It’s Bellarific Friday sistahs and our BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY sale continues!

Hiya sistahs!

I hope you are all enjoying our sale!    While a lot of goodies sold out, we still have LOTS left in our “ON SALE!” section.   It’s so much fun.. for friends and family who want to start to stamp, or to complete your collection.. this is the way to go 🙂

Now for our amazing Bellarific Friday post that I missed due to the sale but could not , NOT post because the creations are, as always, OUTSTANDING!

so ready, set… HERE WE GOOOO!

JennyDIXabella used our ANGEL SQUIDGIES CURTSY AND TRUMPET set and CUT IT OUT DIES and our ANGEL SQUIDGIES  ORNAMENT and BELLS RUBBER STAMP and “CUT IT OUT DIES” rubber stamp used:  Angel squidgies card by Jenny Dix

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It’s BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND sistahs! the WHOLE STORE is 30-50% off! COUPON CODE down below



So today is finally the day sistahs!  Thanksgiving is the best time to buy your Christmas gifts both for yourselves and others.. oui oui?  Well we decided to make your decision making fairly “easy” by putting THE WHOLE STORE  (click here to get to our website) on sale! WOOHOO!

Now here’s the scoop.. so read carefully.Our WHOLE STORE is at least 30% off.. so once you check out, you put GRATEFUL16 (all caps) in the coupon code box and POOF you’re 30% lighter in the wallet.  Now seriously, if I can just put a coupon code on my forehead and press my nose and POOF 30 pounds would be gone, it would be REAAALLLLLLY NICCCEEEE  just sayin’.

Now on top of  the 30% off, you can mosey on over to our ON SALE section and what you will find here is already REDUCED ITEMS (limited quantities)  Now what’s so special about this section you ask?  Well if you choose any of those already reduced items, you will get AN ADDITIONAL 30% off those items which can be up to 40 -50% off retail!

You will see STAMPS and DIES in that section and if you click on “CLICK HERE FOR MORE IDEAS” you will see in the description a “cross-link” to

get you to the other item.. so for instance if you see a die, and click on “CLICK HERE FOR MORE IDEAS”, you will see the link for the corresponding stamp that

goes with that die.  Make sense?

I don’t fool around sistahs.. when I have a sale.. I HAVE A SALE!

We have all of our new images being pressed and made.. a CRAZY new release coming  and we need ROOM!

This is also a way to thank you for being so loyal and such wonderful, amazing, beautiful, gorgeous and sweet sistahs all year round and allow you to buy yummy prezzies for others and for yourselves.  We deserve it!

So without any further BLABLA,

run.. I say RUN to da website and have fun!

our sale is on until CYBER MONDAY at MIDNIGHT









Hiya sistahs! With our new release coming in the next 4 weeks, we need some ROOOM! We have over 25 new images and dies coming and boy are they amazing.. #ifidosaysomyself :).. a new character.. new concepts.. SO much FUN!
We have decided to have a 50% + off sale on select stamps. These stamps are LIMITED in inventory so once they sell out, they go back to regular pricing.. so you don’t really have time to think about it LOL.
If you’ve ever wanted to try our PLANNER stamps and our MIXED MEDIA stamps, now is the time to take advantage of our sale and play!

The sale will end next THURSDAY Jan 21st at midnight or until supplies last 🙂

Hope you take advantage by adding these to your collection or buying them for a friend in NEED 🙂 LOL

you can get to the direct page of the sale HERE

Mwah to da sistahs who love a JUICY sale


Hiya sistahs!  well it’s CYBER MONDAY so I thought we should have a CYBER sale.  Good idea, no?  this sale is PERFECT for stocking stuffers.. Under the tree prezzies..Chanukah gifts.. teacher gifts.. anything goes!

Not only are we offering 20% off the whole store .. use coupon code: cyber2015 (case sensitive) .  This sale includes our BLUE Q merchandise (whatever is left) , our new CUT IT OUTS (dies)… and of course, our stampies!


We are also offering our CRAZY TOOSDAY stampies a day early as well as our STAMP OF THE MONTH (CLARISSA and CAMILLE) a day early so you can get an ADDITIONAL 20% off of those!!  I know.. I’m CUHRAZY.  but so grateful to all of you! It’s the least I can do!

here’s our crazy toosday offerings


and our stamp of da month



*** this sale is on until MIDNIGHT TUESDAY DEC. 1st****

mwah to da sistahs who love a juicy sale