sneak peeks DAY 5! AND BELLARIFIC FRIDAY! What could be BETTAH?

Hiya sistahs!  What a fun day in BELLALAND no?  2 sneak peeks AND bellarific friday all rolled into one!

Our first sneak peek is an uptownie!  Her name is Uptown girl BETTY.. isn’t she adorable?  This could be great for a book lover, a teacher.. a friend.. OHH the ideas are turning ! This card was made by Stephabella :).  Betty will be available on Feb 9th!  Click to enlarge the card to see her details!



And now for this week’s theme.. a SKETCHYPOO

Sketch-2-jan-30 copy

Let’s see what da BABEROONIS came up with and you will find a new BIG WORDS sneak peek in there too!


Angelabella used THINKING BIRDS

Danabella used our brand new BIG WORDS quote “MONEY CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS’.. AMEN sistahs 🙂


and the inside 🙂


Kerribella used UPTOWN GIRL JAYDEN loves to JOURNAL


Lesliebella used BELINDA and BERNADETTE




Stephabella used WIZ


Tracybella used Uptown girl CHARLOTTE


Tracymacabella used MATILDA on her SWING

Aren’t these  GORGEOUS?!?

And now for our amazing sistahood!


Bonnie used Uptown girls Victoria and Juliette




Fay used Uptown COUPLE Emily and Ryan




Kimberly used PARKER the PIGGY






Lori “pinky” used ONE OF MY PEEPS



Stephanie used UPTOWN GIRL OPAL





AMAZING NO?  I love my sistahood!!!

And now for next week’s challenge?  VALENTINES!  Any card, color combo with a valentines theme and a CURRENT stamping bella image is your assignment 🙂

If you don’t see your card up here its because I did not receive it.. so please resend if you don’t see it!

Sunday is Feb. 1st! you know what that means?  NEW BANNER on the blog and NEW stamp of the month!  Stay tuned to find out who/what it may be!

Also Tuesday is February  3d… you know what that means?  OUR FLASH CRAZY TOOSDAY sale!  yup!  Stay tuned to see what will be on sale!

Mwah to da sistahs who still read my bloggypoo 🙂



sneak peek DAY 4! Mo Manning :)

Hiya sistahs!  Are you loving the sneak peeks so far?  Woodsies and hoppy poppies and big words.. ooh lalalalalala!!

Today I am going to show you 2 of the 5 Mo images being release in this release.. I fell in love with them and couldn’t resist.  Hope you love them too 🙂

First is HEY BUD.. I think it is such a wonderful simple image for a friend.. for a child.. just a general pick me up!  This card is by TracyMACabella


Another image I am showing today is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES called Valerie in Love.  Mo just “has it”… the ability to depict a feeling… even without a face?!  How does she DO DAT?  Amazing.  This card can be used for Valentines day, a birthday card, anniversary card.. engagement card… JUST. LOVE.  Seriously.  the little round heads.. the scraggly loose hairS… and just how they gently lean towards eachother…  the shoesies sticking up because they are still a bit nervous…Think I take my images a little too seriously? LOL.  I think so.  This card was also made by TracyMACabella


I hope you look forward to the sneak peeks as much as I love revealing them 🙂



sneaky PEEKY day 3! Introducing a brand new character!

Hiya sistahs!  I am SO thrilled that you loved Petunia yesterday… there are more woodsies to come so stay tuned!

Today I wanted to introduce you to a brand new artist , Hannah Cumming. When I found her, I squealed with joy.  Now I am not sure again WHY I needed “HOPPY POPPY” in my life.  But I did.  I carried her around as a screen saver LOL (not joking.. I even took her before Hannah said yes) just so I can look at her goofy smile and awkward demeanor.  I just wanted to make her MINE.  Again.. must be a tug from my childhood.  Maybe she looks a bit like Miffy? LOL… She’s WAY cuter than miffy.  So I made Hoppy Poppy come to life.. but our BABEROONIS made her come to life even MORE.  And when they did?  I just wanted to SQUISH Hoppy Poppy EVEN MORE. hmph.  It’s pretty difficult squishing a piece of cardstock.  Trust me.  I tried it.

When I created Hoppy (I call her Hoppy for short cuz I CAN), I wanted to make her SMALLish… and I wanted her to have clean SMALLISH sentiments to go with her.  There’s no messing around with Hoppy.  She’s all BIDNISS.. but when she’s not all BIDNISS, she’s a funny, goofy little bunny. And she is by no means PERFECT.  Is anyone?

Ok so without further ADOOOOO meet 2 Hoppy Poppies (yes that’s hoppy poppy in PLURAL)…

Since this image introduced me to the world of Hoppy Poppy, I decided to name her “NICE TO MEET YOU HOPPY POPPY”… mhhmmm I’m original like DAT.

This card was made by our very own TRACYMACABELLA.  Seriously now do you see why I have CRUMPLES of paper around me trying to be SQUISHED? LOL


And the second image being Sneak Peeked (yes its a VERB) is HOPPY POPPY has a PREZZIE made by our very own TRACYBELLA


SeewhatImean about the little sentiments and the little hoppy poppies?  SIGH.  I wanna stamp her EVERYWHERE.  seriously.

Hope you enjoyed my Wednesday blabla and these images 🙂

Lemme know what you think!

Mwah to da sistahs who need a HOPPY POPPY in their lives too!



Sneak PEEK day 2! Introducing “THE WOODSIES”


I have to tell you that this “WOODSY” collection is very close to my heart and I will tell you why.  I had a toy as a child in the early 70’s that has remained in my heart since then.. and when I was talking to Chrystal, our amazing artist, I told her about this memory I had and based on that she created a  line that I am forever indebted to her for 🙂  She brought my vision to life.

This toy was so special.  It had a little soft “woodsy” cabin with rubbery furniture and a cast of little puppet woodsy animals where you can put your little fingers in their sleeves to make them move and come to life (yes I am a baby LOL)… Now don’t get me wrong.. part of this woodsy collection are FARMSY animals as well LOL but didn’t want you to get confused and just wanted the whole collection to remain the WOODSY collection just for my benefit.  Cuz I am selfish and I wanna be 3 again LOL.

Here’s the toy I am talking about.  Don’t laugh. LOL..   IT came with a story too.. Sigh… Those times were good.


Ok so I would like to introduce Petunia the Pig to you today.  NO she is not a “woodsy” animal per se.. but she’s MY WOODSY.  so THERE. hehehe

TracyMACabella brought Petunia THINKS she’s a PREZZIE to life today.. and the sentiment is just so perfect with her.


and here’s the inside of the card


I hope you love petunia and her CHICKLETS as much as I do 🙂 and I hope I didn’t bore you with my story!

Mwah to da sistahs who sometimes act GOOFY to cheer their besties up 🙂


And so it begins….. Some AMAZING sneaky PEEKIES for our upcoming release

Sistahs I am SOOO excited to start showing you some of our new designs headed your way 🙂

I am aiming for a release date of Friday Feb. 6th… SOOO excited!  And who knows.. it could be sooner.. you will have to stay with us every single day to find out 🙂

So the first image I am sharing with you today is from our new collection : BIG WORDS.    You can interpret it as meaning LITERALLY big words (which they are) or MEANINGFUL words.. which they are too!

I always loved typography… I also ALWAYS loved quotes.  Like GOOD JUICY quotes you know?  I ALSO LOVE images that you have to colour… and I ALSO love a simply stamped card that a) I need to make in a hurry and can have fun embellishing instead of colouring  LOL (let’s be real) and b)  when the recipient would appreciate the appropriate words.  SOOOO having said that, I came out with 5 BIG WORDS stamps for this release that will blow you away :).. The other great thing about these BIG WORDS is that most of them (if needed) will come with a corresponding stamp to stamp on the INSIDE of the card.. just like the sample I am showing you today 🙂

First of all I love this quote.. SECOND of all I love Jason Mraz.. THIRD of all I love this font.. so bundle this togethah?  a BEEYOOTIFUL card by Tracybella. This stamp is called “SOMETIMES PEOPLE FORGET”  and it SO true right?


And here’s the INSIDE stamp



Sigh.  I love my stamps.  LOL.  I hope you love them as much as I do!  Let me know what you think about this concept/idea BIG WORDS in the comments section.  Would love to hear!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE release time 🙂





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WOOHOO sistahs!  Today is the last day of the release and I am so excited.  FIRST, I try my best to respond to the comments if there is a question so I am not sure if you receive and email that I responded or you have to manually check 🙂

I am overwhelmed with the personal emails and comments for yesterday’s huge reveal :)… I am SOOO happy there are other sistahs out there interested in journaling etc.. it’s my passion as I mentioned and I am here to help start you off or inspire you with that.. so please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all :).  I will make another post on the supplies I use.. I love looking at other people’s supplies.. makes me happy!

I really recommend the class I mentioned yesterday.. it’s a good starting point. and for $12?  best money you will spend 🙂

I want to finish off the sneak peeks today, pick the winnahs and announce them tomorrow on the release post!

Ok on to today’s sneak peeks.  2 more UPTOWNIES!!

Uptownies Beatrice and Barbara are best friends.. and this image so reminds me of me and my bestie… cuddled up on the sofa.. eating ice cream.. laughing, whispering, sharing secrets.. we may even shed a tear or two (see the kleenex box? LOL)… This image makes my heart sing.. makes me happy and makes me always think of my bestie..  I hope she brings you the same feeling especially with the quote I paired with her 🙂

meet Beatrice and Barbara


of course all of these images are coloured in by our Elaineabella.. She brings them all to life really 🙂

Sandiebella made a gorgeous card using these beauties


Tamabella also made a GORGEOUS card using Beatrice and Barbara


For our next image we have uptown girl ABIGAIL the artist!  I LOOOOVE her too and LOOOVE her quote 🙂  It’s so inspiring!

Meet Abigail


and here is a card by Sandiebella

Tamabella also made a BEEYOOTIFUL card using Abigail


Are these FUN or WHAT?  And have you noticed our Chrystal’s (artist) signature?  You will find that butterfly on the canvas in many of her drawings 🙂

Hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!

Hope you feel that stamping is as MAGICAL as I do 🙂

Wanna win these??? Leave a comment here for a chance!  You have til tomorrow morning to get your comments all in… tomorrow morning is the release!! FINALLY!!!

Mwah to da sistahs who are my true sistahs 🙂


Sneak peek DAY 10- JAMMMMM PACKED sistahs!

*** WINNAH OF ALL 5 JOURNALING sets goes tooooooo*****

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73-JULIE ANN you win!  please email me and I will send your goodies as soon as they come in!!

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Hiya sistahs!  Today is a VERY exciting sneak peek day for me… As you know, I am VERY passionate about journaling.. about recording life’s little moments.. sticking things down.. jotting down notes.. keeping daily ephemera.. creating your own HISTORY.  Something to look back on.. a relic.. a treasure.. a legacy!  Project life is one amazing project that I LOOOVE and admire anyone who can keep up with it LOL.. I think it by far surpasses scrapbooking.. I think its more “all-encompassing”..   I am also taking a class and following a group called “THE DOCUMENTED LIFE”.. which I LOVE and actually have been keeping current with and am IN LOVE with this project!

First I will feature the 5 sets of stamps useful for these projects.. then I will show you samples of my book and will give you information on where to start and how to start.. Just like I plead with my sistahs to try mixed media, I also think that these two projects mentioned above are SO nice to follow.  The documented life really just requires a few minutes a day.. bond with your planner.. write in it, stamp in it.. color in it.. stick things down in it.. UCH I could go on and on..

Let me introduce you to our journaling stamps… I LOVE THEM.  LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE… and you will be seeing LOTS of samples using them.. LOTS.  and don’t worry there are still 2 uptownies left to reveal LOL.. So bear with me on this post cuz I am really passionate about them and think I can make you be passionate too 🙂

Ok ok ok ok… HERE WE GO!

this set is called PLANNER/DIARY weather/mood/calendar set.  Now why do I LOOOVE this set and carry it with me everywhere I go?  Welllll…  First, with these stamps, I can spend 10 quality minutes with my journal every day and get my “basics” out.. I can stamp and colour the weather.. I can stamp my mood for the day.. I can stamp the doodles and elements to decorate the journal and colour them in.. I can use the square element to make a checklist.. I can use the circles to highlight a date oh I can go on!

Now the calendar and frame is very interesting too… sometimes people are not as regimented and don’t have a planner.. HOWEVER.. you can make any notebook into a journal with this stamp!  Just stamp away.. decorate, circle the dates, day of the week, month and year and VOILA!  you have documented and dated your day!  You can convert any notebook into a diary or planner by dating it.  YUM no?


next is THOUGHT BUBBLES set..

These are AMAZING prompts for that “middle page” in documented life.. or your project life projects… Love the binder clip.. the doodles… and the the words in the bubbles.. it makes me HAPPY!!!


and here is our BLABBITY BLA BLA set lol.. the paper clip makes me so happy lol (it’s the little things sistahs..)..  the glasses? the frame? the pushpin? this is a great set for what you collage or stick down through the week..  I love every word and every image in this set..  I know this will be with me everywhere I go 🙂


Another set called the “CURRENTLY” set… includes quotes.. what your kids said that was “quotable”.. what you are reading.. etc.. LOVE THIS SET!! it describes YOU in the HERE and NOW


and finally our LIFE DOCUMENTED set.. sometimes you want to document what happened in the news for the week.. a clipping.. a headline.. well this is the stamp set for you.  All these stamps are really everyday all encompassing prompts that you can use day in and day out and guess what?  your answer or journaling will always be different.  Now that’s versatility!


SOOO?? do you love these as much as I do?  If you have always wanted to  start a project like this but didn’t know how.. these are the stamps to make you start and help you begin this journey!  I will also try to create some videos to show you my process 🙂

Don’t feel like you are “too late” in the year to start.. it’s never too late and its so much fun!!

what I love about the DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT is how juicy it is .. full of colour, material, artwork.. I love sticking in “TIP INS” (you will learn this in the mini class).. and following their weekly challenges.. if we get enough sistahs on this project, we can have our own group here.. and they have a WONDERFUL and supportive group on Facebook.  I cannot recommend this highly enough.. really.   5 Brilliant and talented women put this project together and you will be blown away when you see their work.. Just click on my link I inserted and good luck being productive today LOL

Ok now for my little planner

Here’s my cover.. I sketched the girl on it and found her perfect for this journey 🙂


here’s the side view with my TIP ins added in with Washi tape


here’s the top view with my tabs and happy face clips..


Here’s the top TAB view (They teach you how to do all of these things including the tabs)


the jars below were a challenge on repeating a pattern (that is the tip in.. a page taped in).. on the left you will see the first planner set in action.. the heart the face the weather.. YUM!  That middle page where you see my doodle of the face is where I will use my new prompts.. all the sets above.. along with my doodles etc..  you can see I stuck things down.. words from a magazine.. everything goes in here.. I only have ONE BOOK to bring with me all the time.. work on it at the arena.. doctor’s office.. the car while waiting for the kids.. SO. MUCH. FUN


I included my valentines day cards in my planner.. the words make me smile.. I kept the card with the kids messages on it.. LOL.. Jayden told me I was her idol.  I need to keep this and remind her daily LOL.. the page on the left is my week.. I write most of my appointments on my monthly view.  see next pic


Here is the monthly view.. I need to dig into march but wanted to show you.. I bought a monthly agenda from the dollar store.. ripped out the monthly pages and stuck them into my weekly planner.  I need to see things in a monthly view.


Here is another example of my pages.. Tyler went for lunch with family one day.. and someone was eating a sandwich out of this printed bag the restaurant gave her.. well my son who knows me so well asked her nicely if he could bring this home to me for his mom’s journal LOL.. does he know me or what?.. I cut up the bag and stuck it in my journal.. then I had a random girl I sketched and didn’t want to lose her so there she went :).. you will also see magazine words cut out.. inspiring words etc.. I LOVE WORDS!


more inspiring words I found and HAD to put in my planner 🙂  it’s a “creative manifesto”


and last.. I LOVE AUSTIN KLEON.. LOVE.  so I had to glue something in from him as well .. AND I have been practicing my brush script so the bottom part is made by me 🙂


i know this was very long winded.. but I just wanted to show you a part of my daily life 🙂

hope I didn’t bore you to death! LOL

WANNA WIN all 5????   Leave a comment for a chance!

Mwah to da sistahs who love to document life 🙂






It’s sneaky peek DAY 9!


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Hiya sistahs.. I know my audience is not a mixed media fan base.. I know I know.. BUT I WANT YOU TO TRYYYYYY! LOL.  I promise I will be making videos and will show you how great mixed media is.. ok?  I promise you that.

For today’s release I had to release another UPTOWNIE no?  It’s been a few days and I am feeling the WITHDRAWAL LOL

So today I am showing you UPTOWN GIRL MARCELLA goes to a MASQUERADE.. The quote that I found to go with it is so meaningful and I love it so much.  It says to TAKE OFF the mask and she is wearing the mask and I did that on purpose :)… You can use Marcella for halloween.. or for any day of the year as a pick me up for a friend… you can stamp her and her quote in your journals when you are not feeling “yourself”.. I LOVE her feathery skirt and her puckered lips.. LOVE.

Meet Marcella 🙂


here’s marybella’s card using her!


Wanna WIN HER?

leave a comment here 🙂

mwah to da sistahs who take their masks OFF



SNEAK PEEK number 8!


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2 more mixed media stamps… but of COURSE can be used for MORE than mixed media!

Here are our FRAMED NUMBERS set



I LOVE LOVE LOVE these numbers and will show you what my brain is thinking with these LOL… I will show samples soon!

(1)  to address some happy mail

(2) to put dates in your project life albums/documented life journals/filofax/midori/napkin LOL

(3)  to use as interesting elements on your canvases or journal page

(4) to make a simple card stamping someone’s age

and there are soooo many more.. and the great thing is, they aren’t just simple numbers.. you can colour them in.. emboss them.. My brain is going WILD LOL


Our next and last mixed media stamp for this release is “PERFECT SCRIBBLES”.  Sistahs.. do you know how many times I have attempted THE perfect scribble on my canvases? LOL.. or on my art journal pages?  WELL WORRY NO MORE because here we have 4 perfect scribbles for your SCRIBBLING pleasure… would be a great background, textural element.. anything!


I know it seems so SILLY.. it really does but TRUST me when I tell you these will be one of my MOST used stamps.. I guarantee it!

Mwah to da sistahs who love mixed media!

Wanna win these?  Leave a comment here!

See you tomorrow with more sneak peeks!


Let’s change things up a bit for SNEAK PEEK DAY 7 shall we?


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ok sistahs… I know my main audience love the cute and the whimsy as do I.. I love elegant useful pretty images.. But I also LOVE to get down and dirty LOL.  Seriously.  Literally.

You can find me stealing moments in my little studio covered in paint, different mediums.. and sometimes a pen/paintbrush/marker in my hair I have forgotten I stuck there LOL.  I LOVE mixed media. LOVE.  I love stamping on my birch panels.. in my journal.. on my kids… anything that doesn’t move I love to stamp LOL.

So for today’s sneak peek I have made 2 backgrounds for your mixed media projects.  HOWEVER, this is not only for mixed media projects.. they are PHENOM for cards as well..

The first image is a floor plan.  When I saw the image I just loved all the lines.. the sketchiness.. the circles.. the organic shapes…  I think this would add so much interest to the background of a mixed media piece… I also envision this image stamped in a neutral color with the words “CONGRATS on your NEW HOME”… LOVE . THAT. IDEA…   OHHH maybe I would draw an arrow to the living room and say “LETS HANG OUT”… uh oh.. the wheels are turning again… HMPH.There are countless things to do with this stamp.. and we will be sure to show you samples soon!


Now for the next MIXED MEDIA BACKGROUND we have the FULL CIRCLE background… I just love this stamp too!  It’s amazing for backgrounds and journal pages.. fill the circles with your favorite words.. colour them.. doodle in them… stamp them on your panels or canvases.. ENDLESS.. you can also use them on your cards as well.  SIMPLE yet effective 🙂 plus I love ANYTHING ROUND.. including my… ok I won’t go there 🙂


Hope you love them as much as I do!

WANNA WIN THEM?  Leave a comment here 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who ALSO get down and dirty