it’s AJ TOOSDAY on TOOSDAY sistahs!

Hiya tootsie rolls..

How was DA WEEKEND?  Do anything exciting?  well we are inundated with orders and I am working on our new release (veHerry soon).. if anyone is in an urgent rush for their goodies, please drop me an email and I will dig.. k?  We are trying as quickly as we can!

Ok for this week’s aj toosday, I asked you to use TAPE on your page. …  let’s see what the creatives came up with shall we?

I decided to stick some strips of masking tape on a piece of wax paper.. then I doodled, stamped, painted , splotched etc on them and waited for them to dry…

I then tore strips and bits and pieces and used them on this page below.  I will then keep this in my “stash” for future use!  These are great to use on cards, layouts, canvases etc.. had so much fun with it!

And now for da sistahood!

Here is PINKY's page

and here is Violet's page

Just love them 🙂  I appreciate anyone who participates.. makes me happy shmappy.

Next week’s theme?  hmmmm…….  FLOWERS.. pressed ones, fake ones, real ones, drawn ones, doodled ones, painted ones…  I need a little spring in my step sistahs (get it?  SPRING? LOL.. I kill me)

Ok don’t forget to participate in this week’s bellarific friday ANYTHING GOES challenge!  Also place a comment on the post above for a chance to win $10 in bella bucks!

Mwah to da sistahs who wanna smell DA flowaHS



Hiya sistahs.. it’s AJ toosday and the theme was to add a vintage photgraph to your page.. either a relative or a complete stranger you have “adopted”….

here we go!

here is my page .. I used lots of elements here including a photo I downloaded of a mother and daughter.. some script, tape, paper.. yum! Jayden and I were going through some homework "issues" that were driving me crazy! So I wrote about them 🙂

Here is Pinky's page.. of her grandma's baby picture!!

Here is Violet's page

here's heather's page!


Ok now for next week’s theme?  TAPE.  I want you to use MASKING TAPE, WASHI TAPE, SCOTCH TAPE.. on your page…

have fun!





I am SO OFF this week sistahs..LOL.  I am so sorry.  Ever have one of those weeks?

–trying to deal with HOCKEY ISSUES- can’t even get into it so frustrated!!!

–trying to deal with putting stuff on sale.. YUP on SALE!! I am on the BELLA section so if there ever was a Bella you wanted to purchase?  NOW IS THE TIME sistahs!  Because most of these will be discontinued along with a lot of the others on sale.. so don’t blink… BUY..LOL.  I know that feeling when you really want something and you wait and wait and then POOF! it’s gone :(.  Very frustrating!

— trying to keep my creative mojo alive

–preparing a release… yes.  don’t know when so keep on checking on da bloggypoo.. The reason why I can’t give a specific date is because I take so much care in the artwork.. so much care in sentiments, and meaning and image perfection that sometimes it takes me a bit longer than other companies who can release as they change their underwearS (don’t you hate people who say UNDERWEARS?  I know you’re saying it out loud now..LOL UNDERWEARSSSSSSS)..  Ok so enough about my VENTING..

A couple of things to share 🙂

So my Tyler is a hockey player as you know.. a goalie.. and his coach recently took a picture of him and unbeknownst to me, the picture made it on a poster for his goalie school!  I was so proud OMG.  You can tell it’s my “TY TY” (shhh don’t tell Tyler that I called him that in public..LOL)  because you will notice the Spider Man helmet :).. LOL

it’s him doing a glove “THAVE” (save.. he still has his lisp God bless this child..LOL)

Oh and if you are local and want to enroll your child in this school.. it is WONDERFUL :).. just a little pluggity plug (what’s WRONG with me today?  I need to get out more..LOL)

Ok and now for our AJ TOOSDAY on WENNSDAY theme..  I wanted you to make PACKING TAPE TRANSFERS.. we only had one entrant and 3 from me..LOL.  I just want you to see how easy and what a great element it may be to add to your art.. to your cards.. etc.. and SOOO EASY! and can be done in both black and white and colour!

So Here is Heather G’s entry!  She used color photos for her transfers.. GORGEOUS!

Isn’t it FUN???

The one thing I want to try is to use either a MATTE or ULTRA MATTE medium on top of the tape to take away the sheen.. that’s next on my laundry list.

here are mine

you'll notice the tall birdcage.. that is the transfer!

here you will see the vintage botanical image on the left.. that is a transfer!

Here the vintage ladies' face is a transfer

transfers are so nice as they add a layer and allow you to see the layer beneath it.. YUM!

Ok now for next week’s theme… hmmmmm

Use a vintage photograph on your page.. look online for one.. or use an authentic family one.. and write about it… incorporate it into your page somewhere (it’s terrible.. I call these images “DEAD PEOPLE pictures” LOL… )

Ok sistahs..  off to continue to whine to myself



a little bit of DIS and a little bit of DAT.. and AJ TOOSDAY on TOOSDAY!

Hiya sistahs!  How was your weekend?  I’m telling you.. I don’t even know what day it is lately.. hmph.. been so busy and the weekend that just passed was a whirlwind…

This was my view pretty much for 3 days straight.  hmph.. we were all WRECKS by Sunday night LOL.. That’s my BOY with the spider man helmet.. goalie of the stars..LOL.  I honestly can’t complain as I REALLY enjoy watching him and cheering for the team.. it just takes the wind out of me… and the politics involved really drive me MAD!  Any othAH sistahs involved in competitive sports?  Would love to hear your stories..

Here’s another little tidbit of my life..LOL.  I pick up the kidlets every afternoon.. and this is what greets me.. a little scary but soooo cute 🙂  Makes my heart sing!  This little girl with the SMOOSHED window nose is a true “free spirit”..LOL.. sometimes a little hard to follow..LOL

Ok Enough about MEEEEEE… What’s going on with YOUUUUUUU?

Don’t forget to place a comment on BELLARIFIC FRIDAY post to possibly win $10 in bella bucks!  Also don’t forget this week’s SKETCH due Thursday night!  Come on and join us will ya?


This week’s theme was an ANYTHING goes theme..  Let’s see what everyone came up with shall we?

this is my page where I collaged and coloured and sketched.. I used my colored pencils and mineral spirits.. LOVED EVERY MINUTE making this page!

this is Heather's page

This is Violet's page

and for next week’s challenge?

I made some “PACKING TAPE  TRANSFERS” with Jayden last week.. here’s her manicured fingers, showing you the technique

This is a great technique and VERY easy.  I would like you to include a transfer in your art journaling page.. k?  You with me?  Here’s a link to a tutorial and it’s a phenom website to look through.. YUM.. you’ll thank me 🙂

On the radio today while driving my children to a program?

yup.. it occupied me for 10 minutes of my 1 hour laborious drive.. I sang SO loud I think the cars next to me heard me.. ECHHHH who cares what othahs think right? LOL

Mwah to da sistahs who sing with da tunes and will TRY AJ TOOSDAY NEXT TOOSDAY!



a little bit of inspiration is good for da SOUL no? and AJ WENSDAY on THURSDAY

Hiya sistahs.. sorry I have been MIA

It’s been a cuh razy last few days with me hibernating and trying to give the best holiday gift I can to my sistahs.  What do I mean, you ask?  Well.. I have been FINALLY going through all 600 images one by one , checking inventory, age etc.. and decided to basically “give” them away! LOL.  I am in a purging kind of mood and have lots of new ideas for 2012 and, well, I need to get rid of stuff to bring more stuff in.. capiche?  the prices are SO good that I even feel like buying them..LOL!  So I hope you all take advantage of the slashed prices.. you can find gorgeous stamps for as low as 0.50!  CRAZY I know.. but I am a CUHRAZY type of sistah!  LOL

So if you want to take a look at what I posted so far.. you can take a look at it here!  Perhaps it was on your wishlist and you just needed the final SHOVE to throw you over the edge? LOL.. well here’s the SHOVE.

So have fun shoppin’!

Now a very teeny tiny AJ Thursday… we will resume on Wednesday JANUARY 9th

So this week’s theme was:

Here is my post.. The left side is all my writing which you can't see.. about ALL of my favorite foods, etc.. and these are merle and myrna.. they escaped from my pen the other day and couldn't resist coloring them up with mineral spirits and colored pencils.. and their wings are in a gold sharpie marker.. you can't see how shiny they are in the picture 🙂 Of course they are drawn in my MOLESKINE SKETCHBOOK.. nomnomnom

Here is Mary's BEAUTIFUL page 🙂

Here is Leslie's page using our JAVA SPILLS stamp!

How about some BABEROONI inspiration now?


Amandabella used FUSCHIAS FOR LULU

Angelabella used PIA PUDDINTOP

Carlabella used POLLY PACKAGES

and here's the inside

Kimabella used EVE under the mistletoe


Vickibella used FROSTIER

So tomorrow is bellarific friday!  don’t forget your entry for tomorrow for get well wishes 🙂

Next AJ page is a FREE for all.. talk about the holidays, make some backrgrounds.. just find some “me time” and enjoy you and your journal

Mwah to da sistahs who are feeling INSPIRED!



it’s AJ WENNNNSDAY and a winnah!

Hiya sistahs!

As promised, here is DA SPLITCOAST CHALLENGE WINNAH!  please email me so I can send your vouchah!  And just to let you know, Elaineabella will be announcing another challenge next TOOSDAY due in January so you can play through the holidays 🙂

Ok so da winnah is…..

The winner has been drawn at random and is:

Sinclair – Just Your Style

So SINCLAIR, LOL, please email me 🙂

Now for ART JOURNALING WENSDAY….  I am gonna keep this weekly AJ day up  and I am hoping to get more participants..LOL..if not, it’s a’ight.. we have our little group and will continue to persevere 🙂

If anyone has any questions on art journaling, please email me.. I would love to answer you!

Ok this week’s theme was COLLAGE.. that’s my favorite and I think every week should be collage week..LOL

this is my page. When I saw someone post this vintage image on Facebook.. I knew I had to have it. Thew two women in the front row of the roller coaster ar having such a good time with their skirts blowing in the air.. the ladies behind them? not so much..LOL. My motto? ALWAYS BE IN THE FIRST ROW..LOL

and here's my second page. I had some "alone time" and I took advantage :).. lots of molding paste for texture and the collage piece here is the dress I cut out of a magazine and worked around it.. I made her fit in it ... LOL

here is Pinky's page all the way from MAUI! See? you don't need your tools with you all the time. just pick up some ephemera from wherever you are!

And here is Violet's page

arent they stunning?!  *sigh*  you have no idea how “this sport” (LOL) makes me happy

And next week’s theme?  well I was cutting up some magazines over the weekend for collage and I clipped some great themes for our AJ WENNSDAYS…  here’s the one for next week

are you a chocolate type of sistah?  vanilla?  chunky monkey? (LOL).. heavenly hash?

Make a page inspired by your favorite flavour… it doesn’t have to be literal.. it can be style flavour, home decor flavour.. whatevah your heart tells you it is 🙂

ok and a couple of OTHAH things.. tell me what you think

I just got back from Staples.. I was at the cash (the only one open) and I wasn’t even there 3 milliseconds where this older woman whips around and says to me:

“I smelled you when you came in and it is either perfume or laundry detergent and it bothers me” (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?)

me: “I’m really sorry but I am not sure what you would like me to do.. there is one cash open and I need to pay”

her: “oh ok”

another cashier “WE ARE OPEN IN CASH 2”

me:  I will go pay at the other cash

Her:  Ok.

Listen, it’s not that I am insensitive.. and if i KNEW I would be with someone who was sensitive to smells, I would not wear anything.. but I’m SORRY… if you are out in public and have no control over what other people wear.. what gives HER the right to make ME feel uncomfortable.  ESPECIALLY when she KNEW I had no where to go???  I was so irritated and in disbelief.  What would YOU have done?  was I wrong to be aggravated at this smiling woman?  LOL

Ok I feel better now.

Next.  My FAVORITE song for the moment.  You KNOW that since it is my NEW FAVE SONG, it is now my ringtone.. so you can call me ANY TIME YOU WANT..LOL

Ho Hey by the LUMINEERS.  Maybe I shoulda told the “smelly” woman to HO HEY.  LOL  (K I really am done now)



mwah to da sistahs who JUST WANNA SAY HO HEY.



and it was all about what was inspiring you this week….

So this week what inspired ME the most and continues to inspire me is CHEAP kraft paper… I just love the texture.. I love to stamp on it and I LOVE to colour with colored pencils on it.. they just POP.  If you follow me on instagram you may have seen this image of my “homely” girl… but it just shows what you can do on Kraft.  This paper I used was actually from a big “scratch pad” of paper I bought at the art supplies store.. 18*24 I believe and I cut it to the size i needed for my new “moley” (moleskine sketchbook). It was $3.10 LOL

In fact, I am SO inspired by this paper that I made my OWN journal with it… One night I was DETERMINED to make a journal with a long stitch (i was up until 2AM).  I have taken all of MARY ANN MOSS’S classes and just adore her.  The “recipe” for this book is from her FULL TILT BOOGIE class.  She is HILARIOUS and makes it so easy… she embraces imperfection.. that’s just my style.  Have I mentioned that I am obssessed with online classes? 🙂  I think I have taken every single one available to sistahkind….

here is the book I made using the long stitch.. my first attempt and I am happy with it :).  the front and back covers are 8*10 canvas boards that I am gonna paint.. it’s chunky , it’s juicy.. it’s kinda like me..LOL

and here’s the inside with my new inspiring paper

hehehehe.. ok now for my entry this week.  My little homely girl who has no self confidence :(… she is giving herself up for FREE (see the bingo card collage piece)..

let’s see the other sistahood entries shall we?

here's Corey's page

here's Violet's

ok so for AJ WEDNESDAY next week, let’s think of a theme… hmmm… Ok how about COLLAGE?  I want you to cut and paste and cut and cut and paste and paste and feel the joy I feel everytime I make a collage 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who will be dangerous with a pair of scissors.. LOL




Hope you had a GREAT weekend 🙂

We had 2 hockey tournaments as well as an angry hockeymom who was “thrown out” of her son’s dressing room.. can you believe it? LOL.. I got myself into TRUBBLE…  but I was miffed.  hmph.  No one messes with a mama bear.. am I right sistahs???

Quick Bidniss update:  Elaineabella has been VERY busy chatting up a storm on FACEBOOK and on SPLITCOAST and has set up a challenge there… take a look!

Yesterday we had a bit of snow and of course my little Jayden was fully dressed and ready to play

the snow was shortlived but her smile lasted 🙂

So this week’s AJ TOOSDAY theme was ANYTHING GOES… so let’s see what everyone came up with

Here's Corey's page

here's Pinky's page

and I decided that I wanted to try a journal in a binder format.. never tried that before and I think I like it! LOL

I bought the Michael’s recollection version of SMASH.. I liked the binder size and the page design.  I decided I would keep some elements of each page that I liked.

Here’s the binder I chose

Here’s a sample spread in the binder.  How GORGE are those poppies?  and to stick and collage and paint in there?  keeping the poppies and the birdies?  Oh my imagination is running WILD sistahs!!!

And here is a page I altered using molding paste, acrylics, pastels, pen, gesso, stencils, collage  and of course some of our new  RUBBAH!  I used our WALL WITH WORDS stamp set and our HAPPY SILHOUETTES stamp set.  This was so much fun I tell ya.  I wish I could show you this in person.

Next week’s theme???  hmmmmm….. STENCILS.  Try to make your own out of cardboard, paper, acetate.. or use ready made ones.. but using your own will make you feel like an ARTISTE!    Use them ANY WAY YOU WANNA!

Don’t forget Bellarific Friday this week SKETCH! and comment on the BF post for a chance to win $10 in buckeroonis!

Mwah to da sistahs who LOVE to AJ.


it’s ART JOURNALING TOOSDAY-and some stories

Hiya sistahs!  How was your weekend?  (lol as if you’re gonna answer.. WELL YOU CAN IN DA COMMENTS YA KNOW)…  Mine was pretty good and I was able to squish in some time for FINGERPAINTING… woohoo!  nothing better than getting dirty!

But first… So Jayden had this HUGE infection in her ear (a staph infection).. that she had to get major antibiotics for.  So we go to the pharmacy and this young pharmacist starts making gagging noises and mumbling loud enough for us to hear that this medication smells HORRIBLE and TASTES EVEN WORSE!  So I look at him and say, “you don’t have children do you?”.. and he rolls his eyes at me and says “No, how did you know?”.. so I sayS (lol) “because NO ONE WITH A CHILD IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD do what you just did!!”.. I hope I taught him a lesson.  hmph.  Sometimes I hate stupid people. So of course, it has been a struggle giving the medicine ever since… until I had to involve ICE CREAM.  Do you have any STUPID PEOPLE stories? LOL.  This one just took the cake in my opinion.  I was SOOO angry.  Ok enough venting about this.

Now I am going to vent about Dance moms.. LOL.  does anyone watch that?  (YES YOU CAN ANSWER ME IN THE COMMENT SECTION..LOL).. well I just watched 4 episodes that I taped (yes I still say TAPED and my kids say TAPED even though they don’t know what a TAPE is..LOL)..  I watched all 4 last night and I swear that clique is just SO UNBEARABLE.  What is WRONG with those women?  Ok. I’m done now.  LOL.

Now onto our regularly scheduled program.. AJ MONDAY on TOOSDAY.  I think I scared all DA SISTAHS with this FINGERPAINTING business.  LOL.  I LOVVVVE using my fingers in the process.  Don’t be scared!

Well we have 1 new sistah who joined us this week!

Here is Marti's page and she used JAVABELLAS

and that’s it for da SISTAHOOD!

and now I will show you how I use my fingers (I can’t show you how I use my fingers while I DRIVE..LOL  you can just imagine).. hehehe

Here is a mixed media MAJORLY layered and textured piece using paints, and inks and pastels… Used my fingers for most of it 🙂

And here is another mixed media piece in progress …Major mixed media background which will of course be calmed down and then my little bunnies in pastel which were SMUDGED with my fingers… nomnomnom

and here is where I am at.. I think they will be backwards bunnies.. my friend told me so LOL.  They were ALL painted in with my fingers :).  If I can do it.. so can you!!!

Ok.. next weeks theme…. ANYTHING GOES.  Just look around you and submit an INSPIRATION page.. what is inspiring you NOW? at this moment?

Mwah to da sistahs who feel INSPIRED!


it’s AJ TOOSDAY on WENNNNSDAY and my favorite stores :)

Hiya sistahs,

Sorry I was MIA yesterday.. I decided to have a retail therapy day with my friend Mary (shhh don’t tell my BOSS).  We had SUCH an amazing day shopping for shtuff we both love and adore.  It’s so amazing to go with someone who doesn’t say “take your time, I’ll just be waiting in the car for you”… or “really?  you NEED this?”… LOL.. I have plenty of friends and a HUSBAND who does that to me all the time.. so it is refreshing to have friends who love the same things you do! I love supporting local businesses, so here goes.. if you are in the Toronto area, I DEFINITELY recommend these shops.   So this was our route.. we went to WOOLFITS art supplies .. we went to THE PAPER PLACE. they have GORGEOUS papers for collage, and little japanese doohickis that I LOVE.. and tools and paper and paper .. OMG and paper.  Just GORGE.  We also went to another amazing stationery store which has EVERYTHING under the sun called MIDOCO.  I absolutely LOVE that store as it reminds me of my youth.   Being born and bred in Montreal, we are so used to European brands, European style toys etc… and this store just transforms me back to my youth.. I literally felt like a kid again.  They have SOOO many goodies, from TOYS to ART SUPPLIES, to STATIONERY to OFFICE SUPPLIES… I definitely recommend a visit. In the middle of our shopping, the fire alarm went off and we were escorted out and had to wait to purchase our goodies.  The “ME” who has Type A, and no patience, just wandered around outside, had lunch, went to the dollar store and then returned when the alarm was deemed false.   THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS LEAVING MY BASKET OF GOODIES there..LOL.  Then we ended our day going to a sweet shop called HANJI on Bloor st West.. Catherine, the owner was a DOLL and has such a beautiful shop filled with papers, and korean stationery/stamps/ and goodies.  It was an amazing way to end our adventure (Oh did I mention that Mary almost ran over someone?  LOL  we will leave that for another day)..

so if you ever have a chance to visit the above stores, I TOTALLY recommend that you do.. they are my favorites 🙂

Stay tuned for PART DEUX with Mary…. bwahahaha


Only one contributor this week… where is everyone>??? HMMM?

well I decided to show a couple of pieces.  The theme this week is RUBONS.  Rubons are really an amazing easy thing to use in your work.  They add texture and dimension.. they fill gaps that may need a little “some’n some’n”.. they are great.  and I KNOW that everyone has to have SOME in their stash 🙂  from 600 years ago..LOL

I picked up some 5*7 canvas boards at michaels.. already gesso’d and pretty and a perfect size to send to someone.  I think of people like my mom who love the artwork on cards but then don’t know what to do with the cards..LOL… So I was thinking.. why not send a little piece of art to your friends or loved ones INSTEAD of a card?  This way they can stand it up in their studio, frame it and they have your inscription or message on the back of the board  from you to them.  I think that would be such a special gift.  NOW DON’T GET ME WRONG sistahs.. I LOVE  LOVE LOVE making cards.. and sending them to people who appreciate them.. But I also love my mixed media and stamps and using them in a different way.  I have people who ask me all the time for one of my pieces, and this is just an easy and FUN way to do it.  Doesn’t cost much to mail and really ready to hang up 🙂  What do you think?


So in this piece, I just painted and layered and glazed and smudged and had the bestest time.  I used CHRISTY TOMLINSON rubons I had as the scallop and the stitching element.  It’s still not finished but would be so much fun to receive no?

Here’s another one I did.. ALL WITH MY FINGERS.. my favorite way to paint and smudge.  It is quite “raw” and was intended to be that way.. I love the naivete of the marks and I was also able to incorporate some stamping on vintage speller paper.  I used the SQUARE FRAME from Teresa Mcfayden’s YOUVE BEEN FRAMED set and I also masked and used the butterfly from our NATURE SILHOUETTES set.. it became my focal point and I LOVE IT.  The saying came from my little bin of words I cut out from magazines.  *sigh*.. this piece incorporated my MARK MAKING, my PAINTING, and my COLLAGE passions.  It was fun.  Of course there had to be a little neon red in there for punch or it wouldn’t be ME! (oh and you will see the stitching and loopy rubons through the painting)

and Now Jennifer B made a beautiful page using our stamp IZZIE HAS A LETTAH lots of rubons and chipboard.. you can tell she had so much fun with this page!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the last bellarific post for a chance to win $10 in bella bucks!

NEXT WEEK’S THEME:.. you ready?  I WANT YOU TO USE YOUR FINGERS.. finger paint, smoosh, draw and smudge.. water soluble oil pastels.. whatever.. just be free and use your hands


Mwah to da sistahs who aren’t scared.. LOL