RELEASE SNEAK PEEKS!, sneaky peeky

FINAL SNEAK PEEK and a chance to WIN!

For those who have made it through our SNEAKPEEKAPALOOZA congrats!  How much fun has our week together been?  I loved EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT and have read EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT 🙂

I have wound down the sneak peeks so we can all take a deep breath, write our lists out and decide what we NEED 🙂 hehehe.  Me thinks we need it all.

Meet UPTOWN GIRL HARPER GOES HEAD FIRST .. do you know HOW MANY TIMES I want to dive in head first into a tub of ice cream?  YOU HAVE NO IDEAR LOL Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL HARPER GOES IN HEAD FIRST

and her “CUT IT OUT” DIE

Copic Colouring Video:

Watch Elaineabella colour her in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.

next we have UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE.. Honestly WINE DOES FLY when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? LOL Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE

and her “CUT IT OUT” DIE

Copic Colouring Video:

Watch Elaineabella colour her in the video below or in HD over on YouTube.


and now for some

Card Samples:


and Sandiebella’s card Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL HARPER GOES IN HEAD FIRST. Card by Sandie Dunne

Stephabella’s card Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL HARPER GOES IN HEAD FIRST. Card by Stephanie Hill

and Elaineabella’s card Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL HARPER GOES IN HEAD FIRST. Card by Elaine Hughes


Here’s Christineabella’s card

and another one because maybe.. wine was flying  and she was having so much fun playing with Wilma! LOL (ok that doesn’t sound so good LOL) . Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE. Card by Christine Levison


JennyDixabella’s card.. the wine shaker?  OMG Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE. Card by Jenny Dix

Paulabella’s card Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE. Card by Paula Williamson

Sandiebella’s card Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE. Card by Sandie Dunne

Stephabella’s card Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE. Card by Stephanie Hill

and Elaineabella’s card Rubber stamp UPTOWN GIRL WILMA LOVES WINE. Card by Elaine Hughes



  1. Sue says:

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Oh my – utterly utterly brilliant. Harper and Wilma are divine and obviously know how to paaaaartaaaay!

    thank you for a fabulous and fun week Emily and Team…xxx You are all total Rock Stars!

    love from

  2. Liz says:

    Eeeekkk! Def need there’s two uptown girls… wine and ice cream… my two fav things in stamps!!! Love them ?

  3. kathy Tanner says:

    I love the ice cream and wine girls!
    And the DT’s gorgeous cards 🙂

    What an ab fab release!!!

  4. Elizabeth Shuck says:

    Love these new releases. Love the girl in the wine glass.

  5. Helen F says:

    Love, love, love these gorgeous fun girls!!! SO clever!!! The DT has done another amazing job showcasing these wonderful images!! Thanks so much!

  6. Elaine B says:

    LOVE Uptown Girls!! Thank you!

  7. Linda Cole says:

    I love these girls especially the one in the Ice cream!

  8. Jodi Resnick says:

    What fun images of these uptown girls! This has been a brilliant edition of new stamps! Cannot wait to splurge!

  9. Arianna Barbara says:

    Oh my!!! That’s so funny!!! Love these girls!!! Awesome release!!!

  10. Mar N says:

    I have the perfect friend for “wine flies …”
    Rhanks for the new releases

  11. Laurel says:

    So much fun! So ready for this release and what wonderful talent

  12. Ann says:

    again fab fab fab, superb images. Ann

  13. Hazel parr says:

    Those shaker cards are brilliant! Pure genius. Well done girls on all your great samples and we’ll done too, to the amazing artist.
    Crafty hugs
    H xxx

  14. Mirella Rogan says:

    Love these two, so fun! And wow that wine shaker – how amazing!

  15. Jennifer Scull says:

    So many cute projects with the fun new release stamps and dies! Your designers are so creative! 🙂

  16. Nicole Wright says:

    I love these! There’s a reason Stamping Bella is my fave stamps 🙂

  17. Netty's Cards says:

    OMG I’m the girl with her head in the ice cream tub. That’s me!!!!!

  18. Patricia Ceccacci says:

    Happy Sunday There are so many I like have to make a wish list for them. The new releases are awesome I have my favorites and will have to see when I can get some. As soon as I have extra monies I will be shopping on Bella to work on wish list. Love Love the new releases you never let us down with wonderful new stamps

  19. Pamr says:

    So so cute! My list is getting longer?

  20. cathy norton says:

    Happy Sunday. What a fun week to see all the new stamps. I have to say the Oddballs are my favorite.

  21. Terri V says:

    Can’t wait to order both of these tomorrow! Love the shaker card ideas!

  22. Wendy Peterson says:

    These images are too cute love these images and fabulous card examples.

  23. Lorraine Snyder says:

    The ice cream tub is fantastic! I have got so many ideas that could be used for. And isn’t everything better with wine? Lol this weeks Sneak Peaks has been extremely fun, now let’s buy, buy, buy.

  24. Sheila R Fisher says:

    Absolutely love the ice cream girl.

  25. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    Great release! Love the new bellas!

  26. Sharon Brand says:

    Love today’s peeks and the sentiments too!

  27. Andrea Hastilow says:

    Lol, these so sun up me & my bestie girlfriend, I’d be falling in the ice cream while she looks all glam sitting with the wine glass. Excellent release, thank you x

  28. Betty says:

    Love the stamps and the way they were used.

  29. Michelle M Daschka says:

    The ice cream tub is the cutest. Really love the shaker card.

  30. Micheline Bo says:

    Love these release! So so cuutte and funny!!

  31. Maxine M says:

    Just too much cute! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!!!

  32. Shelly Jackson says:

    These are both must haves!!! What a great release this entire week of stamps are!

  33. Danielle Dietz says:

    Fabulous week of previews. And the Uptown Girl in the ice cream…best stamp ever…..just sayin’!!

  34. FD91354 says:

    Oh these are so darn fun. Love these ladies. Their dresses make coloring so fun. Fabulous card designs.

  35. SarahC says:

    So much fun! Love your wine girl.

  36. Brandy Newcomer McClain says:

    I am in love with these stamps! They are fabulous! My two favorite things: ice cream & wine! Lol

  37. Allison Bell says:

    Absolutely ??????????These!

  38. Lori Gliva says:

    You out due yourselves with each release! Love the creativity! Thanks!!

  39. Raquel says:

    These girls describe me on so many levels… awesome job with this release… I don’t know how I’m gonna choose?

  40. Jes Ballas says:

    These are cute!

  41. Karen S. says:

    This week of glimpses has indeed been tortuous! And on the other hand, it looks to be a fabulous release. I know that I for one don’t have the budget for everything that I would like! The question now becomes, how to choose???

  42. Kandi Gallegos-Garcia says:

    Yay, so excited for more Uptown Girls!

  43. Rachel Duong says:

    I love these uptown girls!!! My favorite is the one in the glass of wine! Both are amazing – I love action and these girls are too much fun. Thank you for the wonderful release, I can’t wait to own them!

  44. Stephanie says:

    Oh no whining here!
    Celebrate these lovelies with cheese and wine ?

  45. Shari DelBuono says:

    Oh my!! I absolutely love this release and such clever card samples. These are a must on my list especially the Uptown Girl in the wine glass. ??

  46. Claudine G. says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the ice cream uptown ???

  47. Melody says:

    Love the girl head down in the ice cream carton! So glad there are so many examples to inspire me.

  48. Diane Kaufman says:

    I love the Uptown Girls! I am so happy for the new release, Wilma Loves Wine is adorable

  49. ginnydeiling says:

    always love those fun and clever uptown girls

  50. Louise says:

    Wine and ice cream? My two favorite things! That’s dinner right there folks! Heehee! Love these gals!!!

  51. Angie Brown says:

    Ice cream really does solve everything! Love these uptown girls!

  52. Milka Gubo says:

    How fun are these!!! :o)

  53. Odette Duchesne says:

    Bravo Emily,

    Toutes les nouvelles étampes sont fabuleuses… Le choix sera difficile…
    Merci pour cette belle semaine de surprises…

  54. Cynthia Cole says:

    Loving everything about these new stamp sets!

  55. Donna West says:

    Ooooh! I love these! I can’t wait for tomorrow to go shopping!

  56. Debbie Rumpza says:

    Wow. So many cute stamps in this release. How DO you do it?? LOL>. I’m loving both of these… I would use them OFTEN. And ice cream solves many problems… at least for a moment.

  57. Susan G says:

    You’ve hit it out of the park! Ice cream AND wine? Oh my! I love these new sets – and the sentiments are perfect! (does everything set the creative wheels in motion – when I typed “out of the park”, I imagined the uptown girls playing all kinds of sports) Anyway, I love these sets. Your DT went over the top with their cards. Nothing short of amazing. I love to get lots of inspiration from them. Thank you.

  58. Casey Thrush says:

    Love the bestie’s!!!! this is quite the release!!! I’m going to go BROKE!!

  59. Donna says:

    If I skip the ice cream may I have 2 wines, cheers

  60. Chandra Rodriguez says:

    Oh Happy Summer! Love these ??

  61. Amante del Papel says:

    This stamp is stunning! I need them, there are so beautiful!

  62. Kristine says:

    Love Love Love.

  63. Kristy P. says:

    I could use the ice cream image and sentiment for soooo many of my friends. It is just too cute!

  64. Betty M says:

    I love the girlie in the ice cream. So darn cute! Youya’lll
    Ya’ll do a great job, so creative.

  65. Kristie says:

    I am glad to see some new uptown girls. The sneak peeks have been brutal. My wish list has been added to daily. But the Oddballs are at the top of my list.

  66. Tanya says:

    These are great! I need both of these for every card ever for my two sister hahaha 😀

  67. Paula Desmarais says:

    Love this release!! You guys are so talented! Just amazingly adorable

  68. Tracey Magner says:

    OMG, My Fav of the release, that is me diving in that ice cream, so funny, love the shaker cards with the wine glasses, such talent on your team, wow.

  69. Christine Alexander says:

    OMG such a fun release, so perfect for all my girl friends 🙂

  70. Marn says:

    Great new images. The ice cream girl really had me smiling!! Thinking of ladies I could send both images to!!

  71. Val says:

    Sure to be a favorite! Awesomeness.

  72. Judy a says:

    Thank you for a great week of stamps and ideas! I can’t wait to get these and get started. You are all so inspiring!

  73. Chris says:

    Absolutely fabulous collection…come home to me Wilma in the wine glass.

  74. Jane Crisci says:

    These last two stamps are so perfect! I know so many people I could make cards for, using these awesome stamps.

  75. Lana Lepinski says:

    I can’t believe all the fun stuff you have coming out!

  76. Vicky G says:

    These stamps are just wonderful. These will bring so many smiles to people I know.

  77. Heidi DePriest says:

    I must be sick and twisted…I LOVE the sneak peaks! I look forward to seeing each days treasures and the beautiful samples. My alarm is set early for tomorrow! I. Can’t. Wait!!!

  78. Makalah says:

    Ok today’s peeks are perfect for me. I am known for my love of ice cream!

  79. Terri Scott - terriavidreader says:

    Darling samples of these new images and dies!!

  80. Michele Berg says:

    I love love love the ice cream and wine stamps!

  81. Theresa says:

    Wow. Can’t wait. At Stamping Out Cancer, Inc., a Non-Profit, we make cards for cancer patients. I especially try to lift their spirits, celebrate their landmarks and make them look beautiful. Thanks for these gals that are going to help make with spirits soar.

  82. Kay says:

    You can never go wrong with ice cream and wine!!

  83. Kimberly McField says:

    More adorable stamps! I can think of quite a few friends who would love the wine stamp. 🙂

  84. Christina Magnusson says:

    Love these Uptown Girls!

  85. Jary Riolo says:

    So love the shaker cards!! What great inspiration! Thanks!

  86. Marilyn S says:

    Perfect! A release just would not be complete without the Uptown Girls.
    Thanks for a fab week of peeks and am looking forward to putting in my order.

  87. Debra Jacox says:

    I think my wallet is crying!

  88. Linnea Sundstrom says:

    omgosh HEAD FIRST!!!! <3

  89. Kelly M says:

    Love Headfirst as with the hot weather at the moment
    I’m diving into ice cream a lot lol.
    Loving the Bestie dies too.

  90. Cindi F says:

    Gorgeous cards! I definitely agree with the ice cream sentiment. I love all the great inspiration!

  91. Anna Laura Pace says:

    Gorgeous! Love <3

  92. Dawn Jones says:

    These are awesome! Love both ice cream and wine-where is the wine flavored ice cream! Great new release and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

  93. Charlsie says:

    Well Harper is right. Ice cream does solve everything. Thank you

  94. Kim G says:

    Oh my, I think the Ice cream stamp was created especially for me! It does solve everything from happy occasions to “I need a pick-me-up”occasion. I always have ice cream in my freezer and am never without it. Hhhmm maybe that is why I am struggling to get that remaining 10 pounds off!!!!

  95. Wendy Fisher says:

    I recently found your stamps and have fallen in love with all of them!! 🙂 <3

  96. Diane Gibbons says:

    Love these girls …. I know a few I could send to and change the wine to Gin ?

  97. CraftyNatalie says:

    Glad to see the uptown girls back, there one of my favourite SB characters and the first SB images I recieved. Amazing sneak peeks can’t wait to get them!

  98. Denise I says:

    The uptown girls have always been my favorites! I just love them both and the ice cream one is too funny! These will definitely be additions to my collection! Thank u for not disappointing once again! A great sneak peek week!

  99. Carol S says:

    Sign me up for these two!!! I laughed out loud!!

  100. Sue D says:

    How fun–love the one with the tub of ice cream!

  101. Denise Bryant says:

    Fabulous! I think I may have posed for the ice cream image…

  102. ~steph~ says:

    So fun! Sweet images and I agree, ice cream helps with everything 🙂 Now comes the hard part in deciding which new images I need first.

  103. Jill Rice says:

    So darn cute! And the die is to…well, die for! ?

  104. Mary Ann Paxton says:

    So much fun! Love them!

  105. GabriellaB says:

    Wine flies! OMG that is the best. I want that so I can make Christmas Ornaments for all my girlfriends

  106. Sherri Dean says:

    I love every single stamp you have released! Want all of them now! Lol!

  107. Christine Jannetto says:

    Ha! I love them! Hilarious!

  108. Heather Clay says:

    Those Uptown Girls are amazing!

  109. Martha Kempf says:

    FINALLY… a stamp that expresses what I’ve men saying
    For years!! Ice creams solves everything! This will be making
    it to my craft room!

  110. Artha Nafie says:

    I MUST have this ice cream set! I will make every favorite flavor for my grown daughters! This is GENIUS!!

  111. Trish says:

    Ice screammmmm! Love it!

  112. Temesf?i -Szilágyi Marianna says:

    Love these new releases! Funny and nice, i Love all!

  113. Deena Luce says:

    I love the wine girl so much! Great release Emily and Elaine.

  114. Cindy Holmes says:

    Oh my gosh! Absolutely adorable cards! These Uptown Girls are the best!

  115. Karen Sherlock says:

    LOVE these two Uptown girls!!! Thank you so much for including them! I can’t wait to place my order! A great bunch of stamps and dies in this release!

  116. Kris Johnson says:

    Love these! My two favorite things wine and ice cream!!

  117. Elena says:

    They are beautiful. I really love them. I want all

  118. Susan B says:

    These girls really know how to party!

  119. Susana Servando says:

    How cute! the girl in the cup is great ??

  120. Sarah newey says:

    How wonderfull is this collection another must have i can think of so many people who these are so suitable for ..again thanks for sharing yoir wonderful creations..

  121. Meghan Kennihan says:

    I LOVE the BESTIE DIE! SUCH a GREAT IDEA! This whole release is on my Birthday list 🙂

  122. Stacey says:

    Absolutely love Harper and Wilma! They are my new favorites!

  123. Susan S. says:

    I have loved all of the sneak peek releases, but this is by far my favorite. Gotta get Wilma Loves Wine!

  124. Kerry myers says:

    Soo cute love the ice cream and wine sentiments AND the stamps!!

  125. Bonnie says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that’s me in the tub of ice cream! Love!

  126. treebug says:

    oh, this is super fun 🙂

  127. ShirleyN says:

    So cute and fun, I’ve got to have Wilma Loves Wine for my DIL’s birthday! Fabulous release!

  128. Janet D. says:

    Ohhhh I love Wilma and Harper, fantastic release!

  129. D.Ann C says:

    woo-hoo! Ice cream solves everything is PERFECT!! It just jumped to the top of my wishlist!!! In our family we have a code word for ice cream… flowers! When someone is not feeling well, we ask… do you need/want “flowers”?! Because any of us would much rather have ice cream than flowers. lol!! Gotta have this!!

  130. Kelly Williams says:

    So perfect! Love the Uptown girlies

  131. Ingrid says:

    Uptown girls are my favourite!

  132. Atenea C says:

    Ice cream does solve everything! Lol love this stamp!

  133. Sladjana Perisic says:

    Me thinks you are correct, I do need all of these!

  134. Claire Broadwater says:

    I absolutely LOVE this ice cream a d wine set. They are on my list. Would love to win a prize. Thanks for the chance to win! XX

  135. Vivian Foo says:

    So many yummy goodies, cant really decide well now.

  136. DUMONTIER Marjorie says:

    Wow !! This is such an amazing release !! Congratulations to the team !

  137. Diane Napolitano says:

    My daughter-in-law and one of my granddaughters have such a sweet tooth, the UPTOWN GIRL HARPER GOES HEAD FIRST set will be perfect for them 🙂

  138. MaryAnn says:

    Ice cream solves everything.
    Oddballs geeks are cute.

  139. Lori Morency says:

    Ok, these two uptown girls are my kind of people! And the bestie die is perfect for so many occasions. Can’t wait for release day tomorrow! Just in time for my birthday… makes my birthday wish list easy to write!!!!! Bring on the stamps??

  140. Amy Young says:

    What a fun and fabulous release! I can’t wait to get my hands on so many of these!

  141. Kirsty Vittetoe says:

    Super Cute Presentation!! Love the new products!

  142. Jean Marmo says:

    So fun! Love these!

  143. Shelley says:

    Torturepalooza lol. It is that heehee. Love these girls! Great release and beautiful projects from all the DT!

  144. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I love Uptown Harper & her ice cream carton. My sisters love ice cream & they make their own, so there isn’t any carton like from the store but I can so see them doing what Harper just did. Actually, if we can get one big enough, I’ll invite you over, Elainabella, along with my 2 sisters and my mom & you can all dive into the carton. Hey, we can make a stamp out of it! LOL
    I love all the cards, especially the ones that use my favorite color in the whole wide world, yellow but my favorites are the shaker cards. I love them! Everyone did an amazing job! I am so excited to start shopping! It can’t come soon enough for me!

  145. Georgia says:

    Harper goes Head-first!
    What a SCREAM!
    That’s exactly how much
    I LOVE ice cream!

    Gotta have this stamp!

  146. Jodi Resnick says:

    What a sweet way to end your release! These uptown girls are adorable! Thanks for making my choice on which to buy so difficult! lol

  147. Cynthia Johnson says:

    These girls are so awesome and the DT has done an amazing job all week! The hard part is to choose which ones to buy.

  148. Catrin Goodwin says:

    Waw I love these, what fab release. I love the uptown girl in the glass and have definitely had feel I t’s of going head first into ice cream lol. Love them. Lovely DT projects too.

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