remorse, should-coulda-woulda-don’t-need-it fiasco???  Well, I forgot to mention.. “i shoulda gotten two of them”… “should I get another”?  Usually, when I find something I ADORE, I need to have multiples.. YES I KNOW I AM NUTS but that’s how I feel?  If I can’t tell you, who can I tell?? LOL.  So this is it… Nicky and I grabbed 2 at Joann’s and now of course, guess what?  I SHOULD BOUGHT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!! WAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH.  As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE prismacolors.. I have never bought a set of them.. actually, I have never bought a set of anything in my life!  I pick and choose how I like it and I usually tend to build my own collection… My philosophy on sets is that you absolutely KNOW that there will be something in the ‘set’, whatever the set may be, that you don’t like.. so what’s the point.. be free ….CHOOSE!  That’s what I tell all my clients… it’s better to build your own even if it has to be little at first.. at least you know that it is handpicked by you..

 So this is it.. the fiskars Caddy (cannot find it on their site.. otherwise I would totally link it on here).. I love the color (my lime green) and I put most of my prismas in there.. actually I have more to go in there but you get the picture..

 So I shoulda bought 2 huh?




  1. Congratulations on your cool purchase! Boy, you sure have a lot of pencils! I guess you should have gotten 2! Well, that is just the PERFECT excuse to go back to Buffalo for a visit, no? LOL!

  2. Jovi says:

    I want one… off to JoAnns’s today I go! 😉

  3. Jillian says:

    Alrighty missy, I’m heading over to Joann’s this afternoon, dare I ask this…..want me to get you one if they have them there and ship it to ya? No clue what color options they have or even if they are in stock, where abouts were they anyway…In the scrapbooking/stamping area or off somewhere in the organization section? Oh and bonus…I get three 3 40% off coupons sent to me via email and post mail plus my mother donates hers to me as well. Let me know! I have 2 of the Super JoAnn’s here by me and one little dumpy one that I actually find some good stuff at because no one goes there. 🙂

  4. Laura Duet says:

    You know what else is a blast??????? When you are out antiquing….find several old cheap, but colorful glasses, get about 8 of them and store your Prismas in there! I was lucky enough to find 8 glasses in a metal holder, probably from the 1940’s, and boy do I have fun keeping my Prismacolors in that!!!!

  5. Thanh says:

    You TOTALLY need two. I will make sure its my goal that you get two. LOL

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