It’s SNEAK PEEK day 1 and a chance to win!




please email me with subject line “WINNER OF DAY 1 SNEAK PEEKS” and we will send you your voucher!


Hiya Sistahs!

Welcome to day one!  We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks as much as I do :).  All coloring of our images for the website were done by our amazing Elaine Hughes, AKA Markergeek and you will see who created each and every STUNNING card on this post.  We are still MAJORLY struggling with China stealing from us.  We stand by our product, stamp companies have united together, and I REFUSE to let them bring my morale down.  We are doing whatever we can do to stop them.  So without further ADOOO. let’s begin shall we?

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it’s SNEAK PEEK DAY 1 sistahs! and a chance to WIN!

WOOHOO!  and WELCOME to SNEAK PEEK DAY 1!  We have all worked SO hard at getting this collection to you.. months of perfecting.. colouring.. designing.. and FINALLY it’s HERE!  I really hope you enjoy our next week spending quality time together .. I LOVE this time of year.. RELEASE TIME!  So sit back.. relax.. grab a cuppa and here we go!

Our actual release date when all these gorgeous images and “CUT IT OUT” dies will be released on SEPTEMBER 5th!  Mark your planners!

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FINAL SNEAK PEEK and a chance to WIN!

For those who have made it through our SNEAKPEEKAPALOOZA congrats!  How much fun has our week together been?  I loved EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT and have read EVERY. SINGLE. COMMENT 🙂

I have wound down the sneak peeks so we can all take a deep breath, write our lists out and decide what we NEED 🙂 hehehe.  Me thinks we need it all.

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