Emily – Our ForeverBella

Elaineabella here, with a post that I never thought I would be writing. Many of you may have heard the news by now, but it couldn’t go unsaid here on the Stamping Bella blog.

What can I say. Our beautiful, amazing Emily – DA BELLA – has passed away. She had a long, hard battle and absolutely gave it her all till the end.

Emily Block - Creator of Stamping Bella

It doesn’t seem real. We are all heartbroken and in shock at the loss of the creator of Stamping Bella, this brilliant woman who brought us all together and created the amazing stamp company we have all enjoyed for so many years. Our friend. OUR SISTAH.

If you have ever bought a Stamping Bella stamp (I know most of you have bought many), you may have read the story on the packaging. Here it is:

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who had a dream. A dream that she NEVER thought could POSSIBLY come true UNTIL ONE DAY when she thought and she thought and she thought and she came up with an idea. An idea of a “SISTAHOOD” where stampers all around the world could UNITE in one place in ONE HOME where they could stamp and craft and share IDEAS and the girl’s dream FINALLY came true. THE END. MWAH!”

What an absolute privilege it has been to be a part of that dream, and part of this Sistahood she created and was so very proud of. She touched so many lives and made friends everywhere. If she knew you, she cared about you, and she made sure you knew it.

We will be paying tribute to Emily here on the blog soon, in the best way we know, using Stamping Bella stamps. Watch out for that, we’re going to make that rubbah sing like she always encouraged us all to do. Just give us a little time – it’s going to sting more than a little.

I know that some of you have asked about sending cards to Emily’s family. If this is something you would like to do, please email me on quixoticcreations@gmail.com for the details. If you would like to send your love and condolences, you can comment on this post or email Stamping Bella on the usual address – Emily’s family will see the messages.

Stamping Bella remains open for business, so you can continue to enjoy the wonderful stamps that Emily brought to us. Please keep using that rubbah and sharing your Stamping Bella creations – Emily was so proud of her Sistahood and the stamping community she was such a huge part of.

I will be here, sharing the weekly creations from Emily’s Bellariffic Babes. I can’t replace Emily, and I won’t even try. It’s not possible. But I will do my very best to honour her in every post.



COVID 19- STORE UPDATE: please read!


If you do have orders in house, please do not worry the sale price will still be honoured and we will ship as soon as we open!.  If you have questions or would like to cancel the order, you are more than welcome to, but we cannot issue refunds until we reopen, as our facility has closed down.  I cannot express how upset , sad, and frustrated I am with all of this.  We are doing our best to keep everyone safe.  I hope you can be understanding and join our fight against COVID 19.   I will continue to keep you updated if there are any changes at all.

Please know that we will still be active on FB, in our SISTAHOOD GROUP, on INSTAGRAM etc.. we will try our best to inspire and keep you all going strong as we go through this time I never thought I would witness in my lifetime 🙁

I appreciate and love you all!

if you have any questions at all, you can email customerservice@stampingbella.com