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Barbie, ahem, I mean BELLA dream house

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Hello sistahs,

 Well, it is Saturday night and what am I doing, you ask?  Packing orders with love and glee.. but I did have to make a card.. I was shaking wanting to express myself on colored paper (sounds obscene, but you know what I mean!–*belly laughs*).  I read on one of the Splitcoast posts that the bellas are considered “Barbies” for stampers… I thought long and hard about this and you know what?  They SO are… That’s exactly how I would describe them!  They are total barbies to us!!  Instead of dressing them, you color them.. same type of thrill, no?  To me?  YES!  So I decided that Barbie.. I mean Bella, needed her own ‘dream’ home.. and here it is.  I LOVE IT!  I had so much fun coloring it (mineral spirits and prismacolor pencils-HENNA is my new fave colour), you have no idea!  Used my favorite Bazzill parakeet paper and a mystery die cut.. OMG my next post will tell you all about this.. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this line!  Sorry to keep you in suspense, but I HAVE to.. as I need to devote more than a 1 liner to this vast array of die cuts.. so TRUST me ladies and gentlemen (??? YA THINK?).. it will be well worth the wait!  Oh, I must also admit that in every single one of my card where you see bling? they are REAL swarovski crystals.. nothing but the BEST for my babes.. honestly.  I am such a nutjob, eh? (just gave away my ‘canadian-ness’ once again!).

Oh, and I also must tell the story about the dollhouse and accessories I bought for my 19 month old daughter (i mean me).. Amy R and I discussed this at length how we need barbies and dollhouses for ourselves–ahem– I mean our kids!  I had to get the BIGGEST dollhouse and some of the accessories (will buy more daily).. my girlfriend bought for ‘her daughter’ a camping set..LOL.. with teeny tiny marshmallows to roast!! COULD YOU JUST FREAK OUT?  I think I will stop now before you think I am totally nuts.

 I hope you love this card as much as I do, because I SOOOOO DO. 





  1. mnhyrkas says:

    Cute stamps! you need a subscribe email on your blog though. I’m addicted to blogs, but cant keep track of the ones I’d like to come back to unless I subscribe.

  2. Lauren Meader says:

    OMG! Emily whay cpouldn’t you have posted this BEFORE I *just* placed another order!!! I guess I will wait to see what other goodies you post through the next week, as I wait for yet another shipment of bellas!
    Keep’em comin ;D

  3. Your post about buying for your “kids” (you) totally cracked me up! I do this all the time! By toys, (right now it’s Littlest Pet Shop!) and I don’t even have kids! But I DO have a Day Care, so it’s for them, right?

  4. AmyR says:

    Auuurrrggghhh you gave away our secret!!!! EMILY!!!!!

    ROFL you are a NUT but I love you – my wallet doesn’t tho – I’m trying SOOOOO hard to be good but I have a wishlist made up and I don’t think I can put off ordering for very much longer!!!

  5. Catherine says:

    Wow I love your blog! The post about your buying dolls for yourself (I mean your kids) was hilarious! I think you should treat yourself and then when your children are older you can play with your dolls together!!

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