Some new techniques!

Hiya sistahs!  Just a quick HELLO and wanted to share what our Elaineabella has been up to!  She has TWO amazing techniques up on her BLOG .. go take a looky at them .. she is UNBELIEVABLE!

The first technique Elaine teaches you is how to make a bright beautiful sky with fluffy white clouds.. AMAZING!

here’s a sample of one of the cards she made using the technique.. there are more on her blog!

Here Elaine used a stamp from our latest release FOREVER MY ALWAYS..

is that background not PHENOM?  Makes the whole scene pop!  Actually it makes the whole scene! LOL


Elaine also teaches you a technique on how to make a “galaxy” background… AMAZING!

Here’s a sample of the background on a card with of course, our famous “NACHO” from ourlatest release!


I hope you send some love to Elaine!  She is SO inspiring 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who wanna be Elaine.  hmph.