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HOW much can I bet you that you are thinking I am posting a new bella with a full tummy and you are all SOOOO excited.  Sorry to let you down.. this bella typing like crazy at MIDNIGHT is the one with the full tummy.. I will tell you why a little further down. 

So I see that my audience has grown?  is it because of my beautiful card gallery, or is it because of the techniques I am sharing with all of you OR… (drum roll please)  is it because I am the biggest bella goofball on this planet and you can’t wait to hear what I am up to next?  Me thinks it is the option C. 

I am having SOOOO much fun with this competition, you have no idea…and I am absolutely DYING to tell you your progress but I will not. My lips are sealed. *NANANANANANANANAN* (fingers in ears a-la -4.5 -year- old -son -sleeping -like a- little -angel- in- the- other- room -does).. did you say something? LOL

Please keep em coming cuz there will be 2 winners now.. COUNT’em 2!

So I have a full tummy cuz my ex boss.. steve.. whom I ADORE and LOVE and CHERISH and LOVE and ADORE took my hub and I out for supper. OMG.. Steve and I LOVE our food so we know, when we get together on a business dinner it’s” no holds barred “(OMG I SAY THIS ALL THE TIME AND WHEN I WRITE IT I THINK I AM A LUNATIC-THIS SO DOES NOT MAKE SENSE).  I may as well call my HUB by name.. you all probably know him by now-RYAN-.. n’k? I hate people who always say “my husband my husband my husband”..he has a name YA KNOW.  So Ryan and Steve had 3.5 pound lobsters.. can you believe?  I would like to tell you that they were bigger than my ‘b-hind’  that’s how big they were.. but they really weren’t (note to self-diet starts tomorrow AGAIN). They were ENORMOUS.. and salad and steak and shrimp cocktail.. I am such a stuffed-a-bella but tres happy.

wise words of the evening.. they can be grout sticks in a pretty case, they can be tools of any shape or form, ‘bellies’, or FOOD..these things make me so happy so I thought I would share my menu with all of you tonight..

love to all

fella- sista -chief -fatta -addictabella- going- on- a- dieta- tomorra—‘NOT-TA’


  1. Thanh says:

    Definitely option C

  2. Janeabella says:

    You are a riot!!! Were there martini’s served at this meal also??? I’m jealous–I had grilled cheese which I ate standing up over the sink……those calories don’t count, right? LOL!

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