it’s Saturdays with AMYBELLA!

Hello Bella friends, Amy here with something a bit different to share this Saturday. Over the past year I had set myself the personal challenge of getting all 12 of the beautiful Uptown Zodiac Girls onto cards. Each month I would color up one of the Star Signs as-is in all her Zodiac glory as well as a simple altered version transforming her into a more generic image with a broader usage. I had a lot of fun bringing these gals to life and it is so cool to finally see them all together side by side. And since I did them over the course of a year I can also see the evolution of my coloring and card making in that time as well. What a journey through the stars it has been, LOL!
***NOTE FROM EM*** Seriously sistahs.. some of these are unbelievable transformations from the original.  Amy is so talented in putting her vision down on paper and through colour .. seriously click on the image and see the differences.. Beautiful!  Thank you amy for representing this line so beautifully! MWAH ***** rubber stamp used : UPTOWN ZODIAC GIRL AQUARIUS.  Card by AMY YOUNG

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it’s SATURDAYS with AMY sistahs!

Oh How I look forward to these posts too.. I LOVE all of our posts to be honest.. is that wrong??  I actually question myself sometimes.. after 14 years in this business.. how how how do I not ever get bored.. and I mean EVER?  How do we keep thinking of ideas to offer you?  I mean really I don’t get it.. the whole Stampingbella crew must have bottomless pits LOL and I hope they never ever fill up!  Was just thinking out loud today as I do on most days working here by myself behind my computer.  That’s why I love the comments.. I love our facebook pages.. it initiates interaction and sometimes makes me feel less lonely so I don’t have to ask myself so many questions.. sitting here.. by myself :). So thank YOU to those who email me.. who join our SISTAHOOD group on Facebook who place comments on our blog.. That’s what fills the tank I think.. that’s why it’s bottomless.. because of all of YOU :). So thank you to my sistahs.  Ok ENOUGH ABOUT ME… I gotta share this amazing card that our AMYBELLA created for us today! rubber stamp used: TINY TOWNIE BUTTERFLY GIRL BESS and GNOME BACKDROP. Card by Amy Young

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It’s Saturday with Amybella! Welcome Amybella!

Hiya sistahs!  We have an announcement to make.. HERE YE.. HERE YE… we wanted to welcome the amazing Amy Young to our team of amazingness.  Amy has been a customer for years and years and I have been seeing more and more of her cards and her style just made me gasp every time. so I can’t gasp ALONE can I?  NOPE.. I need to share this GASP with our sistahood!  So PLEASE welcome AMYBELLA!

Amy will be joining us 2 Saturdays a month… maybe if she hears everyone BEGGING (not just me LOL). she will change her mind and spend more time with us :). Can I hear a BEG? LOL

Ok enough blabla.. check out this amazing card and what Amy wrote about it rubber stamp used Daphne and her dogs.  Card by Amy Young

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