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back in the grind :) but a GOOD grind

SISTAHHHHHS!! I have missed you!!!

Boston is over and we are back.. we had such a PHENOM time… it was a LONNNNNG drive (8 hours) but we stopped in Albany and shopped and slept and then we were off to Framingham!  We met lots of new peeps and of course our old buddies.. ate well, shopped well, shmoozed well.. picked up lots of new customers.. a GREAT time was had by all!

So having been away and in a car for 6 kadrillion hours I had time for myself.. and you know what that means? aside from  irritating ryan for 5.8 kadrillion hours?  READING MAGAZINES.. my favorite pastimes!  I got to catch up on new makeup products (part of Ryan’s irritation), recipes, fashion, what trends to watch out for etc… basically the main thing I found (especially in INSTYLE magazine) was that the trend is BRIGHT COLORS… and I mean REHEALLY bright colors.. so we were quite “BANG ON” with this week’s challenge! (makes me giddy).  Sistahs, do NOT forget about this week’s challenge.. here’s a little reminder of the colors

for all the rules, check out my post here

I got GREAT inspiration for our challenges too!  I also cut this out cuz it makes me realize how BRILLIANT and AVANT GARDE nickabella is! LOL (she’ll kill me for saying that)

check out Nicky’s card here.. notice how she colored in the letters to coordinate with the card?

Now check out Isaac Mizrahi’s add in IN STYLE

see the title?? BRILLIANT I SAY :)

see the title?? BRILLIANT I SAY 🙂

whenever I look in the magazines, I also ALWAYS look at new gadgets, home furnishings etc.. and LOVED these two pages… don’t ask me why!

Aren’t they inspiring?  Well, I am off to the one of a kind show to BEGGGGG Ketto for more images..LOL.. hopefully it won’t take another 2 years.. just kiddinK..   Hope to be even MORE inspired and find MORE goodieZZZZ

Mwah to da sistahs who lovey da EYE CANDY and who will be sending me their submissions!



  1. Welcome Back Em!! Glad you had a great trip…I’m a huge bright color lover too. Sooo glad those are in style again!

  2. Karen Wilson says:

    Welcome back Emily!! I can relate to that loooong drive! We’ve done the drive to Florida with both kids twice now. The second time we got the ‘are we there yet?’, ‘i have to pee’ from our daughter who was only 7 at the Sounds like you had a great time!! I sent my submission in yesterday and love these new colors!! Look fwd to the next challenge!

  3. christine says:

    saweetttttttt!!! AWSOME colors 🙂
    glad your back and had an awsome time
    sorry i missed you when i went by a couple of days ago 🙁
    hope to see you soon
    Big Hugsssss

  4. Leslie says:

    Well, I always knew our Nicky was talented but now…. Isaac Mizrahi is copying HER card ideas for his layouts in IN STYLE! That’s awesome 🙂
    I’m sending my card for Friday’s challenge shortly. Sorry, I missed you on Friday but glad you had a great weekend.

  5. Wow, could those colors be the next inspiration for our Bella Challenge?? Hey, where’s the pics of the American Girl? Glad you’re back safely.

  6. Jenn says:

    Love those colors. I just got back from vacation and also was reading magazines in the car. One of my favorite pasttimes.

  7. Hello: This is my first attempt at your challenges, but Ic an’t seem to find where I am supposed to link it to. Do you have Mr. Linky? Here is the address for my post anyways. This is for Bellarific Fridays.


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