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april 5th- galabella card class at the Bella’s digs!

Once upon a time there was a a consultant who worked for a Customs Brokerage firm.  She was COMPLETELY un-crafty, was all thumbs, purchased a KAJILLION craft projects which she nevAH finished (know who I am talking about yet?).  She always loved to color and actually purchased her first Mary Engelbright stamp when she was all of eight years of age.  She used to stamp it in purple.  She used to SLAM it into the purple inkpad.  She always wondered why the image was always blurry.  Hmph.  Well, with her unfinished baby rughooking project meant for a child who had just turned nine, off she went to the local store, Cherished Scrapbooks cuz she DECIDED that she didn’t wanna BUY mothers day cards (lack o money and attention-sorry my dear MIL) she wanted to MAKE mother’s day cards (BIIIIIIG MISSSSTAKKKKKEEEEEE).  So she marched in and looked at stamps and picked up a four flower Hero Arts quad stamp and decided that THIS would be the perfect focal point for ALL of my (ahem, I mean HER) cards… She spoke to Dianne the manager there (MWAH! DIANNE) and Dianne referred her to Nicky Manel, a reknowned teacher/mentor in NORTH AMERICA.. Ok, so now I must speak in the first person.. yes, the main character in this tale is ME.. I know you are shocked.  RE-HEALLY shocked.  SO I says to Dianne WHO IS THIS PERSON, AND I NEED A CLASS IMMEDIATELY…. well sistahs, the rest is history.  honestly.

I took my first beginner’s class the following week (was SOOO angry that I had to wait that long… if you know me, you will realize that i have NO patience at all.. but boy was the wait worth it)  I went to the class and the first thing I noticed was how I was an instant MAGNET to Nicky…. I knew right away that she was from Montreal (where I am from), that we knew common people, and that she would be a part of my life FOREVAH.  The class was PHENOM and the rest is history.. The key to Nicky’s class is that the work is done for you.  Her philosophy is that you work/run around all day, her class should be SHEER pleasure and enjoyment.. and actually full of information that will remain with you forevah!  I don’t mean to go on and on and NIcky will probably KILL me for this post but I have to tell you a little bit about Nicky.. the woman who has been with me 100% of the way from the beginning when she would approve drawings, to when I would bring my rubbah to Cherished to cut, to designing cards, to keep me grounded, to teach me everything she knows, to be kind to me, to keep me company etc etc…

Nicky will Reheally kill me when she reads the next part (sorry Nickabella but I think da sistahs should know..LOL!)

Nicky has achieved many accomplishments.  She has been stamping for 9 years and teaching for 8.  She has been published in magazines such as Somerset Studio, Stamper’s Sampler, Take 10, Stamp it, Papercrafts, papercraft essentials in the UK etc.  She has an international selling DVD, “Ink It UP” that she made with Dianne (remember her from above? LOL).  Nicky teaches at Toronto’s largest craft convention “Creativ Festival (no it ISN”T spelled wrong) where her classes are sold out before the tickets are for sale..LOL.  She has made TV appearances showing the art of the craft.  The greatest part about Nicky’s cardmaking in my humble opinion is her “clean and elegant” style.  Nicky’s favorite “embellishments” are glittah (of course), baubles, swarovskis, beautiful ribbon etc.. 

Nicky has two great kids, Wendy and Robbie.  Wendy is a TOTAL sistah.. TOTAL and comes up with the most FABBY ideas too!, a wonderful hubs JOE, and a little teeny tiny Maya (her granddaughter) and another grandbaby on the way!  SOOOO exciting!

oops, the point of this blog entry…LOL.. (i DO have a “digression” problem, don’t I?), is that we have finally booked our 1st class for da sistahs.. it will be called the “Galabella” class where Nicky will teach different layouts, how she comes up with them, colouring techniques and how to use our FABBY embellishments.  We decided that we will keep it very personal where the class will have 6 people.. We will be offering the class twice on Saturday April 5th  (10-12 and 2-4)… spaces are very limited as you see.. I want people to get to know eachother, to be able to talk and essentially it will feel like a ‘ONE ON ONE’.. Nicky of course will be teaching.. I will be hanging out pretending to know what I am talking about.. LOL and just make it a fun place to be!

If you are interested in calling for pricing and reserving a spot, please let us know!  give us a call at 905.763.2355  or email at and we will give you all the deets!

Mwah to da sistahs who aren’t annoying bragging about OTHAH people 🙂



  1. Katie Skiff says:

    I wanna come!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH…can you hear me crying in disappointment!! Can you come to Montana and do some classes? How ’bout it?

    How fun for both you ladies…I applaud you both, and Nicky for getting our Em started!! YAY!!!
    Oh, and we want pics from that day!!

  2. Emm says:

    Wish I could be there but, alas, I am way down here in Alabama. I will probably need some more new rubbah that day from the Bella to lift my spirits! I am not a patient person either (have you noticed? is it obvious?) I really shouldn’t even be asking as I just bought some more bellas the other day-new rubber would definitely get me in trouble. LOL

  3. Dang it! I would love to take a class from darling Nicky ( : ) ) — and I loved reading about your journey with her, Em. I just liked Nicky so, so much when I met her at CHA. She is the REAL DEAL — in every way — she just glows from the inside out. Big hugs to you and Nicky, and I hope you two and the lucky sistahs who get to take the April class have a wonderful time.

    Any chance that could be a traveling course? I’m thinking that if we could get you two down to Texas, I’d drive down, and between Shannan, Jen and me, we could rustle up a couple of others and show you a great time. How ’bout it?

  4. Rachel says:

    I am weeping great big tears of purple ink. 🙁 You should come to the USA for a little teaching tour with Nicky! It would be so fun and I promise I would be there with bells on!!!

  5. If any of you are up to travelling to attend this class, I CAN’T RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH! Nicky is a truly gifted teacher and stamper, and you’ll be in excellent hands (and have a blast!)

  6. Julie Masse says:

    Oh man would I LOVE to come!!! I just loved meeting Nicky – she was so nice!! and it would be so awesome to come to your class . . . I suppose I’m not that far right?? Maybe someday . . . 🙂

  7. Jamie Morris says:

    hmm how much would it cost to fly???? I wish I was closer :(. One day maybe!!!

  8. jessica says:

    Looks like you will have to travel the world!

    Starting in Montreal of course!

  9. Joanne B says:

    Oh rats, why do you have to live SO FAR AWAY! How about you both come to Boston for a day of stamping and shopping, we’d have so much fun!

    Nicky is a love and I’m sure is a fantastic instructor, probably WAY more patient than me! 😉

    Emily, I’m sure you and I would just get in trouble for chatting too much and distracting everyone else in the class! LOL!

  10. Julie Bock says:


  11. Susan says:

    This may sound silly, but where is your shop, how long to drive from Halifax, NS, I wish I was there, I could move, by not that quickly. LOL

  12. Hope says:

    Bawahh!!!!!!!!! Too far way from Mississippi too! I will be there in heart for sure. MWAH!! Hope-a-bella

  13. Gay Ferland says:

    What about the little town of Belmont in New Hampshire??? Would love to have a Bella class!! LOL! I’ll just show them off and let the journey begin!

  14. SOOOOOOOOOO Sad I don’t live there!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee Nicky!! She’s a rockstar.

  15. Beth says:

    Okay, in looking at my bank account, it is obvious that a trip from Alabama is just not in the budget (if only all the SISTAHs had been born rich, instead of pretty) so…. would you ever consider filming the class and selling DVDs or are you familar with My Creative Classroom? I’m currently taking a web class there with the fabulous Julie Ebersole and it is completely awesome the way she (with the help of the folks of MCC) has it all set up. Just a thought for those of us down South!

  16. Amanda says:

    OOOH, you’re all gonna be soo jealloouusss.,…I live close enough. Now I just have to get accepted into this highly sought after and much anticipated event. Pick me Em, pick me. lol

  17. Kandi says:

    I wannna come…..Can’t you come to Iowa too??????

    I really wish I could come.


  18. Lori PinkyDinkyDo says:

    EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PinkyDinkyDo is COMIN’ TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!
    And Nicky too!!!!!!!

    This couldn’t be more perfff The “Mr” and I were just chatting about trying to schedule a weekend away and April is great timing!!!! I’ll send him off to a golf store or local waterin’ hole and this Sistah is comin to play! Save me a spot at the table. I’ll call you tomorrow for the deets (it’s probably past your bedtime now)
    Mwah with glitter on top!,

  19. Christy S. says:

    Hey, Sistahs, at least you all are on the same CONTINENT as Em and Nicky! I shall be waving at you all from here in JAPAN. Yep, just sitting here on my lil subtropical island….with my stamps….but I wanna meet Da Bellas!! And I would really like to meet a Kimonobella….hehehe.

  20. lindaH says:

    Well Christy, look at the bright side. At least being in Japan you can get a better price on Copics!

  21. Dianne Glass says:

    >>Quote . . the woman who has been with me 100% of the way from the beginning when she would approve drawings, to when I would bring my rubbah to Cherished to cut, to designing cards, to keep me grounded, to teach me everything she knows, to be kind to me, to keep me company etc etc…””

  22. I cry foul! Take that bellaclass on da road! Come visit the beautiful state of UTAH – stay at my house, stamp in my fabulo-so studio, eat chocolate, let me serve you jello and we can drink unti lthe cows come home! Ok, so um there really aren’t any cows so we can drink until we’re plastered!

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