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hi ho, hi ho

it’s off to buffalo stamps I go.  The most wonderful and talented Sharon Klima (owner of buffalo stamps) has offered to feature me on her make and take/demo day tomorrow (Sunday)!!  Nicky and I are all packed an ready to go.  We have the most luscious cards to make with the fine ladies that have signed up!  We are psyched!  Now, the class starts at 1:30 PM.. it takes approximately 1.5 hours to get there so you would assume we would be leaving at 11’ish right?  NOPE! We are leaving at 8:00AM.. YUP 8:00.. you know why?  come on.. ask me.. ASK ME ASK ME!!! We are going SHOPPING.. going to all the craft stores to get some goodies before we go to Sharon’s.. ask me if there is something I am missing.. COME ON… ASK ME.  the answer is absopositively NOT.. but you know that if there is something that is in a container and has lots of color.. I am in!! oh, and if it is a die of any sort.. I am IN or if it is a BOX of any sort.. I AM IN.. or if it is something sparkly.. I’m in.. shall I go on?  Needless to say, I will HAVE to come home with SOMETHING and I will be sure to share with all of you.. I promise.  Oh and I am also sure there will be some sort of story to go with this whole adventure.. IE.. car seizure at the border… NOT. or tripping and falling or glitter all over my body OR OR OR.. you get the pic.

SOOOO.. will write more tomorrow.. PROMISE (maybe)


 hope you are all well and can’t wait to announce the winners on Tuesday..

OH.. and HAVE YOU BOUGHT THE DVD YET?  What the (*%(*($% are you waiting for? 


  1. CMCAnne says:

    Now why didn’t you give us more notice? Those of us who have a bit further to drive (uhhh..say, like 20+ hrs straight through, no stops) might have liked to attend this make and take of yours! Have a great time you shopa- and demo-abellas … I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Sarah Moore says:

    You’ve been tagged! (see my blog)

  3. Thanh says:

    Have a fantastic time shopping and demo-ing and just being Emmabella. Remember to use all the tactics we discussed many posts ago to hide the receipts from dear Ryan. lol.

  4. Have a really fun day shopping!

  5. While you are driving and shopping… me thinks you should come up with a Bella name for me… I laugh everytime I read your blog… so I should definately have a Bella name/cuz well I’m a Bella fan and I even bought more Bella’s today!

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