Hiya sistahs,

Just a public service announcement from MOI LOL.  We just got in a limited amount of a necessary tool for your toolbox.  Sigh.  I love the image of a toolbox.. with all our goodies in it.. our treasures.. things we turn to every day when we are crafting.  Our arsenal.  I have so many things I need by me when I stamp and journal and now that we are producing dies, I thought  I would add this into our toolbox (there’s that yummy word again)

We are offering our “CUT IT OUT” snips which you can find HERE 

nothing fancy but SO useful 🙂


These “SNIPPERS” are perfect for those of you who buy our “CUT IT OUT” dies or for any other die collections you may purchase where all the pieces come attached to eachother.  Instead of bending, scratching and possibly damaging the dies, you simply use these snips to clip them off and get rid of any rough edges!  BRILLIANT n’est ce pas?  I think so.

So if you are a “cut it out” type of sistah.. you need these “cut it out”  typa snippers 🙂

Just sayin’

Would love to know what you NEED to have in your Toolbox 🙂  Leave a comment below!


see you tomorrow for Bellarific Friday




  1. Jules says:

    The tool would be cool to own I don’t know how many times I struggled to snip off the steel tags ! What a nifty tool!

  2. Karen P. says:

    I do need the Utah n snips because I got metal in my finger trying to bend the wires.

  3. Laura P. says:

    Hi Em, if I had to choose a non-stamping tool I would say low tack tape or paintbrushes. The cut it out snips are a great addition!

  4. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    I don’t have a die cutter so those snips would be useless for that. However, they look like a pair that I have for making jewelry and my dad did leather work and they look like a pair he has too. He has some jewelry type tools even though I am the one who makes jewelry. Glad to know you can use them for something other then jewelry if I ever get enough money to get a die cutter.
    What do I need in my toolbox? A die cutter for one but I need a few jobs to be able to afford one. I have a Crop-A-Dial for brads and eyelets but it only goes so far. I hear they have one now that goes all the way into the paper. I would like to have that one now. When I was making the card I posted tonight I needed the Crop-A-Dial to go further into the paper then it did. I had to move the paper around, and do all kinds of things just to get that hole in the right place. You know, whenever I buy something new or that is new to me, they always come out with something better after I buy it. That’s what happened when I bought my Crop-A-Dial. I thought it would go all the way into the paper when I bought it. That came out a few months after I bought me. Why does that always happen to me? LOL
    I’d like more Copics markers and I’d like to learn to use the ones I already have. Right now I can’t get them to do what my stamping friends do with there’s and for me, they are like my regular markers, I don’t see what’s so special with them. Again, I need to get more money to get them. I’d also love more glitter markers. They are so much fun!
    Last but not least, at least for what I can think of that I want, I’d like more of your stamps. I may be able to afford one or 2. Cross your fingers that I can get some. I’d also like some more of Elizabeth Craft’s Outline Stickers. I saw someone use them and was in love and had to have some. I love how you can color them in! I got some for Christmas and I want more!
    I hope you like the card that I did. I spent all day making it and I like how it looks. I don’t have a lot of your stamps so I can’t do a whole lot of different cards with what I have. Can’t wait to see it posted on the site tomorrow!

  5. Mirella says:

    These are very handy! 🙂

  6. Ayesha says:

    Very useful tool 🙂 i recall my first dies that were joint together were kind of a shock to me lol .. i twisted and did exactly what i shouldn’t have then had to buff them … the seller said i was meant to keep them intact i was like.. whaa ! ? lol
    Anyways x tool box id love the double sided tape gun, roller brush, label punches, list is quite long but the best one youve already come up with designing dies for the stamps x fussy cutting can be tedious 🙂
    best regards

  7. Linda C says:

    Great tool to have! I sneak them from hubby’s tools!

  8. Lynne in NI says:

    Oooh I need a pair of these …. I have some dies that have a little tag where they were attached and mark the card when I cut, so these would be perfect to sort them out!

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