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Wow a DOUBLE whammy sistahs… have you been spoiled this week or what? LOL

So now that the kids are settled in school and I have a bit of time for myself and lots of time for my sistahs  My BFF and I decided to start Weight Watchers.. (AGAIN. hmph).. this time though I will do it..LOL (if you scroll back far enough you will see that I have done it 687 times already LOL).. but this time….. So if anyone would like to buddy up, I am sharing my journey on Instagram and FB as well.. but I love me my Instagram :).. you can find me under this handle @stampingbella.   I know.. it’s a REHEALLY creative name..LOL

so here is my BFF Melissa walking in… she was SO mad at me taking this picture LOL… but hey  that’s what friends are for, no?


So our journey begins.  Any great recipes, ideas, blogs, websites,  foods etc would be SO appreciated 🙂  or any inspirational stories too.  I read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT and will start responding within the thread.. so stay tuned.

Ok so the reason I tell you this story is because I have another seniorita to introduce to you… You ready?

MEET….. senior-ita GLORIA


Now Gloria and her sentiment can be interpreted in many different ways :)… Like.. “ech screw it, eat the piece of cake …LOL”… or “YOU CAN DO IT” and still succeed… or simply, do what makes you happy :).. the image and the sentiment don’t necessarily have to go together.   She so makes me laugh as I feel like her every day.. like “will it show on the scale if I am standing and eating?”.. sitting is a different story ..LOL.. I just love these characters because not only are they amazing Senior-ita images but they also bypass age.. doesn’t EVERYONE step on the scale with one toe?  Doesn’t EVERYONE eat cake?  Doesn’t everyone SHOVE CAKE  DOWN THEIR THROATS WHILST STANDING UP AND KICKING THE SCALE OUT DA WINDOW? LOL.. I know I do 🙂  do youuuu”?

So there you have it.  My Gloria 🙂


Some winnahs from last week


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Our theme this week was a SKETCHYPOO


OK let’s see what our baberoonis came up with shall we?

Angelabella used KING OF THE CANDY CANES

Angelabella used KING OF THE CANDY CANES

Danabella used THE WAY YOU MOVE

Danabella used THE WAY YOU MOVE

I am a moronabella and featured Cath’s card LAST week instead of this week.  hmph.  Bear with me.. Im hungry LOL

Cathabella used SCRIBBLE GARDEN

Cathabella used SCRIBBLE GARDEN





Regabella used PARKER THE PIGGY

Regabella used PARKER THE PIGGY

Gorgeous BABEROONI work!!


And now for da SISTAHOOD







Gorgeousness or what?   BUT WHERE ARE ALL OUR SISTAH PLAYAHS?  It’s time to dust of da stamps and participate! ya HEAR ME?  LOL

Next week’s theme to use CIRCLES on your card.. make a background… use a template.. use a die.. go crazy sistahs!  I wanna see more cards!!


Mwah to da sistahs who have one TOOTSIE on da scale and ONE piece of cake in DA MOUTH



Stay TOONED for moreeeeee!









  1. Laura Maunu says:

    I love it! Def adding this to my collection 🙂

  2. Helen Van Daalen says:

    So I am at home with a sick little boy and so I get to blog hop earlier in the day then usual. Thanks for showcasing more cards again today and for the sneak peak. Can’t wait to see the whole release. Yay my sister won for her comment!

  3. Laila Bianca says:

    What a fun stamp, Senior-ita Gloria reminds me of my mother-in-law!!! She would love this image also. 😉 Great release!!! Hugs, Laila.

  4. Tonya F says:

    Lpve the colours!!! Gimme that one! Weight Watchers – 3 times ! Thrid time lucky!

  5. Marilyn S says:

    I’ve been quiet so far and not commenting but that’s it! I want some of these stamps and I want them sooner than later! I’m looking forward to when they are available!

  6. Meahni says:

    I’m commenting!!! These old hens are simply the best!!!

  7. oh boy howdy, do I every understand what this chica feels like! 😉

    what great projects by the team using the sketch, too!
    have a great weekend, and best of luck with WW!

  8. Caryl says:

    Love the new characters! You might want to try chocolate vitalicious muffin toppers. Sugar free are only 90 calories and reg are 100. They are also high in fiber and satisfy that chocolate craving. I like to eat mine frozen–that way they take longer to eat!

  9. Michelle Galloway says:

    Good Luck, EM! with the WW, my BFF’s and I just did our September weigh in and measurements, and did our fit test in my “basement workout” room, heres to a successful fall season!

  10. Elaine hollander says:

    Wow love her as well. The new stamps are amazing.

  11. Karen says:

    Gloria! I need you!

  12. MaryAnn N says:

    Love Gloria (and Parker the Piggy) so appropriate for the blog topic heehee.

  13. Karen says:

    Share the best tips you get from your WW peeps, pahleeese!

  14. Pamela Lengyel says:

    Good for you for starting with WW again!!! I just love the senioritas. I might just have to get myself a few. I’ll wait until the preview is over!!!!!

  15. Denimo says:

    Oh dear heavens… another FAB senior-ita! I LOVE Gloria. I’m just afraid she hits a little too close to home!! 🙂

    Wonderful cards again ladies! Impressive!

  16. Love the cards this week and LOVE the new stamp. I was just saying the other day that in despite of the fact that I have a hundred or more stamps (likey more) I’m bored with them and I need new ones. I do believe I see two for sure that will find their way to me!

  17. Gloria is so fun! I love reading your blog, even if I rarely comment… you always make me smile! I will try to dust off my stamps and play along this week… 🙂 Have a wonderful day, Emily!

  18. Sandy says:

    I am Loving these new stamps! So many ideas for cards popping in my head! Can’t wait to see what everyone does with them!

  19. Karen Motz says:

    Senior-ita Gloria is spectacular and I love all the BF cards!!

  20. Lynn says:

    Love the senior-itas – and I know there will be an inner battle to purchase them all – but I think Gloria will be on my side.
    Good luck with the WW journey – you already did the toughest part – making the commitment.

  21. Vivie Lee says:

    I’m sure that Gloria and I have lost enough weight in our lifetime to make an elephant blush!
    Good luck on your weight loss journey.

  22. Karen M says:

    What a great name for the stamps – senioritas. Cute!

  23. Carol Thelen says:

    That lady does NOT have her toe on the scale…yet!

  24. Nancy Kurul says:

    I’m already singing – “G L O R I A!”

    I am a Seniorita – great to have stamps that “get” me!

  25. Cat Spicer says:

    Ooooh, I LOVE Gloria!!! She’s got so many great coloring options. Great cards for the sketch as well. One of these weeks I’ll have more time to play along, until then I’ll just keep lurking at all the Bellawesomeness!!!

  26. Patty says:

    I waited in anticipation for your new senior -ita, sure wasn’t disappointed……….thanks for making me smile, just love Gloria too

  27. Diana B says:

    It’s a good thing my UGs are so thin, I need to have room in my Stamping Bella box for the new ‘rita’ collection! I am loving them!

  28. Eileen M says:

    Best wishes on the weight loss journey. Several of my siblings did quite well, and my brother is now a leader, in Pennsylvania. It has helped him stay at goal for over a year.
    Love Gloria, and the artwork is awesome! Can’t wait to get a few of these “senior-itas in my collection!

  29. I will try to dust my stamps off as well and play. Great new image!! Love it!

  30. Sandi says:

    I SO can relate to the one toe on the scale – love it. Love that you are starting weight watchers!! It’s a tough battle that many of us fight!!

  31. Beneta says:

    Going to have a lot more senior moments with these stamps. Love them.

  32. sammy says:

    Haha! I looove Gloria! I must have the precious… Yes, I must! 🙂 x

  33. Robb_eeie says:

    Another sweetie Gloria~~~Adore her all the way down to the tiny detail of her toes poking in different directions ! LOL
    You are being extremely generous Em in your sneak peaks ~ keep ’em coming please 😀


  34. Sue Shankland says:

    Love her! Reminds me of me…lol I am also on the trying to lose weight wagon. Need to lose 100 lbs. and it seems like I do good, then bam! I joined with a friend but am falling behind. Best of luck to you in your journey

  35. linda says:

    haha, another amazing and fun character! i just need more time and i can play along too. 🙂

  36. Beth says:

    Absolutely loving the new images! So cute!

  37. Mary Lou Kemp says:

    I look forward to seeing this entire crazy cute Senior-itas collection. So far I am totally hooked. Love ‘Dolores’ and ‘Gloria’ and I also love ‘Brynn’, that adorable new image from the Uptown collection

  38. Charmaine says:

    I am loving the Senior-itas’. I can’t wait to see the whole collection and then get my hands on them.

  39. Sandi Redmann says:

    These are such cute stamps cant wait to get me some 🙂

  40. Suzan Dorchik says:

    You need to change her name. She’s so me. Now to find some chocolate caked!!!

  41. Sandra corkrey says:

    You have made my day! Senorita gloria is my cheesecake sister!
    I need to win the lottery to add these girls to my stash.
    I ‘m with you all the way to WW Em…just can’t get off the couch yet.
    Love all of them!

  42. Gloria says:

    Ha-ha. My name is Gloria too and I have started WW hundreds of times. I felt a little confused when I saw the stamp at first as I wondered ” how in the heck does she know me?” Anyway your ladies are cute:)

  43. Ann English says:

    Loving these previews and LOVE these stamps!!!

  44. Skye Baziuk says:

    Cake or the scale . . . hmmmmm . . . only time will tell who will be the winner. Love the new stamps.

  45. *gasp!*. I LOVE Gloria! Too cute!

  46. Sheena B says:

    Weigh to go for resuming your weight loss journey! I resumed mine a couple of years ago myself and am happy to say I reached my goal in just under a year and now, almost a year after THAT reached another milestone. Took part in my first organized 5k – the colourful “Run or Dye” here in Ottawa. It was a blast! Small steps…that’s the big secret! Absolutely LOVING Gloria – she just went on my want list. I’m sure the ladies in my weight loss group (T.O.P.S.) would love to get inspirtational cards featuring her!

  47. Karen Wardley says:

    Gloria is fabulous and tell Melissa great pic she’ll soon be her shadow!!!! Good luck ladies on your journey

  48. Virginia Kuberski says:

    My friends and were talking about how satisying a cupcake can be when you’re craving something sweet! Gloria takes the words right out of my mouth! Love her!

  49. Leslie G says:

    Ooh my, Gloria could be my MIL years ago :). Loving these new senior-itas! Loved this weeks sketch too….must get working on my “circles” card!! My advice for WW…just take one day at a time, one step in front of the other! Mwah!

  50. Tracy says:

    I vote for kicking the scales out the window. LOL Honestly I wish you well on your new journey. I’ve done it and it CAN be done. It’s a slow process but so rewarding. 🙂 Gloria is awesome!

  51. Pat K says:

    The Senior-itas are fabulous…can’t wait to see more.

  52. Linda Carson says:

    Gloria is such a hoot!! I like her attitude! Good luck w/WW!! It will help to have a buddy!

  53. Candy says:

    LOL ‘Gloria’ is another great image!!
    Oh I can see myself using these images a lot for
    my friends :o)
    Love this one too.
    Good luck at Weight Watchers.
    Hugs, Candy

  54. Jennyfer says:

    Awww how I wished we lived close so that I could buddy up with u. I need to get rid of the baby fat and it won’t budge:@ I’m scared to try these weight loss programs since I heard they don’t work so I’m still thinking…Anyhoo, the DT have done an amazing job this week! Good luck to you Em and your friend:-)

  55. SharonP says:

    Ohhhhh Nooooo this release is going to be way beyond choosing! I can hear my cheque book groaning now because so far, I’m getting them all! Can’t help notice the contrast, it’s like the utg are who we used to be or wanna be and the seniorita’s, well let’s just say they might be a bit closer to reality ha ha! Good luck with your WW journey, I am doing the Atkins but I beat you I am at about 999 times!

  56. Margo S. says:

    Thanks – I love being a winner!!!
    Check your email Em!!

    The senioritas are super cute – perfect for cards for my mom!!

  57. Christine says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I’m sneaking peeks at the comments on these again and I had to jump in and say thank you!! I’m having such fun drawing these stamps. And as I sit here suffering with shingles of all things…(shoulder, down my left arm and onto my hand. Leftie, the drawing hand!! I have other appendages this awful condition could have chosen…how rude)…your comments are making me smile. Big. So thank you again!!

  58. Lisa G says:

    Love her!! Love me some weight watchers too…..when I go 😉

  59. Kelly Horn says:

    Audrey is beautiful with that Parisian paper!!!

  60. rakefet says:

    Love it!!! Thanks

  61. Gloria says:

    Needless to say I want to order senorita Gloria as soon as it’s available…lol Good luck with Weight Watchers; you’ll be a success story sooner than you think.

  62. Jennifer bradley says:

    Great cards and fun sneaky peaky!

  63. Tracy says:

    I absolute love Gloria, I must have her LOL!!! She might be me- accept I feel I am tad younger. Also, I am right there with you with WW, I don’t start and stop, just keep paying the monthly fee, and being stalled at the same weight! But is a great program and really works when you do it! Good luck to you.

  64. I love these new “Senior Ladies” and are we all fighting against our kilos? I do it since my Teenage years…sob! Wish you good luck with WW.

  65. Lori G in PA says:

    Want this!!! Would make such fun cards!!!

  66. Michelle-a-bella says:

    This seniorita I can relate with, LOL!!! Very cute!

  67. Susan B says:

    Senior-ita Gloria makes me smile. She is sooooo me.

  68. Ann Jobes says:

    She’s just terrific – so fun!

  69. pinky says:

    Oh I love cake too, that’s what makes me happy lol. Loving all the inspiration and have even entered the circles challenge. Hugs

  70. Faye says:

    I too am on WW & I’ve found that you CAN have your cake & eat it too…you just have to count the points????You can do it!!
    I love Señorita Gloria- she is soooo like me.

  71. I’m going through stamping withdrawls, I’m over in Europe for a while and rely on my mom to send me stuff over here, I would love to have her send me these (or all the sneak peeks!) just kidding! I’ld be happy with one!

  72. tina says:

    I looove these new ladies they are lovely.

  73. Betty B says:

    I’m like Gloria–I keep my foot off the scale and just enjoy life!

  74. suzie chaput says:

    she’s cute like my aunts

  75. Phyllis says:

    Gloria is a HOOT! I can appreciate her attitude. LOL

  76. Cathy P in AZ says:

    Christine – you are a creative genius! Every girl understands this funny dilemma Gloria is facing and I sure can relate! Em – weight loss is a daily journey and an adopted permanent lifestyle. I have lost 182 pounds to date – and would like to lose about 50 more. Keep moving, trying and fighting – it is SOOO worth it! 🙂 And have some cake every so often cuz an occasional splurge is good for you too!

  77. Trish Minard says:

    I just love stampingbella stamps! The are so real life! Everyone loves the cards I send them made with your stamps!

  78. Bren says:

    So glad I found your blog and store. I absolutley LOVE what you do. Keep up the good work.

  79. LoriT. says:

    Love your stamps!

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