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art journaling MONDAY on TOOSDAY!

Hiya journaling sistahs and journaling lurkers 🙂

This week’s theme was TISSUE paper… crumpled, glued, glazed, layered.. you name it 🙂

Now the first tool I would like to stress as important for collage, gluing things down, sealing is a GOOD GLUE.  you must arm yourselves with one.  After trying a kajillion +10 brands, I really go back to the same one.. my PPA.  Now I ALWAYS say that you must invest in good tools to achieve good results :).  Every week I will post a couple of my favorite tools so that I can enable you a little more n’k?  PPA matte after it dries looks like there is nothing there and your papers are sealed and protected.. it’s really AMAZIN-K.

Ok let’s see what da sistahood came up with for their journal pages!

Corey's creation!

Jennifer B's creation!

Sheryl's creation!

Paulabella's creation!

Lindabella's creation!

Rhian's creation!

my page


So there you have it.. different ways to journal with tissue paper!! I LOVE the entries!!  Please keep sending them!! (can I put more !!!!!!’s?)

Now NEXT WEEK’S THEME is DOODLING.  Oh, the doodle.. grab a pen and just scribble.. draw a circle.. then another circle around it.. then scallops around that… oh did I hear dots?  SURRRRE.. add some dots!   That’s the evolution of a doodle!  Swirls, Flourishes, Circles, Shapes.. doodles you draw while on the phone..  stick it in your journal!

Here’s another expense 🙂  ready?  I have tried ALL pens… I am LOVING the SAKURA MICRON pens right now.. I have THIS set which has a variety of nibs.. it’s AMAZING!  PERMANENT! WATERPROOF! FADEPROOF!!  I LOVE IT! (great for journaling and doodling.. not the best for drawing over acrylic)   And now for THE BEST WHITE PEN HANDS DOWN? the UNIBALL UM-153 in WHITE! FANTASTICALLY AMAZING..

Ok.. now me gots to go and do another page 🙂

Mwah to da sistahs who will participate this week!

BELLARIFIC FRIDAY THIS WEEK is METAL on your card… send it ovah!



  1. Gloria Sauve says:

    OMG! I love these pages!!! I really wish now I had sent mine in. Got to lose my inhibitions!!! Great, great stuff, ladies!!! :o)

  2. Regan says:

    wow..nice work

    I sent my bellarific already..arent you proud??

  3. paula says:

    busy with watching videos online and charting my colors…because I don’t have them all. just sayin. THESE WERE WORTH THE WAIT!!
    yours is amazing!! did you hear that? I loved looking at them all and if it wasn’t tv time…i would look AGAIN. tissue paper is in the trash.

  4. lindaH says:

    i thought i told you not to put mine next to paula’s 🙂 these are AMAZING! LOVIN’ journal mondays

  5. Karen says:

    Gorgeous! I love these. I said I was in, then I went on holidays. Yesterday I went to the art store (lucky for me it’s near where I work, maybe I should just move my direct deposit pay cheque over there…) and got a journal. Have been mulling wax and tissue ideas, now doodling.

  6. Suzan says:

    Love you’re ideas. Guess it’s time to take the tissue off my good china and used them. Then again, that tissue is full of dust. Need to buy new.

  7. Beth Norman says:

    Wow, these are all so awesome. I love that you are now into mixed media.

  8. Rhian Lowe says:

    Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy – my son’s newest catch phrase! Already have a doodling page done!

  9. Maria H says:

    you ladies are talented artist! working on coloring my bellerific card…just hope its done in time, i still can’t imagine myself art journaling.

  10. maryg says:


  11. Bren says:

    how inspiring. I just love them all. The uniqueness of each one is simply fabulous!

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