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buffalo came and went

and BOY did we have fun.  Even if you DON”T feel like reading about our capers, I will definitely still share.. (*giggles*).  It all started at 8:30 where I was waiting impatiently at the door for Nicky to arrive.. when she finally did, I took my pully (rolling bag–that’s what we call it), threw it in the car, stopped  for our coffees and off we went! 

We get to the border and I decide to declare my sale to the store to the US customs authorities.. they pull me over and advise that I must go to the warehouse and declare my entry.. they point to this warehouse about 1 mile away and I could not just park there, I had to walk there.. so it’s -789 degrees, I have no jacket, lots of makeup and cleave (short for cleavage) showing…   How the *()*% was I supposed to get to the other side (where the warehouse was) by foot with literally 18 lanes of traffic between me and the warehouse?  I TOOK A RUN FOR IT, dodging traffic, jiggling everywhere (LOLOL), holding my hand out motioning for people to stop.. you get the pic. I get there, have all the wrong paperwork (please don’t forget I am a customs broker by profession–apparently not a good one–LOL).. actually just played DUMBABELLA to get my stuff through and it worked!  1/2 hour later after dodging those same darned 18 lanes back to the car, we were finally free to go!!  (YIPPEEE)

 Off we went to our first craft store (joann’s).  I was still in the car and told Nicky to go in without me.. that I would meet her there…ya know, there are some times when people need constant surveillance as you never know what they will be up to… This is what I am getting at.  I walk in to Joann’s and see nicky holding this green thing.. she is bopping up and down and the tears are streaming down her face from laughter.. I am like, WHAT is WRONG with this PICTURE???? I go towards her.. and this is what I see her holding

[photopress image=”froggy_002.jpg”]


is this the tackiest thing you ever saw?  This FROG jumps up and down to the tune “jump for my love” by the pointer sisters.. SHE WAS HYSTERICALLY laughing (not that funny-a little scarier than it is funny–LOL) and proceeded to throw it in her cart for her little granddaughter Maya.  Of course I shoulda bought this tacky thing for Jayden too but there were crafts to buy! (I am meeeeeaaaaaannnnnn.. but if I have one more creepy jumping character that sings songs in my house I will explode!).  So this was the beginning of our journey!

We bought a few goodies I will try to post later on but really nothing much… We then went to ANOTHER craft store (AC moore) and guess what Nicky found?? A NEW PULLY!!! that makes it pully # 4356 that is “JUST PERFECT FOR MY CLASS EMILY, I THINK I SHOULD BUY 2 MORE!”.. I , on the other hand, only have 3254 pullys but LOVE the one I am in right now.. I have to post a pic of that.. most of you who know me by now will see how PERF it is for me!  Ok, so we always go for the same things.. we then look at each other and say “DO WE REALLY NEED THIS”? and we both chime in “NO”.. and then the next sentence is “WE ARE GOING TO REALLY REGRET NOT BUYING THIS” and we put it back in our carts.. by the time we are back at the cash, the questioned items are out of our carts again.. we then check out, get in the car and say “WE SHOULDA BOUGHT IT”.. LOLOL.. and the whole ride home, we don’t talk about what we BOUGHT.. we talk about WHAT WE DIDN”T BUY and are miserable.. is this not SICK???? SICK I TELL YOU!!

Ok, we get to Sharon’s place and we ended up having a FULL HOUSE!  I was the usual goofball and Nicky was the composed teacher who really led a wonderful class and taught BEAUUUU-TIIIFUL cards which you would think would be posted already but are not… After all, I am a gossip site, not a cardmaking site (*wink*).. A good time was had by all.. surrounded by beautiful stamps (not mine but still beautiful–LOL), lotsa paper, accessories, you name it, Sharon has it!  We shmoozed, we colored (with mineral spirits that I happened to cross the border with too… SHHHHHH).  I think it was a successful day.

Ok, business was taken care of.. what was the next step you ask?  TARGET.. went and did a little walk through and started all over with the “do we need this” thing.. and left with nothing and went to the car complaining that we shoulda….. (LOL’ing as I write this)

 We then go for supper. Easy no?  Well, we must SCHLEP (means to ‘drag’) all of our stuff in the restaurant (new red pully included) and remove labels and tell eachother why we think this stuff is not recently purchased (for border purposes), remove labels and proceed to stuff red pully with new purchases that are now “old” and have been used for eons.. LOL

Next step, driving home…. We get in the car and start blabbing about what we bought (buyer’s remorse) and what we shoulda bought (refer back to the whole shopping cart fiasco), talked about the class and how great it was.. talked about food (of course).. and just what a great time was had

Don’t cha just *LOVE* days like that?  I do!

your chief shoppabella




  1. OK, FIRST, that frog is HIDEOUS! Be glad you did not buy it! LOL!
    Wow, sounds like a great time! Lots of shopping! I can hardly wait to see these miracle pullies!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a LOAD of fun! Going back to Sharon’s any time soon as guests demo’s? let me know and I will send my Girlfriend over from Little Valley… she said she’d SCHLEP there to see ya! woo hoo! I’ll even make her take some pics for me. Cant’wait to see the cards!

  3. AmyR says:

    ROFL – you did have fun didn’t you??!!! Oh man I wish I’d been along for the ride!! Next time you’ll have to stuff me in one of your many pully’s and take me along!!!!! LOL!!

  4. kerry says:

    I was LOL for real reading your re-count of events. My friend Heather and I do the same should have, do you need this script when we go on crafting escapades. Worse than buyers remorse is definitely I should have bought this remorse…….

  5. Janeabella says:

    what on earth is a pully???? Id write more, but im holding the babe and its hard to type w/one hand…… 🙂

  6. Carmen says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one that ‘schleps’ into restaurants and removes the tags… that is hilarious. I can’t wait for my bellas to arrive!

  7. Mary says:

    Your blog enrty was a hoot. But than all of them are. This one was filled with lots of adventures. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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