yup it’s trOO.. it’s really really trOO!

There is a release comin’.

It’s a biggie.

It’s a doozie. (love that word.. that and FLOOZIE)

and it may just ROCK YOUR WORLD.. it did mine.

20’ish images

2 new artists


perhaps there should be some BLOGGY previews no?

Stay tooned for tomorrow

You may just be surprised 🙂

OOOH and did I mention a MAJOR uptown girl release included in this one?



mwha (dyslexic mwah cuz I am so excited)


doo doo doo doo DOO do do do.. YOU SAY IT’S RELEASE DAY..

doo doo doo doo DO doo doo doo…YOU GET A GIFT TOO YA.. (sang to the sound of “you say it’s your birFday.. in case you didn’t notice..LOL)

Here’s our gifty this month..

if your order is:

$35.00-49.99– you receive a KETTO stamp of OUR choice

$50.00-74.99– You receive a KETTO stamp and a TIDDLY stamp of OUR choice

$75.00-$99.99– You receive a KETTO stamp, a TIDDLY stamp, and a BELLA stamp of our choice

and finally:

$100++ you receive all of the above AND A LULU stamp of our choice 🙂

(if you spend over $100 you receive over $35 in stampies!).. good no?  Even if you have them already.. you can give it as blog candy, to a newbie and get them hooked ;).. etc.

How’s that for a GREAT start to a GREAT day?


I am so excited for this release for several reasons…

(1) cuz I have been preparing and collecting images for so long that I am DYING to share it with you

(2) I am SOOOO very tired because of #1..LOL

(3)  I can finally say that I have designed a few sets in this collection 🙂  took me 7 years to get up the GUTZ (ooh  I like how that looks.. GUTZ  GUTZ… GUTZY…LOL)

(4) cuz I am TIRED

(5)  Cuz I am introducing a dear friend of mine who is quite FAMOUS and is now a PROUD AUTHOR.. and debuting her new stamp line.. SOOO EXCITED

(6)  K I need to stop whining a little.


I’d like to introduce VICKI BOUTIN and her new CREATIVE FOUNDATIONS line of stamps!!!  She has recently authored an AMAZING .. YUMMALISH-OUS MIXED MEDIA BOOK which I think EVERYONE should have in their library 🙂 called CREATIVE FOUNDATIONS

Vicki was kind enough to allow me to give a SIGNED copy away to one LUCKY commentaytah!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT NOW YOU HAVE A REASON TO TALK TO ME VIA COMMENTS? LOL…  you can find it on AMAZON HERE and here is what the book cover looks like.. I LOOOVE IT!!  doesn’t it look YUM?

So if you can put a comment on this post, I will keep it open until MONDAY MARCH 26th and will announce a winnah on TOOSDAY.. k?

Here’s a pic of the cutesy “flippy” (she is known for her wispy flippies..lol her hair- CAN YOU TELL IT’S 2 AM?)


and here’s a little bio

“Vicki has loved making pretty things since she was a little girl.  With a background in fine arts and graphic design she was always searching for a creative outlet that was a good fit.  She finally found it in the world of paper crafting after the birth of her first child 10 years ago.  She hasn’t looked back since!


In 2006 Vicki became a Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame winner and went on to be part of Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks Etc’s Creative Team.  Her work is currently published in Scrapbooks, Etc and Vicki writes a quarterly article for Scrapbooks and Cards, Today magazine.  She enjoys working closely with a number of the industry’s top manufacturers including Core’dinations, 7 Gypsies, Basic Grey, Little Yellow Bicycle and Pink Paislee.  Vicki is also a Ranger Certified instructor.


Vicki is always on a mission to learn something new and then find a way to share it!  That is where teaching comes in.  She has taught workshops in the United States, Canada and Europe and loves to approach art in a fun, fresh and accessible way.  Her motto is “Try anything once.  You won’t know if it’s your style unless you try it!”  Her workshops offer an opportunity to meet new friends, try new things and most of all have FUN!!!


Vicki’s first book Creative Foundations hit stores in January 2012 and is jam packed with techniques and ideas to jump start readers creativity.  Look for it at your local book store or online at your favorite book vendor.”


You can follow Vicki on her blog: vickiboutin.typepad.com


HERE WE GOOOO!  Here are Vicki’s TWIRLYBIRDS.. a whole family of them!  and a cute branch.. these are amazing on layouts, journal pages or cards.. LOVE


Here is Vicki’s IN SO MANY WORDS set

Again so versatile on cards, journals and layouts!

Here are Vicki’s Journal strips!  The words fit right in.. you can also use these as design elements… LOVE

Here is Vicki’s LOVE NOTES background stamp.. I LLLLLOVE this stamp sooo much!  also perfect for ALL media!

Here are Vicki’s LABEL IT stamps.. again, all words fit in here.. LOVE


ok OFF to take kidlets to school! will be back!

Ok I am BACK and showered!  and off to my NEXT destination.. aren’t you happy we get to hang out today? LOL

Let’s release a coupla MO’s shall we?


And of course his partner FIXER GIRL! (I think I NEED that toolbox)

K on my way to my NEXT destinations!  to pick up gloves and deliver them and a winter coat for Jayden at school.. she is going ice skating with her class (indoor of course..it’s SOOO BEEYOOTIFUL out)


THENNNNNNN back to release more?

OK.. i was thinkin’  how the HECK can I run errands when I have a releasathon going on???? So here I am in Bellaland and am resuming the release!  READY?  SET? GOOOOO!!

Let’s do some AMARIAH/RAMONA stamps k?  You asked for them and they are a comin!

Meet Ramona loves CAKE!

Meet RAMONA and TEDDY in their balloon

Amariah is introducing a new character today.. I love her.


YUMMY so far?

Here’s another set that I helped design :).. I LOOOVE this set for scrapping and Project lifing… for JOURNALING and mixed MEDIA-ING… LOVE.

here is a new element in our LIFEBOOK collection… these are called HEADLINERS.. this one is the WEEK in a NUTSHELL headliners

and some HAPPY FLOWERS I helped design 😉

Here are DANCING DAFFODILS (set of 3 dancers LOL)

and one of my FAVES.. Em’s Mixed Media flowers

and the LANTERN FLOWERS you saw yesterday 🙂

Here is my FUNKY BARCODE set… LOOOOVE this set :).. all the words come separately and you can mixy and matchy.. you can use these again in any media.. journals.. cards… I love the graphic bold lines!  This is a set of 4.. beautiful sizes

Here’s REGABELLA’s sample

Now if any of you have met WRYN at Christy’s house  and fell in love with her which I sure did.. then you are SURE to love FLYNN, her little sister :)..


here’s Danabella’s card


Here is Danabella”s card


Ok you wanted some UPTOWNIES right?????  THESE are OUTSTANDING if I do say so myself 🙂

MEET uptown girl LOLLY and her BROLLY 🙂

Here’s Paulabella’s  UPTOWN GIRL LOLLY and her BROLLY card



and here is FLORA the CYCLIST.. look at the spokes in her wheels… and her little basket of flowers…yum!



Here’s Paulabella’s UPTOWN GIRL BUNNY card


NOW IS THAT A RELEASE OR WHAT SISTAHS?  OK.. I am DONE (I think).. will do a final review to see if I am missing anything..LOL

ENJOY! and take advantage of our free gifties 🙂










it’s gonna be an ALL NIGHTER!!!

hmph.  but it’s gonna be FUNNNNNNNNNNNNN

I am busy loading images that you can’t see (LOL) into the system.. and then we can have our REFRESHATHON!  What is a REFRESHATHON you ask?  it’s a time where you look to your left and look to your right.. you make SURE your boss isn’t looking and you click REFRESH on my blog a KAJILLION times to see new images..LOL.  IF you don’t work.. forget the boss part.. just click REFRESH a kajillion times… THAT, my sistahs, is a REFRESHATHON… (new bellaism and I LIKEY it!)

OK to stop some of the torture, I shall reveal an image (or two or three) NOW.. ya happy?


I also have a few GORGEOUS flowers coming out.. this one is BEEYOOTIFUL.. for any occasion.. and two little surprise stamps that come with it.  This set is called LANTERN FLOWERS

and the last one I will show you today is a STUNNINGLY interactive LIFEBOOK/PROJECT LIFE stamp..  The tag, the insert, the little hole, and the “string” and all the days of the week are all separate.. the tag can be stamped on any scrap of paper and cut out and the great thing is that it fits PERFECTLY into the 3*4 stamps for project life!  How COOL is dat?

Ok I think that’s enough spoiling right? RIGHT!

I am going to now hibernate for 367 hours and try to get this done!

Mwah to da sistahs who lovey what they SEE-Y so far




well it’s RELEASE day! FREE SHIPPING OVER $65 code jan2012 til next monday!

sooo excited are you???? hmmmmm????? this is an amazing release really.. featuring two new PHENOM artists.. and our amazing current artists… you ready??

k.. I have my cuppa joe.. and this may take a little while so keep REFRESHING your screen to see new images.. I’m gonna be here for a while.. are you?

ready SET GO! (don’t forget to place comments to MOTIVATE me to continue! LOL).. I am very easily motivated ya know.

Our first artist (in no particular order.. I ADORE them both SO VERY MUCH!) is AMARIAH RAUSCHER.  IF you want to see more of her work you can look here.  If you have any requests for characters, just ask!









“I live in a small town in central Illinois with my fabulous husband and four kids. My favorite color is pink and my favorite numbers are five and seven. I love my camera, punctuality, cartoons, chocolate ice cream, riding my bike, and Project Runway. I hate circles, shopping, naps, Danielle Steel novels, cleaning, cooking, coffee, hot weather, waking up early, and the television series House. I also hate office buildings, and cough syrup. Every morning I drink a cup of green tea, I have a hard time falling asleep at night, I could eat spaghetti every day, my favorite movie is Lord of the Rings, I have a dry sense of humor, and I’m afraid of heights. ”

Amariah has been such a pleasure to work with.. we worked so close together on these images and they are near and dear to our hearts.. these characters are wistful.. thoughtful.. they are quiet..LOL.. we needed a little change around here no?

Meet RAMONA and her wagon.. the second I “met” her.. I saw her as Ramona 🙂







and here’s ROBINABELLA’s card






Here Ramona is fishing for LOVE… this can be an all occasion card.. I just love hearts.. oh and Ramona 😉









and here’s Paulabella’s card










Now meet MATILDA swinging on her swing.. she is DEEEELISH.. also take into consideration their larger size :).. My stampies are getting BIGGAH! more room to CULLAH!













Here’s EBRUBELLA’S card












and here’s PAULINE ABELLA’s card

Meet Millie and Milo.. they SO love each other 🙂  You will receive them cut apart so that you can use them both individually or together.  I LOVE them.. I wanna SMOOSH them..

Now meet QUEEN MILLIE and KING MILO and 3 sentiments that go with them!  Are they DEELISH or WHAT? and so useful for kids and adults with a little sense of humor 😉



Now let’s talk about Jane Davenport.  She is a phenom artist!  I have taken all of her classes and she is a true inspiration.  I cannot wait to see how she uses her own stamps! LOL.  This will be a gorgeous collection sistahs .. we are working on concepts we’ve nevah seen before!   Watch some of her videos and get to know her.. her passion is CONTAGIOUS!

I decided that I LOVE silhouettes.. but not your typical silhouettes… meaningful silhouettes.. they are so much fun and so easy to use..these are unique!   These are great on cards, journal pages, project life… you name it!  I see it embossed.. I  *LOVE*… Uch I love everything…LOL

Meet Jane.. or Janey Jane Jane as I call her..LOL

she is always smiling.. hmph..  we gotta change that! LOL just kiddinK

now for a little bio

Jane Davenport is a widely exhibited & licensed artist, prize-winning author, avid Art Journaler and very popular teacher of creative workshops. She is an art supply GURU & has a cool store called the Institute of Cute. She is Based in Byron Bay, Australia’s most easterly point. www.janedavenport.com


The great thing about this BLOW A KISS JANE stamp is that you can use it for ANY occasion.. thinking of you, sending good wishes your way.. I believe in you.. I am gonna use this one A LOT!

and here’s REGABELLA’s card

and the inside

The next one was the image that made me fall in love with Jane and what she is all about.. carefree.. whimsical..passionate.  This character embodies it all in my opinion.. I am gonna stamp her on my forehead.. that’s how much I love her!  or a tattoooooo… (been itching for another one.. GRRR)

She is Jane’s LOGO.. and she is PHENOM.  Her name?

JANE GIRL  and I LOVE the sentiment that goes with her 🙂

Now I LOVE the perspective of this one (aren’t you glad you asked for my opinion?).. love the “rawness” of the sketch lines.. LOVE her.. and what else I like about this one?  The sentiment /prompt will force you to write!  We all forget to write sometimes don’t we?


Does anybody miss our Christy from TIDDLYINKS?  I DO… take a lookee at what she came up with!


and here’s FRANKIE and FIONA by Christy Croll.. They are so nuzzly and I wanna EAT FIONA (in a good way of course!)

Now we have some Mo Manning images!  I just LOVED these goofy princesses 🙂 named FAIRY PRINCESSES ..Are they not sooo cute???? They come separated 🙂

and meet PAINTER MEG

Ready for some UPTOWN GIRLS???? HMMMMM????


and here’s Paulabella’s card

Now meet UPTOWN GIRL Perry on her Laptop!

and here is Danabella’s card

and here’s UPTOWN GIRL CATHERINE nibbling chocolate

and here is Cathabella’s card

Here is Uptown girl MOLLY makes a DETOUR

and Paulabella’s frame

and LAST but not LEAST… UPTOWN GIRLS PATTIE and DOTTIE FRIENDS FOREVER don’t they look like they have THE BEST time when they go out? LOL


and lindabella’s card

soooooooo whaddya think????!?!?

We’re done sistahs

Thanks for hanging out with me 🙂





And I am SO very EXCITED!

I have decided to start my own line of journaling stamps.. I am so very passionate about Art Journaling.. I am so very passionate about adding texture and “touchability” and interest to my pages and canvases  that I felt the need to create my own line of stamps.  The images are quite simple but everything I have chosen means something to me.. and I hope it stirs something in you as well.. So without further ADOOOOO… Let’s introduce our BRAND NEW… FRESH… EXCITING… (we will be introducing LOTS of new sets…in the near future)


our first set  is for those days where you just DON’T feel like writing much.. you want to write a little bit but just evoke the mood you are in…Simple.  To the POINT (pardon the pun.. Oh I KILL me… LOL)

Introducing: MOODY FINGERS (5 stamps in this set)

Our next image is kind of SOLEMN but HOPEFUL.. if that makes sense.. can fill a void on your pages.. and also can be great on a card.  I LOVE the texture of these birds! There are TWO stamps in this set


And our LAST set for this release is our JOURNAL YOUR ART OUT GRUNGE set #1. ( I know.. EXCITING name)…  I love EVERY SINGLE element in this set.. you can journal in the film square… omg.. possibilities are ENDLESS.. you will see some samples soon.  The problem with stamp sets usually is that you like a couple in one whole set.. and you may just like  a couple in this set but i really don’t think so.. cuz they are ALLLLL awesome..if I do say so myself.  LOL

Here is our GRUNGY SET #1 (look how cute the bar code and the crown is..LOL)

Hope you love these as much as I do!

Now for some Mo’s… when she posted these, I just COULDN’T RESIST!! I immediately thought of the sentiments to go with them.. DEELISH!

Here’s BIG CHAIR-BOY by Mo Manning



And finally.. Friends UNITED was SUCH a popular stamp, we decided to release SHOPPERS UNITED!  Love the sizes and WIDTHS of the leggies..


Mwah mwah mwah



Here’s BIG CHAIR-GIRL by Mo Manning



RELEASE and FREE SHIPPING OVER 55$ code freeshippingoctober


to celebrate the recent “HUMP” in delivery and for me to give anyone who suffered along with us a HUGE apology, I am offering FREE SHIPPING for our newest mini release… if you didn’t pick up anything from the last one and you want to pick up some early Christmas or Chanukah gifts, NOW IS THE TIME!

This is a VERY small release.. but so HUGE in beauty :).

Instead of doing big releases as I felt obligated to do, I wanna go back to my “ROOTS” lol.. and keep da sistahs on their TOESIES!

So here goes.. a last minute yummy-make-your-week-goodness

meet uptown girl QUINN and her BOOTS

and here is Paulabella’s rendition of her 🙂



and now for the next image 🙂 and the quote was inspired by Paulabella!

Uptown girl EVE under the MISTLETOE


and Lindabella’s rendition of EVE

and of COURSE the Uptown girls have the same SASSY BEEYOOTIFUL Christmas tree.. whaddya thinky?


and here is Lindabella’s card


Ok.. that’s it for now 🙂  I still have to put up Art Journaling Monday and a little other announcement that we are thrilled about!


P.S. I just LOVE when you leave comments.. I honestly feel like we are “talking” to each other and I read every one as soon as they come in!

there’s a NEW girl in town…. and a RELEASE and a GIFTY AND A LONNNG POST

Hiya sistahs!  ARE YOU READY FOR TODAY??? I mean REHEALLY ready?? I have been waiting for this moment for a LONNNNNG time …LOL  I am hoping you love this release as much as I do… there are 29 IMAGES!!!

With this release comes a GIFT WITH PURCHASE of FREE stampies 🙂 of our choice sooo- THIS GIFT WITH PURCHASE APPLIES TO ONLINE ORDERS ONLY.

with orders from $35-$49.99- you receive one FREE stamp of our choice

with orders from $50.00- $74.99- you receive 2 FREE stamps of our choice

and with orders from $75.00 +- you receive 3 FREE stamps of our choice

But first, I need to be annoying and REALLY show how old I am.  When I put the title “there’s a new girl in town”.. I IMMEDIATELY thought of this show. I just LOVED alice.. watched it weekly.. it really brings back great memories..

K.. now back to your regularly scheduled program.LOL.

So our VERY OWN PAULABELLA decided to draw.. UMMM.. one doesn’t just DECIDE TO DRAW do they??  Well SHE DID.. and OMG, her line is outstanding!! I wanted her to call her line “perspectives” because each and every frame has a different perspective on the object.. SHE POO POO’D me.. but I love the name she came up with EVEN MORE.. “ARTIST @ HEART”.. I love love LOVE that name..  You will really enjoy Paula’s stamps… they are FRAMED but you don’t have to cut them perfectly.. they are meant to be wonky so you can hand cut it easily or use a 2″ punch!.. they are a PHENOM focal for a CLEAN and ELEGANT card.. I LOVE THEM and hope to see MANY MANY MORE from Paulabella 🙂  And if you love them too, you gotta tell her on her blog. k?


Here’s a sample of PAULABELLA’s POPPY card from the collection above

Here is Paula’s SUMMER DAYS collection

Are these AMAZINK or what?

So you haven’t seen EVERYTHING yet.. have you? oh YA.. you haven’t *insert bratty teasing smile here*

Meet BETH… and her company called 3 SISTERS.. when I saw these leggies on PINTEREST, I knew I had to find their “source”.. so OFF I went on a HUNT.. and it wasn’t easy, I might add. But I DID IT because I never let up..LOL until I get my way.  Beth and I HIT IT OFF instantly and I think her whimsical yet POWERFUL (there is a message there)  art with a vintage-Y feel will fill a void that we had.. She is ADORABLE and HILARIOUS.. you HAVE to read some of her blog posts HERE.You will definitely see why I love her so! Here are some pictures and a little bio 🙂

Beth and her sisters.. hence the name of the company.. how cute are they?

Here Beth is thinking of her next designs for us! LOL Right Beth?

and here’s her bio

Beth Fuller is a busy artist, mother and teacher who lives in a little town in Virginia. She’s been happily drawing since her second grade teacher, Mrs. Hess, LOVED her Dental Health Week poster full of dancing  feather boa-ed women partnered with life-size toothbrushes. Alas, her creative button was pushed and off she went. Beth did actually get a degree in Studio Art at James Madison University in Virginia but has learned since that sheer repetitive behavior is the best way to learn anything. So she makes a lot of art.
Right before her daughter was born three years ago she had a cathartic moment. She was only making art for the magazine, Brain,Child (the magazine for thinking mothers) and not much else. She realized that she was slowly waving goodbye to a huge part of herself. And consequently, the pictures and images she wanted to draw were just piling up in her head quite like the laundry. These ideas didn’t leave much room for the everyday things she needed to remember, like, “Where’s my child? and “Was that my exit?”….so out of sheer necessity and pleasure she began to work and work and work freeing up some precious brain space. And she is enjoying every minute of it.

She came up with the name Three Sisters because of her growing up with two sisters who are her best friends and advisors-good and bad, solicited and not! She thinks that the term “sisters” can be applied to not only biological sisters but the ones we make along the way. She hopes with this new endeavor to be able to share her art with many, many new sisters (advice optional).
Beth’s work has appeared in many publications, online and in galleries. She’s probably making art and PB&J’s as you read this, concentrating very hard in order to spread the peanut butter on the bread and paint on the page.

so you are probably wondering what her images are? hmmmm?

Here is the image that started it all.. felt empowering and again a little goofy ;).. I LOVE this image

here’s FRIENDS UNITED (including the sentiment)

I made a canvas board with this image and framed it.. and I love it.. the only thing is that my CHILDREN DECIDED TO TOUCH THE GLASS and I didn’t realize it..LOL so don’t pay ANY attention to the fingermarks N’K?


Here’s a closeup so you can see the texture and sheen..

bootsies and shoesies coloured with COPIC-sies

Another one of Beth’s images is a vintage GUMBALL machine.. I FELL IN LOVE the second I saw it.. and I put the sentiment, you are one in a million.. just so you can colour only ONE of the gumballs.. smart, no?  Please note that on Paula’s project below, it is NOT the font that comes with the image… check the image on the website for the proper font.

and if you wanna WIN THE FRAMED IMAGE BELOW.. SIGNED AND LOVED BY PAULABELLA, you bettah RUN and place a comment on her post so you have a chance to win it!!  it’s PRICELESS, I SAY!  Contest closes THURSDAY at 6pm


Beth’s THIRD image is a HIWHEEL bicycle.. I LOVE this.. I can’t wait to stamp it in my journal or send it to an old friend who shares lots of memories with me 🙂

Are these not GREAT images? OMG.. I LOVE BETH!

Now let’s take a lookie at ELLIA’s images from GREENBEAN BABY!

Anastasia– doesn’t she look like me? LOL

and here is DANABELLA’S CARD

Here’s AMY

And here is EBRUBELLA’S card

Here is PAYTON

and here is EBRUBELLA’S CARD

Jamie (the tomboy)




Sewing peep— how CUTE is da PEEP threading her bobbin!  You should see MY face when I have to do that.. not so happy

Fishing peep

You ready for some MO’S????  Ok! HERE WE GOOOOO!

Lindabella coloured up “SPIT HAPPENS”

Cathabella used ON THE POT- GIRL.. get it?  on the POT?  you go girl?? I kill me… LOL.

But of course there is an ON THE POT BOY!

Irma and VIENO by Mo

Noelle Bearing Gifts by Mo

here is JESSABELLA’s card

Big girl PANTIES- When Mo sent me this image I was in love.  You know.. you sometimes just wanna support someone with a little bit of humor.. and this is a GOOD one! (p.s. those look like the SIZE of my PANTIES.. *hmph* hence I guess I am ALWAYS wearing my big girl panties..LOL)

and here is Tammybella’s card!

LOVE YA–  yaya my most favorite quote in the world

What’s Cookin’


and ROBINABELLA’s card

Lulu’s SET OF FRUITS– again so gorgeous for a simple card.. LOVE these!

and now for da UPTOWN girl again!  but you haven’t seen this one…. LOL

Uptown Girls CLARISSA and CAMILLE with a CAFE


and Lindabella’s card



Uptown girl POSH has a PRESENT





and LINDABELLA’s card

SOOO??? did I promise you a GREAT release or what?  I am in LOVE… with a release! LOL

I would LOVE to hear from you and what you think of the images!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVEY da release!

****p.s. ART JOURNALING MONDAY will be posted on TOOSDAY***


and the UPTOWNYNESS continues…..

Sistahs sistahs SiStaHs.. where have you been all my lifeeeeee?  I am thrilled with the comments and according to my stats there are LOTS more sistahs lurking and not saying a PEEP (get it? PEEP?  there ARE some PEEPS coming too ya know!).. So YANK YOURSELVES OUT of lurkdom and place a comment.. I promise I don’t bite.. ok maybe I do.. when I am hungry.. which seems to be a LITTLE TOO OFTEN of late (lol on the OF LATE..)… how these things come out of my mouth/fingers, I don’t know….

ok so we have been happy so far with our uptownies.. OUI OUI?  Let’s see a couple more today.. one more tomorrow just to spice things ups.. I will also feature PAULABELLA’S “ARTIST @ HEART”  line of stamps.. you WILL FAINT.  I love this release.  *sigh*.. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW I say it every time.. and I MEAN it every time…  EACH stamp means something to me.. I guess that’s why I am so passionate and “noisy” about it…

Here is UPTOWN GIRLS CHELSEA and LAUREN eating their SUSHI… (I LOVE sushi).. and take a looky at the sentiment and what a PHENOM job CATHABELLA did with this stamp!!

Now let me just ‘splain the sushi thing… I LOVE sushi.. I know that it is a hit and miss thing and some people don’t like it.  The reason I chose Sushi, is that SUSHI goes beyond the food itself.. Sushi is a “social” food.. so Chrystal really got the image right.. it’s more the “catching up” or the “gabbing” that goes with the sushi than the sushi itself!  Ok speaking of Gabbing.. remember on the Muppet show I think it was Fozzy bear (OMG remember him???) used to tell jokes and this HUGE CANE would appear and drag him away? LOL.. I feel that that Cane is coming to get me.. so I will shuDDup now

Finally, Here is CATHABELLA’S outstanding cardabella.  I mean SERIOUSLY. hmph.

Ok and now for a BONUS card.. here’s PAULINEABELLA’s AMAZING card!!  This uptown girl’s name is POSH.  I am not quite sure why.  Oh ya.. Denabella named her… and the name stuck.  She is kinda poshy, no?  I think she is GORGEOUS.. for a birthday card.. even Christmas you can dress her up!  All occasions.. she is just so pretty.  I think I am gonna have Chrystal (lulu artist) come over and remove some lines from me and add a few.. HOW AMAZING would that be if we could really do that! LOL. 

OK you ready?


Here’s Paulineabella’s masterpiece.

How LUCKY am I to have the BEST design team in the industry.  I mean REALLY.   I mean COME ON.  Are they not AMAZING? 

So again.. today I am offering these 2 STAMPIES as a prize for a random comment winnah.  Place a comment.. tell me how much you love me..LOL (just kidding.. not really).. and tell me how AMAZING our DT is… or just say hi.  Doesn’t mattah!  I just wanna hear from you.  And if you have to post TWICE to make me look popular, so be it. 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who will TRY sushi if they haven’t yet… LOL


P.S.  just in case this hasn’t been haunting you enough…

it’s RELEASE MONDAY sistahs!!10% off code md2011

******NEW CODE**** md2011

Can you believe it?  As I mentioned on Friday….I think this is one of my MOST FAVORITEST releases EVAH…  the images are BEEYOTIFUL.. ELEGANT.. GORGEOUS.. and they are bigger than our usual stamps.. I think you are gonna LOVEY them!!

and to celebrate a BELATED mother’s day.. we are offering 10% your WHOLE order.. no minimums!  just enter md11 at the end of your order and POOF! 10% will disappear from your order.. n’k?  sound good?


Ok.. let’s start meeting some of our start characters!

Here’s our CALL ME peep by Ellia.. she is nostalgic, art deco ish.. just classic..

here is Danabella‘s card

and Ellia’s UMBRELLA peep.. with ONE of my favorite quotes EVAH

now for Ellia’s BASEBALL PEEP.. I just see some wood grain PAYPAH being paper pierced onto the bat! don’t you? and look at those PANTS!!

And last from Ellia/GREENBEANBABY is our TV PEEP.. great for father’s day or for all the couch potatoes in our lives 🙂

and here’s JESSabella‘s card

we’ve got some LULUS.. omg do we have LULUS.. you will fall off your chairs SISTAHS… these images REALLY made me happy.. and I mean REALLY… Chrystal has OUTDONE herself!!  These are amazing GENERIC friendship cards  fo sho!

meet LULU loves POPPIES

and here’s Paulabella’s card!

Lulu’s TWO PIES with the CUH-UTEST sentiment.. Lulu looks like she is balancing the two pies which looks like “uncertainty”.. get it? get it?  LOL..

Here is Tammybella‘s card

and the inside with sentiment


here’s LULU’s GARDEN OF DAISIES.. wouldn’t you be happy being surrounded by daisies?? (DON”T be scared of all the daisies.. LOL.. i picked the sentiment to help you… you can only colour ONE of the daisies if you don’t feel like the rest because that DAISY can be the “YOU” in the sentiment!  how CUTE would that be??)

here’s CATHABELLA‘s card

Now for DA MO’s…

Ok for this one.. I have no comment… it just speaks for itself..LOL.. you will see what I mean.. when Mo showed me this one, I almost FAINTED! not to mention her dimple… Meet  HOUSEWORK FAIRY

Meet Jack and GINGER..  their love is deep and true.. and when I found that quote , I couldn’t resist

here is Lindabella’s card

And this POTTER’S BENCH?  OMG.. fell in love.. I just see elements popped everywhere 🙂

I always wanted a windowbox.. and here it is RUSTIC WINDOWBOX … LOOOOVE.. and the sentiment with it…

here’s Lindabella’s card

meet SADIE.. and her CROCS..LOL.. love her!

here’s Elaineabella‘s card

here’s CATH‘s card

couldn’t resist CUPCAKE PRINCESS VIOLET.. LOVED her “edginess”.. and her hair!

and here is Paulineabella’s card


Lemme know what you think!

mwah to da sistahs who LOVEY da images



sooooo? are you ready sistahs?!?!?!? I am!  It feels like FOREVAH since our last release but things have been SO MENTAL over here.. but this should make up for it.. PLOMISE!

For all orders $50-$99.99- You receive 10 FREE yards of beautiful assorted RIBBONS!

For all orders $100+ – you receive 20 FREE yards of SCRUMMY (scrumptious + yummy) Ribbons AND a free stamp of our choice! (no refunds or exchanges on the free goodies)

Now let’s discuss this release!  But first I would like to introduce you to ISABELLE NORRIS, and her new line of stamps!  Isabelle teaches in Bellaland and has a very unique and ECLECTIC taste which compliments the Bella Line beautifully!  Mixed media is a brand new love of mine and I think these stamps are PHENOM for this!  I know you will love it too…

Here’s a little bit about ISABELLE

“I’m Isabelle, 41, married to Bob (who is British) and mum of three fantastic kids (Julian, Antoine and Melissa).
I grew up in France, moved to England after meeting my husband and lived there for 12 years. End of 2008, we moved to Canada (Ontario) and we love it here.
I started crafting in 2001 with simple paper crafts, and started stamping in 2003 when I took my first class at the Craft Barn (Surrey, UK).
I quickly got hooked, took more classes to learn as much as I could. End of 2005, I started teaching, still at the Craft Barn for whom I still work as a website manager.
In 2006, I wrote a book (in French) about Distress inks which were a big favourite of mine. Book came out in 2007 and, even though I was still living in the UK, I started teaching in France on a regular basis (and in Belgium and the Netherlands too).

I have been published in France, the US and for the last 3 years, I have written over 40 articles for Craft Stamper magazine (UK). I’ve been very lucky to be on several Design teams including PaperArtsy, whom I want to mention as I learnt a lot from Leandra (owner).  I did not stick to card making, I started scrapbooking (paper and digital, I love both equally), altering and have now stepped into mixed media as well.. I love working with inks and stamps and always use them in my work, but not essentially. I’ve turned into a technique junkie, learning more everyday using more mediums (paints, clay, metal …) and trying to find innovative ways to use them in my work and the classes I teach.
Last year, I met the adorable Emily and agreed to work with her to develop a new (non cute LOL) stamp line. We have been working on those for a while now and the baby is finally here: Eclectic stamps. A range of stamps I wanted to be as versatile as possible so they can be used in card making, scrapbooking, altering and mixed media. I really hope you will like them and I’m looking forward to seeing what you will do with them.
If you are going to Scrapfest, please come and say hi as I will be there with Emily and Helen!”

Now take a lookie at some samples using her stampies!They are amazing on CANVASES, cards and 3d items!

Here’s a fun birdhouse she will be teaching in Bellaland.. she used her mini GRID, FRENCH SCRIPT BACKGROUND, ECLECTIC ELEMENTS GRID, BELIEVE TREE and her ECLECTIC BIRDIES

Isabelle uses the eclectic birdies on this canvas… look at the texture!! It’s ALL about the texture sistahs!!

Here, Isabelle uses her BUTTERFLY on PRINT stamp and the FRENCH SCRIPT BACKGROUND and mini BUBBLEWRAP background

In the next card, Isabelle uses the BUTTERFLY on PRINT again, and the mesh background and the bubblewrap background

Those are just a FEW of her samples.. and we will be doing an amazing CANVAS make and take at SCRAPFEST!! start lining up! LOL just kiddink.. but it will be SO much FuN!

Here are more of Isabelle’s ECLECTIC stamps available now!

Eclectic bubblewrap, mesh and french script background and the ECLECTIC mini CHECKER, MUSIC and CRACKLE background (THE AMAZING THING ABOUT THESE BACKGROUNDS IS THAT THEY ARE IN A SPECIFIC SHAPE where there is NO BEGINNING and NO END.. so it will add JUST THE TOUCH you need for texture on your project!)


Here is her ECLECTIC butterfly on PRINT

Here are the eclectic BIRDIES (set of 3).. check out the little crowny on da birdie!

Here is an AMAZINGLY versatile background stamp.. it’s A2 size and I have been using it on ALL of my canvases! it’s called ECLECTIC #8 TICKET FULL BACKGROUND


and last but certainly not LEAST is the ECLECTIC  ELEMENTS GRID

this is a PHENOM stamp which can be cut up and used on INCHIES/ATC’s, you can use it WHOLE  or you can buy 2 and do both!.. the possibilities are endless!

This will be an EVER GROWING collection so stay tuned for VIDEOS and BEEYOOTIFUL samples!

and Now for JULIE’s first release!  Stay TOONED and check Julie’s blog often for samples!!

Here is Julie’s BUILDING A SCALLOPY HOUSE.. I just LOVE this!! you can paper piece, make your own backgrounds, pennants, buildings, condos (LOL), bungalows.. THIS IS SUCH A VERSATILE SET!!!

Here are Julie’s PERFECT CIRCLES.. they fit in punches.. YUM!

and Dena’s LAYOUT with the stampies!


they are AMAZING when you need a prompt for art journaling.. your scrapbook page.. cards.. LOVE them!

Here are Julie’s JOURNALING LABELS… Oh the visions I have with these.. I see them in RED ink for a vintage look.. I see them stamped down a layout or a card (halves).. OMG they are limitless in possibilities!


Here are Julie’s YOU ME AND US STAMP.. they are amazing as you can cut them apart.. put them on a card, layout or journal page!  LOVE.

and here is Dena’s SAMPLE again!

and JULIE’S PAINT SPLAT!  LOOOVE this for texture! been using this on all of my canvases!

So this is just the beginning of our mixed media travels.. I think it is SUCH a phenom beginning for us! but of course, what would a Bella release be without a little WHIMSY?  I feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.. bwahahahaha

Let’s talk CHRISTY CROLL shall we?  Our Pixies were DEFINITELY a huge hit!  I just love them so much so Christy cleverly came up with 2 more OUTSTANDING ONES!



and meet PATSY PIXIE

and Paulabella’s card

Ellia from GREEN BEAN BABY has also come up with some DEELISH little mermaids sold in a set of 3


and DANABELLA‘s card


and another one by Jessabella

and NOW for some MO’s!

Catching Up

and here’s ELAINEABELLA’s card


and here is EBRUBELLA’s sample


and here is Lindabella’s card





Here is SPROUT with the most perfect sentiment inspired by Paulabella

Here’s Paulineabella’s card

Now how’s DAT for a release?!

hope you enjoy!