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happy mothah’s day to DA SISTAHS!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend :).. we certainly had lots of fun!  I got a beautiful camera and can finally take some pictures of my family..LOL.. they have been soooo neglected!  We went for brunch to our friends house and the kids played outside all day.. what a beautiful afternooooooon! Hope you and yours had the best day too 🙂

Thought I would put a little SPARKLE in your day… Please meet BUTCH AND MIMI made by our phenom Christy from Tiddly Inks .. Are they the cutest or what?  did you notice his beard and her eyelashes?!  I thought they would be phenom for an anniversary card using to a wonderful pair?  or happy anniversary??? YUMMMMM! Also, take a look at her BOW and the background bows… Krista from Sunshine Designs has created this amazing bow in 3 sizes.. packaged together.. phenom for toppers, for backgrounds or for focal points.. I just think that they are so great (if I do say so myself..LOL!)

[photopress image=”butchandmimi.jpg”]

they are also far enough apart where you can cut them and use them singly… for an “I MISS YOU” card… delish or WHAT?

I have also posted “WOOFIN IT UP” by the same talented Christy from Tiddly Inks… LOOOVE this.. reminds me of taco bell crossed with Lady and the Tramp.. does that make sense?? Take a looky!

Da sistah has been verrrrrry biZzy ovah here researching and trying new products and have now posted the BIG BITE to make holes anywhere on a 12*12 page, through cardstock, metal, chipboard etc.. also inserts and presses eyelets soooo easily without massacring them..(lol on the massacre).. I have also found DA BESTEST PAYPAH EVAH for copics.. at least I love using this paper.. blends beautifully, doesn’t smear (after ensuring dry ink), and is a beautiful weight (150lb).. and has a creamy texture and color.. I LOVEY IT!  Definitely has da bella’s  stamp of approval.. (get it? stamp?  I know hardy har har)…

Hope you lovey the releases.. I will try to post more throughout the week 🙂

 Mwah to da sistahs who love da doggieZ



  1. daiseyfreak says:

    I am def. getting these new doggies, how adorable! Polo loves them toooo!

  2. Jess Willison says:

    Love these new releases Em! Your’re the bestest!

  3. Yes EM I love the doggies but would there be any kitties in our future!! lol

    Happy Belated Mama’s Day!!!


  4. Christi says:

    I love the doggies!! Too cute! Awesome new releases! 🙂

  5. Maggismom says:

    Love the doggies, will have to come by this week to give them a new home!

  6. Christy S. aka Pirateabella says:

    The doggies are sooooooooo cute! It’s funny, I looked at them before I checked out your blog post and the first thing I thought of was the whole crowd of dogs in the pound on Lady & the Tramp. Except that big shaggy sheep dog, he must be visiting from The Little Mermaid! 😀

  7. Debby says:

    I love Butch and Mimi and Woofin it Up. I have 3 little doggies and these are perfect!

  8. pinky says:

    I “ruff” the doggiez!!! They are all SO adorable. What a wonderful addition to your line of goodies. They will be on my next ordah!
    Mwah, Pinky Dinky Do (only to you)

  9. They are soooo stinkin cute!!! I loveeeeeee them.

  10. Sarah says:

    I love the new releases!! So cute!!

  11. Fabrizio says:

    Those two dogs are simply adorable…….I’m off checking your new releases now…I guess the credit card can take another bashing ! LOL

  12. Karyn says:

    The big sheep dog reminds me of Mr Muggs! LOL-did you ever read those books waaay back in elementary school?

    I am for sure going to get some of that paypah for my Copics! I can’t get enough of my Copics with the Bellas!! Thanks for always thinking of us..can’t wait to see what you have for us this week and then I will be cashing out my BIG overfull cart!!

  13. ROSYBELLA says:

    I love the doggies!!

  14. shellabella says:

    What an adorable card!!!
    I love the bow and the baubles
    and those doggies are just so cute!
    I have got to get my hands on Butch and Mimi!!! 🙂

  15. Gay Ferland says:

    Ruff! Ruff! How much are the doddies in the window? The ones with the wagging tails…… cute!!!!

  16. ChichiBoulie says:

    Ah those are the cutest! I love them, Tiddly! 😀

  17. Natalie (Cupcake Angel) says:

    Soooooo Cute. You just keep on firing the imagination. I feel some credit card abuse coming on (again)!

  18. VIcki Burns says:

    SO cute! And Happy Belated Mothah’s Day to all of you!

  19. lindaH says:

    can’t resist checking on on bloggabella even while i sit here soakin up the sun in myrtle beach. LOVE butch and mimi and VERY curious about this paper, especially since i consider you one of the TOP copic colorists out there now!

  20. Kate says:

    I am LOVING all of Cristy’s designs! Tiddly Inks rocks!

  21. christine says:

    hi Em, Nicky, Dena and Ryan,
    Luv da puppiesi also will have 2come in this wk and get them!
    You have all been busyyyyyy since I was there last wk.
    Hope the mum’s had a good mothers day and cant wait 2 see u !

  22. Kelly says:

    Love those doggies!! Sweet card!

  23. Bestest coloring evah!!!!! You make them look so cute!!!

  24. Sue says:

    They’re so gorgeous!! Happy Mother’s Day – ours was in March in the UK 😉

  25. MsNia says:

    LUV these guys, they look like little Terriers but I’m hoping they’ll work for my Pom. Another slam Dunk Bella.

  26. Hope says:

    Em, these doggies are the cutest! Thanks for keeping the new stuff coming! You keep my checkbook happy, um busy! 🙂

  27. carmen says:

    Em, it’s so hard to read how lovely your place is and how much fun you have with the locals…Ofcourse I enjoy reading about the things that make you happy but I wish I could come over for coffee (out of the purculator), cookies (baked by chefabella) and ….(well you don’t have that stamp yet *LOL*).
    Nice stuff you have uploades, I love the dogs bye the way! I like dogs more than cat’s hahahaha!

    Big mwah to you sistah!

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