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Bellarific FRIDAY take 2!

Sorry sistahs, have had SUCH a headache with this internet and WORDPRESS today.. don’t even ask! so I am retyping the whole entry again.. bear with me..


Well it’s here sistahs!  Our challenge was quite a success!  Who would EVER think of putting white, purple and red together?  Nicky and I were fearful at first but the image was so elegant, we figured how could it go wrong?!?!?  and it didn’t!

Before I go on, I would love to introduce our brand new BELLARIFIC BABES!  We have chosen some amazing sistahs to help contribute to these bellarific fridays and post some samples on their blogs.  You may already know some of them but if not, please give a BIG ROUND OF applause to….

Nicky Manel of course you all know NICKY.  Nicky is Stamping Bella’s creative director, right left hand and feet..LOL and is one of the most talented cardmakers of all time (IMHO).  She has been stamping and teaching for more than 10 years, has a very dedicated following.. people don’t even have to know what she is teaching, they just sign up!  Nicky’s warmth and talent exudes at all times…you just want to be close to her and hopefully, through osmosis, you will become that talented too (i’m still waiting.. hmph).  Nicky has been on TV several times demonstrating the craft, has been published in many a magazine.. just a super wonderful sistah!

Here is a pic of Nicky and her bellarific Friday card!

and she HUFFED and she PUFFED and she BLEEWWWW the house down!

and she HUFFED and she PUFFED and she BLEEWWWW the house down!

and here is Nicky’s layout.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  SHe uses appley bowl huggabugg and our sentiment.. She also used my favorite bo bunny double dot paper.. LOVE THIS CARD!

Come meet STEUBY.. otherwise known as Shannan Teubner

Wonderfully talented, a joy to be around and a wonderful friend!  a True sistah!

cute cute cute!

cute cute cute!

here is Shannan’s bio:

“Hi my name is Shannan, and I am an ADDICTABELLA!  I started stamping in 2006 and in early 2007 my first bella stamp made it’s way into my craft room.  From that day on, I was a woman OBSSESSED.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all my stamps.  But my Stamping Bella stamps have a special place in my heart, and so do my sistahs.  When I am not stamping, I’m chasing my 2 boys or hanging out with my husband.  I am honored to be playing along with the Bella Babes, the Princess Bella Babe and the Queen Bella Babe.  I loveyyy them all!  Mwah to all my sistahs!”

Here’s Shannan’s BEEYOOTIFUL springtini card!  Isn’t it gorgeous?

now meet Karen Motz

cutie patootie

cutie patootie

We met Karen about a year ago and we fell in love 🙂  She and her BFFFFF Dana (see below) just lightened up my day whenever they came to visit.. the passion, the zeal, the zest!  you couldn’t beat that!  Here’s a little bio introducing karen and then her card using HAPPY FLOWERS which come in 2 sizes packaged together!  I also think Karen is addicted to dots.. she used the poppy glitter small dots and nestabilities!

“I was a scrapbooker for years, but rubber stamping and card making have taken over my passion ever since I was introduced to it in May of 2003.  I love all the different looks you can get with one stamp.. I love colouring…I love paper.. I love ribbon.. I love embellishments.. I love it all!  In addition to stamping for myself, I also taught stamping and cardmaking classes at my LSS.  I was lucky enough to live nearby Bellaland.. it’s such a fun and happy place to spend some time and some money (grin!).. Since moving to Massachusetts, I started blogging in November ’08 as a way to keep in touch with friends and also share a little of my creativity with the stamping world”.



Now please meet Dana White.. the other half of Karen..LOL.  These two made our day when they came to visit!  They even were put to work at times (we have no shame..LOL)  Dana, we miss you sooo very much and hope you come and visit us soon k? (and sickness is NOT a reason NOT to come for a visit..hmph)

Here’s dana’s bio and picture.. now give her a round of applause!

that smile! mwah!!

that smile! mwah!!

“my cousin introduced me to scrapbooking and from that I discovered rubber stamping, at the time I said it wasn’t for me and now I have a wonderful room devoted to what I was not going to do!

When living in Toronto I was lucky enough to discover Stamping Bella and become friends with Emily and nicky, and spent many hours at Stamping Bella; my HAppy place with my sistahs.  Since moving back to Calgary I miss Toronto and the time I spent with the girls (and Ryan)

I started blogging in Dec. ’08 to get my stamps inked regularly and whenever I need a fix of my happy place I reach for my Bella Bindas!”

and here is Dana’s Card

stella bella bo bella banana fana fo fella.. fee fi fo fella FELLA STELLAAA

stella bella bo bella banana fana fo fella.. fee fi fo fella FELLA STELLAAAand HERE'SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS LINDA HEAVENS! We met Linda last year when she came for a visit to Bellaland.. we had so much fun, coloured our heads off, blabbed and gabbed and ATE. It was an amazing Day!! Linda is a Phenom colorist and fabulous cardmaker and just a wonderful person all around 🙂 We love you Linda!!here is cute lindathat smirky devilish smile.. BWAHHAHAHAHAHA

Here is Linda’s BIO and Card
I’m Linda (besiieheav on SCS).  I’ve been married to Mark (affectionately known as “the hubs” on my blog) for 20 years and we have 18 year old twin boys.  We are preparing to be empty nesters in September when the boys will embark to university.  we ARE ready (we think!) If you are wondering where the “bessiehheav” came from, it was derived from my beloved West Highland Terrier, Bessie.
I’ve been stamping for about 6 years but have always been a creative soul at heart.  As a youngin’ I grew up with a mother who painted and sewed and I was always intrigued by it.  My grandmother was a seamstress and taught me to sew at a very early age, a skill I still enjoy today when time permits.  I grew up with an easel in our kitchen where I watched my mother take her weekly oil painting classes, much like today where my kitchen has become my creative space.  Unlike my mother, I was never much for oil painting, watercolor and pencil crayons were my passions.  Needless to say, when I discovered there were images out there that I could stamp, then paint or colour, I was hooked.  Just over a year ago, I ventured into copics and I am still learning how to use them to their potential.  I can’t say I have a favorite colouring medium, I enjoy them all and even like to mix them up!
I am hoping I can inspire you in some way, just like my mother and grandmother have inspired me.”
This is Linda HEAVENLY.. lol

This is Linda HEAVENLY.. lol

now meet Monique Hawrelluk

this chicklet is FULLL of energy.. and I mean FULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of energy and that is why we looooove when she comes to visit Bellaland!  She is extremely talented, SOOO cute and bubbly and hard to resist!

cute cute cute!

cute cute cute!

“I’m a jack of all trades.. master of none”  so to speak.  My passion for crafting and creating led me to rubber stamping approximately 5 years ago and really have no idea what I would do without it now  I ‘m also a Stampin Up demonstrator, but mainly as a hobby.  Besides my amazing son and most supportive boyfriend, rubber stamping is now my true passion and my escape from reality.

and here’s Monique’s gorgeous card using Patricia Birthdaycake!

gorgeoussss dahlink!

gorgeoussss dahlink!Let's now meet Paula Williamson.. she has been to Bellaland too! we had SO MUCH FUN together !.. had a group of sistahs including Lunda.. so much fun!!! Paula is funny and full of personality (we'll keep you Paula *winks*) Paula is also a wonderful cardmaker, master colorist and funny and fun and and and!another big mwah!

” A huge HELLO from Michigan!  My name is Paula and I lead a double life.  During the day I work in a small factory and we manufacture pressurized toilet systems.  Can life get more glam than that?  When I return home to my loving husband, daughter, dog and cat, I slip into my ‘room’. (ok sometimes I make dinner).  I started scrapbooking in 2000 and it’s been almost two years since I just gave it up and set my sights on the blogging world and cardmaking!  I rediscovered my love of coloring and I have never looked back.  Believe it or not, I spent four years in college, two were in an art school in Ohio.  I studied color, composition, design and lettering, and it’s all helped me with my cards today.  I love making, learning and helping others.  I usually have a smile on my face and while I think of myself as shy, others might not agree!  LOL.  Blogging has opened up a world of people I would have never met otherwise, and spending a day with stamps and friends is as good as it gets! I don’t know if you could pin me down to any particular style, other than “clean & uncluttered”.  I like to focus on the main image and show it off.. and you probably won’t find a card that I have not sewed on! haha”
Love Beetle EXTRAORDINAIRE!! how BEEYOOTIFUL is this card?!

Love Beetle EXTRAOrDINAIRE!! how BEEYOOTIFUL is this card?!

And last but certainly NOT LEAST, the UBER talented and “sketchy” (she hosts great sketch challenges on her blog..LOL) Jen Del Muro
love this girl!

love this girl!

Her layouts are FAB-O, her coloring is PHENOM and she has agreed to be a BABE (even though she was one before..LOL)
“HI there! I am Jen del Muro aka genie1314 on SCS.  I have been crafting all my life, but dove into stamping about 5 years ago.  It all started with a home party and I was hooked from there.  I am thankful to have served as part of the SCS dirty dozen, as well as several other design teams.  I live in North Texas with my beautiful daughter, Ellie and my loving husband Tony.  When I am not stamping, I enjoy hanging out with them and our 2 crazy dogs and sly black cat.  My work can be seen in various publications, and on my blog.  Thank you to Emily and Nicky for bringing me on to play with the wonderful Stamping Bella Stamps (as if I needed an excuse to do that!) and the rest of the bella babes.
and here is Jen’s card


and who can forget LIL OLE ME.. and my turtle tots picking posies 🙂
loook at that face!!

loook at that face!!

So there you have it!  Whaddya think of our Bellarific babes?  They will be contributing in our challenges weekly and will be posting cards on their respective blogs regularly so PLEASE check daily!
Now here are the sistahood contributions, absolutely fabbydabbylicious and we soo appreciate you entering!  (in no particular order)
Chris Arthars- very clever use of flowersoft for the bouquets!

Chris Arthars- very clever use of flowersoft for the bouquets!

Christy Stanford

Christy Stanford

Heather Dennis

Heather Dennis

hope spencer

hope spencer

I must also give a BIIIIG thank you to Hope-A-Bella for a goodie bag I received from her 🙂  This is what I received and I was soooo giddy!  There was an educational book as well that mentined bella a kajillion times.  I had little post it notes everywhere showing the bella “sightings”.. I don’t have a picture of it cuz my little TYLER stole’d’ it!.. hmph.. here is the pic of Hope’s goodies
jamie morris

jamie morris

Janet Berezowecki

Janet Berezowecki

Janet Rossi

Janet Rossi

Jennifer Bradley

Jennifer Bradley

shannon guindon

shannon guindon

Stephanie Bonniot- beautiful haircut and card stephanie!

Stephanie Bonniot- beautiful haircut and card stephanie!

Jennifer Booth

Jennifer Boothdawn barghornsusan whitejenn BorjessonKaren Daleysusan white

susan white

susan white

jenn borjeson

jenn borjeson

jami rudd

jami rudd

pat serrano

pat serrano

So what do you think of BELLARIFIC FRIDAYS? do you likey?  do you lovey?  want us to continue>  Put a comment in too and you can receive a 10$ bella bucks voucher if we choose your name!  WE will post our next challenge on Monday so stay tooooned!

I am THRILLED with how this turned out…. I am so PROUD of the bellarific BABES.!  I was also so happy that I got to play too.. I had so much fun (FINALLY.. I nevah get a chance to play)
I will place these cards in the sistahs gallery as well1
Thank you all for participating1
NOw if you don’t see your card up here, please let me know.. i do require a separate file of the card of the week.. also please visit the BELLARIFIC BABEORAMA’s blogs and see what they are up to!
Mwah to da sistahs who think that EVERY Day is BELLARIFIC!


  1. Karyn says:

    Oh no Em! So sorry that you had troubles. What I did get to read earlier was fab!

  2. MelissaC says:

    I am so excited to see the beautiful creations of these Sistahs!! Both Karen and Shannan are two of my faves and already in my Google Reader!!

  3. Leslie says:

    Yaaaaaay – my two most favourite stamping buddies AND the fabulous Nicky, stamping Queen – it doesn’t get any better! You made the most bella-riffic choices Emily. Can’t wait to see what the BellaBabes come up with!

  4. Robb_eeie says:

    Hi Emily ~~~ What a Rockin’ list of talented *Bella Babes* :0)

    Can’t wait to blog hop around these ladies and view all their creative creations. ***CONGRAT’s*** Ladies.

  5. I had such fun playing this week and loveeeee seeing all the creations of the sistahs! MWAH!

  6. paula says:

    I am so sad…did I get voted off the island already? I promise I will post my card on my blog…I’ve been at work and went to buy cardstock and new Nike shoes to keep ahead of the game…

  7. WOWEEE!!! What a WONDERFUL lineup of talent!! Congrats to ALL the BABES!!

  8. Janet says:

    you have picked some very talented babes!! Love everyones cards too:)

  9. Karen says:

    Wow! What lovely cards. That springtini is such a great image. Mine is on it’s way to me at this very moment – can’t wait!
    That was a fun challenge – I had fun inking up my Bella hearts.

  10. Wow!!! All of those cards are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t pick a favorite….
    I am truly in awe at the talent that abounds here….love them all.

  11. Janet B says:

    Wow–these are gorgeous creations. I can hardly wait to try another challenge.

  12. Jennifer Bradley says:

    I had soooo much fun participating !!!! I really hope I will be able to participate in more! The Bellas Babes did such a wonderful job as did the sistahs! I don;t have a blog – so it was fun seeing my card posted on yours! I love all the cards – but I have to say Stephanie’s hippo card just screams CUTENESS!!!

  13. Heather says:

    FUNNNNN!!!!! All of the cards are GORGEOUS!!! I loved the color combo on the cards! And what an amazing team you have!!! I see greatness in your bellariffic future! I am so excited! I love Bellariffic Friday ~ the Babes ~ Bellas and you :o) MWah!!!

  14. Laurie Mom of 3 says:

    I’ve had so much fun blog hopping tonight. My *need* list is huge!!!! The amount of talent is amazing!

  15. Karen Motz says:

    Em, I’m soooooo happy Bellarific Fridays are back. Could there be a better way to start the weekend?!? All the card submissions are just awesome…I must have been one of the lucky few who could see your entire first post. It always amazes me how we all start with the same inspiration piece and end up with such a variety of cards. 🙂

  16. Melody says:

    First, the BELLARIFIC BABES’s card are fabulous. I will look forward to reading their blogs. Second, who would have thought purple and red could look so good together! I will look forward to the challenges.

  17. Mary Jane D. says:

    Great creations. I’ll be adding some new blogs to my Google reader now. : ) Hopefully I can start participating in the challenges. Thanks for the wonderful stamps and inspiration!

  18. Seriously!!! Em, this rocks. The BABES are amazing. And I might be a little biased but I am so proud of my friends Paula and the crazy onesome Dana & Karen. Should we call them Daren? LOL.

  19. LoriT. says:

    I love Bellarific Fridays!! Gorgeooooousis cards, Everyone!!! Look forward to seeing more beautiful creations every Friday!!:)

  20. Joanne B says:


    So very excited, and so sorry that I missed this till just now tonight. Several of my favorite peeps on that team, and you know I loveeee you and Nicky to death!
    Looking forward to stamping up some bella love for next friday! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  21. Jennifer (jkincolorado) says:

    All the cards are so cute! I made a card for this challenge, loaded it to my gallery and realized I missed the deadline. BOOHOO!!!! 🙁 I’ll play again next week and be ON TIME!!! 🙂

  22. Arianne says:

    I love the challenge!
    I didn’t have time to play last week, but all the cards are stunning!
    Good job, ladies!

  23. Shannon says:

    I’d love the challenge every week, gives me an excuse to buy more too!

  24. Alexis says:

    I love Bellarific Fridays! It’s great to see all the different cards that were done by both the DT and the other Sistah’s!

  25. Terri says:

    Sadly, I missed playing this week, can’t wait to see what is in store next time. Awesome DT you have chosen!

  26. Leslie says:

    Luuuuuuuuuuve that Bella-riffic Fridays are back. I can see the WHOLE post now and love all the cards that the BellaBabes have come up with. That’s some bunch of talent there ladies! Great job Sistahs!!!

  27. crystalbella says:

    Congratulations ladies! I can’t wait to see and read all about these gals. I am off to bookmark each and everyone of the blogs they created and start ‘stalking’ LOL!

  28. I’m *SO* sad that I wasn’t able to play! 🙁
    I have a cruddy head cold – and I am teaching *TODAY* ugh, I seriously would rather club under a rock!

    I absolutely adore all the creations! 🙂 way to go sistahs!

    And I can’t WAIT to play too – I think this is a great idea! 😀

    {non germ passing hugs!}

  29. ugh! CLIMB / CRAWL – not club – {rolls eyes}

  30. Carol says:

    Wow! I love all the cards. Great job ladies! I just did not get to stamping this week…I am so sad! I have made a promise to my self to get my craft area cleaned up this weekend – since I am supposed to be snowed in, I should right?

  31. Love it! I saw my name towards the bottom, but not my card. It’s Jenn Borjeson. :o) It was the No Fair Girl card (I can’t believe… I missed your birthday).

  32. wooo hoooo! I can’t wait to see more from da Babes!!!! I didn’t get a chance to play this week, but can’t wait for the next!

  33. It’s a bellariffic time here!!

  34. Susan White says:

    Hi Ladies, These cards are all amazing. Fabulous Job!! Can’t wait till Monday for the next challenge.!!!

  35. angie says:

    These cards are gorgeous! I love Bellarific Fridays! Please keep doing them!

  36. Bela says:

    Amazing cards ladies!

  37. Lisa says:

    gotta say I love all the creations
    keep up the amazing challenges

  38. Jane B. says:

    All the cards are great!! Love the Bellarific Fridays!

  39. Yvette says:

    I love Bellarific Fridays esp since I just found out about your stamps and have a long list of must haves to make my girlfriends cards with. I love the Bellas and have a long list of need and want stamps winning the Bella dollars would help

  40. Carisa says:

    Oh I love this! I didn’t get a chance to particpate (and LOVE that color combo) but I can’t wait to see what the challenge is on Monday! PLUS, my new bellas should be coming on Tues so I will have extra mojo to participate! 🙂 *mwah*

  41. Sandye Curry says:

    Hope this continues! I loved the cards. Love the purple and red together–and I would not have used it before.

  42. Pam says:

    Love the Bellarific Fridays. Great cards. Looking forward to more… Thanks!

  43. Denise Carter says:

    I’m in love with the new stamps. The stamp that says “Dogs are my favorite people”, is it new?

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