Hiya sistahs

So we are busy shipping the new mounted stampies and so excited to hear your reaction to them so if you have feedback, we would love to hear it!

Today is art journaling TOOSDAY and our theme was to use STICKERS on your page!

Let’s see what everyone came up with shall we?

Here's my page .. I decided to use my SKETCH AND WASH pencil to sketch and SHMEAR water on.. LOVED using that.. it's been a while. Then I used some water based INKTENSE pencils for her cheekies and her lips. I have a stash of Japanese stickers I have been collecting from Etsy... so the bow and the hearts and the strips on the right side are all from those collections :). I had fun with this one!

Here is Jennifer's page using TILLY the TEACUP girl stamp

Here is Pinky's page

here is Violet's page

What ABSOLUTELY AMAZING entries sistahs!  LOVE them!!!

So for next week’s theme?  hmmmmm…  RUB ONS.  Do you have rubons?  I DO.. LOTS OF THEM.. so that’s what I am gonna use 🙂

If you don’t have any rubons, don’t let that stop you.. you can submit ANYTHING you want.. I just want you to play!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE/WANT/WILL TRY to art journal


P.S  I am in the midst of “DESTASHING” from my personal collection.  I will be posting very reasonable products in my specials section over the next few weeks.  Please keep in mind that these are 1 of’s  so if you WANT it.. or NEED it.. you bettah BUY it.. LOL



And I hope you are keeping safe and warm 🙂  Tyler was in complete angst last night thinking that our house would be swept away a la wizard of oz… I really tried to rationalize at 2AM.. I really did.  LOL… He watched the news in the middle of the night and decided that I should get the play by play.. so here I am half asleep writing a post.. and the funny thing is.. this post may make more sense than all my others..LOL

So this week’s theme was to use TYPE font on your pages.  I made a couple of pages just to show you different ways to use your letter stamps/rubons/stickers

On this page, I used TYPE stamps as my message.. you know, when I talk to myself in my art journal?  LOL..  I used lots of scraps, washi tape.. and that little house in the middle was on my desk when i decorated some deli paper.. so on it went on the page.. the furry lady is from a 70’s fashion book (which I LOVE).. and of course the PUFFY sticker which I am quite enamored with again (35 years later..LOL)

Now for this page, I used some of my favorite Teresa Mcfayden art journaling stamps..  I used elements from YOU’RE ALWAYS A STARBURST TO ME.  I overstamped the circles and made a funky background.. I think I may use it on a card!.. I stamped random letters in the circles just to add a little interest.. I LOVE letters and numbers.. not just for words but for interest.   I could have colored them in but I didn’t think I needed it with the stickers I used also for interest.  I also love cutting out BIG and INTERESTING fonts out of magazines..they dont need to “say anything”.. they just also add an element of design…

Now for da SISTAHOOD

Here's Jennifer's page using Anabela LULU and simply playing!

Here's Violet's page using Type

A small sistahood today.. hoping there will be more for next week’s theme which is…

STICKERS.. LOL.. I want you to feel like a kid again.. use old stickers from your stash.. go to the dollar store and get some PUFFY STICKERS (have I mentioned I love puffy stickers?  Note the DOGGIES on my pages.. and the word LIFE  on the first page)… Use them.. stick them.. paint and stick.. stick and stick.. just stick.. LOL..  use letter stickers… whatever you wish.. just have fun with it.

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE to STICK.




Hope you had a great weekend.. we are knee deep in work and I didn’t have a second to really “play” this weekend.  Our hockey schedules are REALLY getting in the way too.  Let’s see what my sistahs think of this story.

So Ryan decided that BOTH of our children should be in hockey leagues and I WARNED him that I was not gonna be involved in the traipsing around etc.. (mmhmm.. cuz THAT worked out).. anyway  of course Tyler’s game and Jayden’s game were at the same time so I was sent with Jayden.. No problem.  for both PHOTOS and the game I should add.  So Ryan got Jayden dressed and showed me how to do it for future games and practices ( I guess I am magically involved) and off he sent the two of us at 11:30 on Saturday for a 12:30 game.  We get there at 12 and the convener says to me.. why so early? excited?  And I looked at her with daggers in my eyes and said “WHADDYA MEAN, EARLY”.. “MY HUSBAND SAID HER GAME WAS AT 12:30!”… she smiles and says, “NO HER GAME IS AT 1:30!”… At this point I am calculating what I can take from the house and what I will leave Ryan with in the settlement… LOL.. so in case THAT wasn’t enough.. she says to me.. “DID YOU GET YOUR PICTURES TAKEN YET?”… I said, No.. that’s why I  am HERE”… and she said “NO YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE ARC (WTF is an ARC) and go QUICKLY cuz you’re GONNA BE LATE”… I asked her kindly what an ARC was and she advised it was an arena about 10 minutes away.  AT THIS POINT, there is NO SPLITTING of household goods.  I get EVERYTHING.

So Off Jayden and I GO to the ARC (wtf) and Miraculously I find it and see NO ONE FROM HER TEAM THERE.  (Oh did I mention I left the hockey bag in the car which was 2 miles away from the arena?)..  So I say, it’s 12:15 I’m not late.. where are the other kids for the group picture.. apparently they were still there and they took one more shot because I was late.  Now did I mention that since Jayden’s gear was on, she couldn’t put on proper shoes?  she put on boots that were SQUISHED at the bottom of her ankles because of the outfit.. she was HOBBLING and couldn’t walk.  Then I hear “MOM, WHERE ARE MY SKATES?  I NEED THEM FOR THE SINGLE PHOTO”… I almost collapsed.  Off I went back to the 2 mile trek to the car to get her skates, sweating.  I was SO unattractive and miserable.  And WHILST this is going on, I am having a massive text fight with Ryan.  Then he says this.. you ready?

” I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE SO UPSET.. MOST OTHER WIVES WOULDN’T BE”.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?   at this point, forget the contents of the house.  The house is MINE with ALL contents.  LOL… So of course at dinner with friends on the Saturday night we had a heated discussion about this.  And thank GOODNESS my friends all came to my rescue and advised Ryan that my behaviour was actually MILD compared to how theirs woulda been. lol

So there you have it.  Needless to say, I was toast for the rest of the weekend..LOL.

Can you beat that story?

Now for AJ toosday… the theme this week was CLOUDS… let’s see what da sistahood came up with

Jennifer B had a great time in her art journal just colouring and trying out cloud-making and stamping of course! This is a great way for card makers to explore.. LOVE IT! Here Jennifer used AVA LOVES TO CELEBRATE

Here is Pinky's page

Here is my page. I used our HANGING CLOUD BLOCK which I LOOOVE. You can journal in it you can paper piece it.. I just love how versatile it is!

Next week’s theme is TYPE.. I LOVE typewriters and type font.  I want you to either haul out your old typewriter and type something.. if you have stamps with a type font then use those, or use your printer with a typewriter font and incorporate it in your page somewhere.  Have fun!

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment on this post for a chance to win $10 in bella bucks!  And if you want to participate in Bellarific Friday, you have a chance to win $20 in bella bucks!

the theme for this week’s BELLARIFIC FRIDAY is to use 3 papers and 3 embellishments on your project PLUS a bella stamp.. great way to use your scraps!.  now you can be creative.. do an art journal page, a scrapbooking page, a 3d something.. anything as long as you use a bella stamp in this challenge

Mwah to da sistahs who understood my pain of the above story



***OH also putting lots of stamps on sale.. we have no room and have some stock so keep checking our SPECIALS section



it’s AJ TOOSDAY sistahs!

And yes you were right.. Our NEWEST RELEASE will all be CLING MOUNTED.  Yes we all love naked rubbah don’t we?  but I have been getting incessant emails about mounting.. and decided to go for it :)… This will be starting ONLY with our newest release and we will be working backwards (LOL) to try to get everything mounted but it involves A LOT of work.. so we shall call it a CONSTANT work in progress to ultimately achieve the goal of having everything mounted.  The BETTER goal is that we are hoping this won’t involve a price change either :).. so best of both worlds right?  right!

Ok let’s discuss AJ TOOSDAY shall we?  The theme this week was ANYTHING GOES… sometimes it’s nice to have a ‘prompt’ and sometimes it’s nice to just let loose.. so please remember, even if I give a prompt,  EVERY WEEK is ESSENTIALLY a free week because you can submit anything you want and I will showcase it.  I believe so much in art journaling that I just want to share it with everyone.. that being said, let loose, have fun.. scribble, draw, drip, droop (LOL).. do what ever da HECK you want on a page and submit it.  come on.. I dare ya!

So let’s see what our little AJ sistahood came up with shall we?

Here's Leslie's page

Here's PINKY's page

Mary's page

and here's mary's second entry 🙂 I love second entries 🙂

And here's 7 year old Christian's page .. he's working with his mama mary above. WAY TO GO CHRISTIAN!!

and here is Violet's page

I got a little carried away this last week with “arting”  that I made a couple of AJ pages and some canvases have been born :).. if you follow me on IG, you will see a lot more samples but I will try my best to share with you here

I have been looking at this stamp for a long time… since it’s creation, I always loved it.  I can’t explain why.. She certainly is not our most popular stamp but I had to make her because she just made me happy.  She gave me such a good feeling so I had to clean her up and stamp her on BELLA’S BESTEST NEW VELLUM! (trying it out sistahs but so far looking amazing and will be for sale soon)…  Take a looky.  Her name is BUTTERFLY KISSES.  and because I love her so much, I wanted to share her so I put her on sale 🙂  you can find her in our “SPECIALS” tab. enjoy!

see her on the right? *sigh* she makes me happy

Here’s another one using our BE WHOO YOU ARE owl… He’s on the bottom right stamped on our vellum and colored in with prismacolor  pencils 🙂


Next week’s theme is to use CLOUDS somewhere on your page.. I love dreamy fluffy clouds :).  Again, you don’t have to follow this….  submit anything you feel like playing with 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who ARE SCARED to AJ but who will try 🙂

Mwah mwah



Hiya sistahs!  Where have you been?  It’s been crazy around here with Thanksgiving and the long weekend.. don’t ask.  I decided to host it this year which means I had to COOK.  Tyler looked at me in horror saying “MOM.. but you DON’T cook”..LOL.. Little does he know that his MAMA does cook.. and I showed HIM..LOL

On Sunday we invited two other families and their kids and the preparations began at 7AM… my first turkey.. and I think it came out BEYOOTIFUL

Whaddya think?

Tyler helped me baste all morning

my weight watchers stuffing going into the oven

My weight watchers zuchhini casserole... I have NO IDEA who tasted that little piece missing 😉

And much much more but that’s what was documented and instagrammed…

Hope my fellow Canadian sistahs had a great Thanksgiving too.  So much to be thankful for really 🙂

So today is AJ TOOSDAY on WEDNESDAY.. But I think I am missing a couple of entries.. so if I missed yours, please email me and I will put it up right away!

The theme this week was documenting your life with ephemera and stick it all down and make a page out of it 🙂

Here's Angelique's page

here's Pinky's page

and here’s my page which has NOTHING to do with this week’s theme but i went NOWHERE to collect stuff LOL

Next week’s theme is a FREE FOR ALL.. just do anything you feel like on a page and send it in to me!!

can’t wait to see 🙂

Now don’t forget to post a comment on our bellarific friday post from last week for a chance to win $10 in bella buckeroonis!

Mwah to my BEEYOOTIFUL sistahs


it’s AJ TOOSDAY on WEDNESDAY and october2012 code for 15% continues!

Hiya sistahs,

I hope you are enjoying the release!  I just love it and it is obvious you do too 🙂  so thank you!

Now for AJ monday on TOOSDAY on WEDNESDAY  LOL

The theme this week was COLOUR… so let’s see what our sistajournalhood came up with shall we?

Here is my page!

heather's page

Angelique's page

here is Violet's project!

here's mary;s page

and here is Heather's page from graphite pencil 2 weeks ago!


So for next week’s theme let’s document our week this week ..  basically collect stuff from eveywhere you go.. starbucks, michaels, gas station.. and glue it in your journal and write about it.


LOVE aj toosday.. LOVE my sistahood

Love releases





And the theme this week was black and white.. hmph.  It wasn’t easy.. especially back to back with the pencil challenge from last week!

So here goes 🙂

Here is Angelique's beautfiful page! She is a newbie and we met on instagram :).. see? I told you that Instagram was a great place!

here's my page

here's mary's page

Here is Pinky's GORGEOUS page


Love these pages 🙂

Next week’s theme? hmmmmm

COLOUR.  LOL.. LOTS OF COLOUR.. make backgrounds.. collage.. you name it.. but I WANNA SEE COLOUR!!!


p.s. survived my first day of WW!



and da THEME this week was to use GRAPHITE on your page.. in other words.. a pencil.

So I kinda chose this theme selfishly because I had a product I was DYING to try.. hehe.. something I bought a while ago and didn’t have an excuse to use…  it’s called ARTGRAF water soluble graphite.  When I saw this set with the pot of graphite, the brush and the stick.. I melted.  literally.. uch actually i WISH i could melt..LOL  but Seriously.. anything that says it comes in a little “pot”.. has to be MINE…  and it was a small fortune too.

In any event, I had a blast playing with this… the shading, the meltability, and just the whole drawing experience kinda changed for me using this!  So it’s definitely a keeper

So here is mine.. now that this challenge is over.. I'm gonna use some colour! LOL

Here's mary's page... UMMM Mary, it was supposedtabePENCIL.. not coloured pencil.. but I love you anyway

Here is Pinky's page

here is Violet's page

I really liked this challenge!!

Now for NEXT WEEK’S THEME??? BLACK AND WHITE.. paper, paint, pastel, marker.. but it must be BLACK AND WHITE!  YA HEAR THAT MARY?  LOL

Mwah to da sistahs who lovey to art journal




it’s AJ toosday!

Hiya sistahs!

Hope you had a great weekend!  I have been feeling under da WEATHAH for about 4 days now :(.. I am so affected by the change of weather.. never realized how badly!! migraines body sore… BLAHHHHH

So today is AJ toosday!  Our challenge this week was to use something we have never used before.. or something that scared us..LOL

Here is my page.. I used a graffiti solid marker I got for the black scribble.. love that. That may just end up being a stamp sistahs.. I also watercolored and gessoed the face which I have never done before AND I used graphite sticks which I haven't done before.

Here's Heather's page!

Here's Christy's page.. she doesn't like ribbon so she challenged herself to use it. And what a great job!

Here is Mary's page. She challenged herself to use pens she never used before.. BEAUTICIOUS!

Here's Violet's page! She used a sticky back canvas she has never used before and a Magazine background instead of making her own! Gorgeous job!

I love these entries so very very much!!


And now for next week’s challenge sistahs?  PENCIL.. and ONLY PENCIL.. and NOTHING BUT THE PENCIL.. doodle, background, transfer, rub… use the shavings.. I dont care.. but I just wanna see PENCIL MARKS

Mwah!  And don’t forget about this weeks bellarific friday!!! and posting a comment there to have a chance to win $10 in bella bucks!

mwah to da sistahs who love their 2B’s… (pencils that is)



Inspiration on a VEHERRY rainy day! and AJ TOOSDAY on TOOSDAY!

Hiya sistahs!

I hope you had a great weekend :).. we were invited up north for a little R&R which was beautiful, rearranged my craft room (DON’T ASK).. and got a LOT of crafting done..  I was supposed to have a purgeathon but my craft table has a MAGNET.. I told Ryan that but he didn’t buy it.  HMPH.  We also went to Ikea to get some new goodies to put in there.  PICTURES will come this week to show you the HELL I am in over here.  Anyone wanna come over and help? LOL

So since today is a very GLOOMY day in Toronto, I needed a little bit of inspiration.. so out I went and on my travels I found something that made me VERY happy.. something I can look at every day and smile.  I love collection little bits.. little objects and surround myself with them.  Ryan will be putting a little shelf up so I can put my goodies there.  I also put up a bulletin board which will act as my inspiration board so when I stamp and paint, I always know I have a place to just glance at to make me happy :).

So this is what I bought today to put my long paintbrushes and tools in.. you likey?  I LOVEY his tummy!

There’s something about pottery that I am loving again.. the texture.. the memories.. Pottery was SO HOT in the 70’s wasn’t it?

I was inspired by someone on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago (who isn’t).. and became OBSESSED with making little 3*3 *1.5″ wood blocks into little collage masterpieces..LOL .. they are so much fun to make and collect and put them together on a wall.. I envision a whole big grouping of them!  I have made 8 so far with all vintage papers.. our stamps.. wallpaper etc.. so I thought I would share them with you.. who knows, they may be collectible and for sale one of these days.. *wink wink*

OK so here is one of them that I posted on Instagram a couple of days ago.. I called this one “SEW VERY VINTAGE”

and the side view to show you the SCRUMMALISH (love that word- scrumptious/yummalish combo) vintage wallpaper

This brightens up my rainy day.. YOU?


Our theme this week was animal.. your favorite animal.. etc

Here is Lori/Pinky's page.. LOVE SNOOPY!!!!

Here is Heather's page!

Here is my page using one of my elements from our ART JOURNAL GRUNGE SET #1.. I LOATHE this page..LOL but I am showing it because I want to SHOW you that it's ok to LOATHE your page :).. I tested out some molding paste and it buckled the page.. it looked SO MUCH BETTER before I mucked it up with paint and paste..LOL.. the positive thing is that I love the texture 🙂 and it does look a bit less HORRENDOUS in person..LOL. think I am hard on myself?

So those were our players this week!  Hope we have more next week.. the pages just get better and better as the weeks progress! (ok well, except for mine..LOL)

Next week’s theme… I want you to take out a supply that you are intimidated of/never had a chance to play with.. it can be sprays, pastels, even different black pens to find your favorite one 🙂

Hope to see you next week with your page!

Will show you more bella bitty blocks tomorrow 🙂

If you do follow me on Instagram, i’m sorry for the redundant images 🙂

So my question this week for my sistahs is this.  What do you like to have around you to inspire you?  is it an object, a picture, colour?

Would love to hear from you..  tell me that you’re there actually reading this 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who place a comment (and even those who don’t 🙂 )