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Hiya sistahs.. told ya I was back 🙂

OK so I am starting off the sneak peeks this week with an UPTOWNIE.. we all love our uptownies, don’t we?

Elaineabella has coloured all the new release images.  Meet UPTOWN GIRL BRYNN has a BABY SHOWER


Whatcha think?

Wanna win her when the release is up and live?   LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW and I will pull for the winnahs next week…

Enjoy sistahs!  see ya tomorrow 🙂


you ready to meet our new artist? and anothah SNEAKY PEEKY?


I am SOOO excited with the reception of this new upcoming release.  You have no idea.  This release has totally mojoFIED me.. if that makes any sense.. been just going with the flow.. feeling museless of late and then when I saw this artwork and when I “met ” this artist, all I can tell you is that my “world changed”.  As dramatic as this sounds, it is the truth.  So much can be read into someone’s art and when I saw Christine’s art, I *knew* I had to “meet” her.. does that make sense?  It is so amazing that someone who never met me would trust me with their babies.  Aside from my “name” in the industry, I so appreciate every opportunity that comes by me.  There is a reason for everything and I firmly believe in that. do you?

When Christine and I started corresponding, it felt like we “shared a brain”.. it was crazy!  So I asked her to join me in this adventure and from then on we were instantly bonded.  for REALS.  I miss her if I don’t hear from her for one day..LOL…  and I ended my emails with “thelma” and she ended hers with “Louise” and then I forgot who I was and she forgot who she was so we both became “thlouise”.. LOL and the rest is history.

The theme of this release is hope, humor and dreams… This is just what I needed at this point in my life.. I have just been slumpy.  I don’t know why.. no reason.. just blah.  but SISTAHS?  I ain’t no BLAH no MO’… I’m BACKKKK.  with a VENGEANCE.. and I thank you all for sticking by me!

So without further ADO.. here is Christine’s Bio.. I really suggest you read it and not SKIM… it so explains who she is and I think it is SO important to understand who she is to understand her amazing art.


Hello! My name is Christine Grove and I am a children’s book illustrator. I
currently live in Georgia with my two great kids (I know everyone says that but
they really,really are the best kids ever.)  I love making a home, gardening
(I’m new and haven’t killed anything yet. Woot!) and laughing with the kids til milk threatens to spill out of our noses-or Dr. Pepper since I am a die hard fan. So drawing…it’s like a thing I HAVE to do. There aren’t many times in a day when I am not thinking about it, talking about it or actually working on illustrations. Thank God my kids are patient with me.

I started out working in ink and watercolors but over this past year I have
slowly taught myself digital painting. I’m a reluctant digital painter… it was
at the suggestion of my agent that I forced myself to learn. And guess what? I
love it! I love it like I never thought I would. So, alot of my most recent work
is digitally painted. My paint brushes are a little jealous. But I just remind
them how much I still love them and it usually works out okay.

To date I have five children’s books published. My first, Esme’s Egg, was
released fall of last year. The other four have not been released yet (which
means I can’t say much) and I can’t wait til they come out!

If I had to pick what I like best about illustration I’d have to say it’s the
characters. I ADORE creating characters. They develop somewhere in the depths of
my (creative ADHD) brain and are kind enough to let me get to know them. I enjoy
each one of their personalities and often wish they could hop off the page and
join me at the drawing table. If they could I’d bet they’d know a joke or two.
Or maybe some one-liners. I really like those.

I really hope you like my art. I am SO EXCITED to be designing for
Stampingbella! I’m pretty sure Emily is the other half of my brain. She totally
gets me and my silly illustrations. I hope they make you giggle a little bit out
loud. And if so, don’t stifle the giggle! Let it out. Those things are
contagious…makes the world a better place.

If you are interested, I’d like to invite you to keep up with my most current
work at and on my blog Hope to see you there!

Ok So now that we have introducted our GHOST artist LOL.. let’s introduce another character shall we?

Sometimes you just need to appreciate the little things in life right?  Sometimes you just need to encourage someone and just step back from a situation to just realize how lucky you really are right?

Having said that, I must introduce you to TALLULAH in her TUTU.  She is so large but has a little tutu and a little balloon.. she also needs to appreciate the little things no? Yes!

so here she is without any shame.. proud of WHO. SHE. IS.


I just love the quote I found for her.  Just perfect.

Image was coloured by ELAINEABELLA.

Sooooo?  wanna win TALLULAH?  I just like saying TALLU-LA.. LOL

Leave a comment here for a chance to win her.  And please please welcome Christine AKA my Thlouise to the Stamping Bella family.  She is reading every comment.. so no pressure. LOL

Mwah to da sistahs who wanna be named TALLULAH. lol


Who’s ready for anothah SNEAKY PEEKY?? hmmmm?

Sistahs.. when I saw Parker the superpiggy I almost fainted.  Literally.  His smug little expression.  Parker feels like he can do it all!  He is great for masculine cards, children’s cards.. people who you think are just SUPER.. people who think they can’t achieve what they are striving for.. who need encouragement.. because if THIS little piggy CAN fly (which he can, by the way.  I’ve seen him in ACTION).. then Anyone can achieve ANYTHING they set their hearts to achieve.  This little pig says a lot.  He is telling you to NEVER. SAY. NEVER.  capiche?  You listening to me sistahs?

Try NOT to faint when you see this little face and hooves, but if you do.. I totally get it.  LOL


Coloured by our very own Elaineabella

I just look at him and giggle LOL.

I am gonna stamp him in my journal just to remind me NEVER to give up 🙂

So … you lovey him?  Leave a comment here and you have a chance to win him.. leave a comment on ANY of the release images and you have a chance to win

Mwah to da sistahs who NEVAH say NEVAH


how about another chicklet? NEW SNEAK!

So sistahs?  I am LOVING the response so far on the cutie patooties I have been introducing.. You are gonna FALL IN LOVE with this artist.. I promise… Not only is she SO talented but we have bonded beyond believe.. and a synergy like this = AMAZING creations… we are already working on our next one!  Sigh.. I love art.  I love illustrations.. this just makes me SO. Very. HAPPY.  I hope it puts a smile to your face too 🙂

So you wanna win a HOT CHICK?   A hot chick you ASKKKK?  Well of course, everyone needs a HOT CHICK in their collection.  Especially this one.  I think we can all relate to her in one way or anothah *wink wink nudge nudge poke poke*…

Ok ready?

here she is in all her glory.. I don’t think she meant to post for this shot but our artist couldn’t resist sketching her without her seeing 😉  so don’t tell her that her photo may go VIRAL n’k? (i mean if she would have known, perhaps she woulda put on a cuter pair of undies? LOL)

Meet Helga the HOT CHICK


(image coloured by ELAINEABELLA)


Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win her :).. you can post on any of the blog posts featuring a new image for a chance to win!

Mwah to da sistahs who don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂




here’s another sneaky peeky.. but don’t let it LEAKY.. ok you can tell your friends…

Since Stamping Bella is all about da SISTAHOOD.. celebrating and UNITING women all around the world, it is only NECESSARY to have a CHICK line.. no? LOL

Ok another sneak peek from our mystery artist who will be released soon…



hehehe.. GIRL POWER no?  This would be a card to send to any friend.. to show them how strong they are or have been, to support them.. or just to say hello.

Wanna win her?  For a chance, place a comment on this post and winners will be chosen on release day!

If you wanna win MIMI, place a comment on the post below for a chance

Mwah to da sistahs who consider themselves CHICKLETS

This image was coloured by our very own ELAINEABELLA



and we are waiting for a big storm here in Toronto.  Hmph.. supposed to come tomorrow night..we shall see.. but the good news is, this week is gonna be a WEEK full of sneak peeks so you know what that means?   Our release is gonna be NEXT MONDAY.. or maybe before.. hehehe… we will see…

Stay tuned to this post as I will be updating it as our baberoonis update their blogs with newness.. k?

I must introduce our brand new artist.. her name is DIANE DUDA.  If you haven’t heard of her or seen her gorgeous work.. shame on you..LOL.  Just kidding..  Go and visit her  on her BLOG   and her amazing pinterest boards featuring her art HERE

here she is with her beautiful family

She's a bit outnumbered no?

and here she is all alone 🙂 no wonder she's smiling..LOL just kiddinK

and here’s Diane’s Bio:

Diane Duda is a self-taught artist who has found modest success and much happiness creating her “silly little works of art”.

She lives in a small Pennsylvania town with her husband, Mike, her three almost grown sons, two dogs and three cats.  She finds inspiration from her family, pets, childhood memories, song lyrics and fairytales.

She hopes that you find her characters cute, but quirky;  sweet, but not too sweet.  Her intent is to put a smile upon your face.

Diane has a successful online store and her artwork has been featured on various licensed products such as figurines, wall art and fabric blocks.

You can find her goodies to buy HERE

When I first saw Diane’s work I fell in love.  It made me smile.. her words made me nod my head.. made me say “YES! she’s GOT IT!”.. And I just felt I had to share her talent and wisdom with my sistahs..

We have 4 of her images being released next week and here is one of them… Let me tell you how hard it was to choose.. and needless to say this is a growing collection!

Amandabella used “I CARRY YOUR HEART” for her sneak peek.  Isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Here’s Elaineabella’s YOURS TRULY sneak peek!

Regabella used another one called “YOURS TRULY” (that’s the sentiment that comes with her).. I just love her size, and her smile.. *sigh* Duda makes me so very happy

Paulineabella used I CARRY YOUR HEART Duda here.. so soft and romantic

Here is Danabella’s card using the new “Duda” called “THE WAY YOU MOVE”.. she’s fantastic!

Amandabella used our new LIFE IS GOOD Duda 🙂  I just love her smile.. makes me feel good ya know?

Elaineabella also used the new LIFE IS GOOD image!

and here isDANABELLA’s LIFE IS GOOD card

And here is one of Mo’s images that i just fell in love with.. so yummy.. so uplifting.. so CHUBBBBBY.. hehehe

Here is Cathabella’s “GIMME A B” card

Isn’t she GORGE?  Love the folds on her leggies 🙂

And here’s Vickibella’s card using GIMME a B!

Here is the second Mo image being released.. and might I say this is THE image that made me fall in love with Mo.  I LOVE him… (maybe it’s because we have similar tummies?  who knows! LOL)

Kimabella used SUMPIN’S wrong (I mean even Mo naming it this made me fall in love with her..)

How about some UPTOWNIES?? hmmmm?

Marybella used our new UPTOWN GIRL OPAL the OPTIMIST

meet uptown girl FAITH THE FAIRY!  Here is Angelabella’s card

Ok that’s it for today.. I hope you love the images so far…. stay tuned as I add to this post!

Mwah to da sistahs who love DA DUDA and da MO and da UPTOWNIES!