what’s WWW you ask?

well it’s WONDERFUL WEDNESDAYS WITH… of course!  you couldn’t guess that?  COME ON sistahs.  Seriously. LOL

My goal for 2016 was to communicate with my sistahs more.. and I have created a new WEDNESDAY “activity” for us!

Every month we will feature a new card every Wednesday by our featured WWW guest designers.. some will be featured for multiple months.. some for single months.. it depends on what my girls could commit to.  I have now booked the year so we will be having LOTSA LOTSA fun on wednesdays together!! WOOHOO

SO our WWW designer for this month is….. drumroll please…….  Our very own loveable and squooshable PAULABELLA.  Paulabellla started with us and has been a personal BFF for many many years.  She used to come and teach at our amazing store and she is just one special sistah. (I made her commit to about 3 months LOL..I woulda forced her for 12 but felt cheeky)… Paula makes MAGIC with her favorite method of colouring.. PRISMACOLOR pencils and Odorless mineral spirits and a paper stump.  MAGIC I tell ya!

Today’s card by Paulabella is using TINY TOWNIE PENELOPE has a pencil.  I hope you enjoy it and get inspired by it as much as I do 🙂


Mwah to da sistahs who now love WEDNESDAYSSSSS!