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have you ever met a stagettabella without a stagette?

[photopress image=”daintybellawithwatermark.jpg”] 

Well meet daintybella!  Is she just the cutest?  she can be a bridesmaid or a bat mitzvah girl (I think.. what do you think?), she can be a casual bride.. I just think she is SOO pretty.. (when I say ‘pretty’ to my dear 19 month old daughter, Jayden,  she proceeds to twirl incessantly, showing her stuff and immediately passes out from dizzyness–MEAN MOMMY)–but she is so cute doing it that I can’t stop her?!?!?!?!?


P.S regarding the post below INKITUP.. please write a comment to nicky that you saw it here so you can get your well deserved prezzy… (sp?)  you guys must think I am OBSSESSED with spelling..

P.S. I am

MWAH! (LOVE LOVE LOVE this term).. my friend Shmiz (AKA LIZ- donthcha remember? you met her a few posts ago!) signs off this way.. if you say it, it sounds like a kiss! may just have to make a stamp like this (all other rubber stamp companies reading this may steal this idea–LOL)-.. thoughts?  I THINK IT IS PHENOM so it really doesn’t matter.. na na na na na na na na  (said in a nasal teasing voice).


love ya all




  1. Definitely do the MWAH! stamp. I have a friend who writes this all the time!
    I showed my DH the stamps I’m getting and he is actually excited for me! “It is good to support our local businesses.” he says! I so love him! Perhaps I should go and “support” some more?

  2. Tema says:

    I just want to tell everyone that Nicky’s DVD is the best! I’m not a scrapbooker ,but acompletely addicted stamper,and theres amazing tips on it.One of the things I love about the way it was filmed ,is that I feel like nicky is talking just to me so I almost find myself talking back to it.( no, I haven’t quite lost my mind)So check it out .Highly recommended! TEMA

  3. Leslie says:

    LOVE the idea of using her as a bat mitzvah girl! I’m going to have to get her and use her for a card for my cousin’s bat mitzvah in April! Yay for bellas!

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