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Don’t think I am crazy.. LOL

And I mean it.  One person makes fun of me and that’s it.. I will never blog again.. (like that would EVAH stop me).

We had an AMAZING NICKY cardmaking party here at DA BELLA BOOOTIQUE last friday night in honor of the CUTEST sarah EVAH.. take a looky at her blog here!  Happy birthday Sarah!  Christine who owns/runs also came along with Penny and Amanda and Diana and and and..!  We had a wonderful time laughing our heads off.. EATING our heads off and dancing OUR HEADS OFF! AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

It was almost midnight.. we were a little giddy and Sarah HAD to mention Christine’s collection.  Ummmm DO THEY KNOW ME?  DO THEY KNOW THAT I AM AN OBSSESSIVE COMPULSIVE SHOPPAH?  DO THEY KNOW THAT I LOVE WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT?  Yes.. they knew.  OHHHHHH they knew.

They were discussing Christine’s Blythe Doll Collection.. So I “says”.. WHAT”S A BLYTHE AND DO I NEED IT?  And THEY “says”.. YA you so need THEM.. Ummm THEM??? there are multiple BLYTHE thingies?  And they said YES.. they are DOLLS.. and they are sooo cute and cool and funky.

So off we went to the internet and searched them all and oohed and ahhed.. 4 GROWN women… oohing and ahhing.  COULD YOU BELIEVE?  but I really can’t help myself when it comes to dollhouses, dolls, miniatures etc.. CANNOT help myself.  THEN Christine tells me that this Blythe collection has a HUGE following!  There are outfits made and sold on ETSY, there are BLYTHE DOLL  PARTIES.. furniture etc…  The blythe doll originated in 1972 (my birth year) and were stopped in production a year after.. well 20 years later a RESURGENCE came about and here we are..the history is actually quite interesting and can be found here if anyone is as CUH-RAZY as I am.. Now some are QUITE CREEEEEEPYYYYYY.. so I was turned off for a minute.. and then Christine told me that they come in a PETITE SIZE.. and then I was sold…


Whaddya think I did on Saturday Morning?

Yes they are sitting in a cubby in front of my desk keeping me company! LOL.. would YOU WANNA SIT AND STARE AND NICKY AND RYAN ALL DAY? LOL.. just kiddinK 🙂

And YES.. I am COLLECTING THESE for my daughter when she is older :). And that is the story I am STICKING TO.

Mwah to da sistahs who likey da blythees



  1. Lindastamps says:

    oh boy…crazy is not the word I would use, “enabler” is! I want these! lol

  2. OMGGGGGGGGG These are soooo cute!!!!!! But yes, I DO want to stare at Nicky all day!! I misssssssss her!!!!!!

  3. Vicki says:

    Crazy. Nah. Just young at heart! And stick to your story! You know, that’s why this old grandma buys just about everything! And that was my DH can’t get mad at me, cuz it’s all for Emma!

  4. Susan W. says:

    LOL Em, they are cute, so when are ya makin’ them into stamps???

  5. Christine says:

    I just want to say I was talking to Nicky when all the Blythe talk started!! I have been collecting Blythe dolls for almost 3 years. I started with a couple Petites, then got my first 12″ Blythe, then my second, then a few more petites and then stopped. Well, in March Mark went to Japan for work and with his per diem went to Junie Moon, “the” Blythe shop and bought me 4 more big dolls and a couple petites!!! Then I bought another, then an ADG, and then one for Gemma’s birthday. SO I now have 9 large dolls and many petites (got my latest last Monday, and ordered another one the other night). I love dressing them and taking photos of them!! I have even made some jewelry for them!!

    So Emily, this is only the beginning!!! Enjoy your girls! They are very cute! And I will let you know when the next Blythe meet is!!!

  6. Karyn says:

    Oh Em…how cute are those dolls!!! My little Emmy bug would love them too!! 🙂

    Glad you had a great party! Hope to see you soon!

  7. Shelagh says:

    Those dolls are cute! Love the blue dress with the kitty! there are Flickr groups of Blythe dolls too. cheers, Shelagh xoxo

  8. Aaak – my comment didn’t get through!! Well, I will re-post it. Looooooooove the photo – all I can say is that you better have left some for me! I will be heading up there this week to treat myself! I love the tea set! Nicky and Emily host the BESTEST birthday parties parties – so book your date now girls! Thanks Em and Nicky for the AWESOME night! Can’t wait to get my Hello Ketty Big Shot 🙂 !!!!!!!!

  9. nicky manel says:

    Sarah, make sure you leave some of these dolls at the store for me. I loooooove them and want to get some for my Grand-daughter (that’s my story and I am sticking to it :o) ).
    Thanks Shannan, I misssss u to.


  10. Cristina says:

    What do I think? that the chairs are too big for their short legs, and the drinks are too big for their small hands !!! LOL !!! x

  11. kahREEPy! 😛 I’ll just say, More for YOU! 😉 LOL

    and that’s the story I’m sticking to! {snicker}

  12. Crafty Math Chick says:

    Wow, when I saw them I thought “they look like a doll I had when I was little whose eyes changed when I pulled a string…” and VOILA! THAT was their origin!

    I can’t BELIEVE I GAVE mine away, one of the many dolls I donated to the sick children at the hospital school in the neighboring town (with an ORIGINAL Barbie if you can believe it!! WAY before the existence of ebay)

    Very interesting Em, thank you for sharing.


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