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and the WINNERS ARE….

ok, after *MUCH* deliberation, I had to come up with 2 winners… I am probably going to make a lot more of these sentiments within the next coupla months but I had to start somewhere right?  I really printed out all the comments and went through them all so please understand that this contest was judged with  A LOT of thought!

Winner #1- Crystalbella- although everyone put tremendous effort in helping me out, I feel that Crystal and sis went through a lot of effort typing, thinking, contributing.. so she will win a stamp of her choice AND a cute goody.

Winner #2-Helenabella… First the fact that she was so excited that she misspelled her name in her first post *LOTSA GIGGLES* I thought was deliciously cute.. AND the meaning behind her sentiment ” you are just a mouseclick away” and some computer lingo to go with it (guess the bella to match will have to be made soon.. hint hint hint).  I picked this one because I feel a connection to ALL of you via the computer.. you really are a mouseclick away!  Unfortunately, we don’t all live near eachother (imagine if we did??? HOLY KABOLY would we be in trouble).. so I really liked that one because it means so much and it really connects all the sistahs.. without the ‘mouseclick’ where would we all be??? Prize- a stamp of your choice and a goody too!

So that’s my thought for the hour.  Winners, will you please contact me? 

Thanks again for everyone who participated!  IT means SO much and I love you all




  1. Crystalbella says:

    Oh my gosh…this is the coolest day ever (as my 13 y/o son would say). First of all, I would like to thank my family, my manager, and fellow bella cast members….LOL…kidding here. That is my Oscar speech…silly me. No really, how cool is this? I am just flabergasted and excited and just can’t wait to see the sentiment in rubber. First a rubber sentiment and then next, Pulitzer prize…do they have those for rubber stamps? Well, if they did Emily would win that is for sure. She has a one of kind product that everyone should own at least 10 (I mean how could you choose one over the other..I want them all). She is the designer of something that was well needed in our stamp world…stamps that say something without sentiments but put with sentiments make them extra special. Her stamps are funky, retro-ish, and just the best. I am not just saying that because I won. I would say that even if I didn’t and have many times. I believe in the bellas and the appeal that they have. They have filled a nitch in the stamping world and I know you all can agree with me. I think Emily sprinkles somekind of fairy dust in the little cute (I call them sleeping bags) bags that just make you want more. LOL

    Anyway, I am so excited and just wanted to share it with my friends (that’s you all). See my husband does support me and my scrapbooking/rubber stamping passion…er..illness..not sure what you would call it but he will be happy for me that I won but would not get the true feeling of the excitement running through my veins as I prepare for my next order (Thurs 3/1) or the excitement of a prize of Em goodies and a bella. Now if it was a fishing lure…he would be doing the happy dance like I am. I told him about staceyfishabella and he wanted to know if she was a type of jig or other lure that he could use for bass fishing. See that is why I am posting here because I know you all know what I am so excited about because you know what it is like to hold that cute bella in your hand and the feeling you get when you make an impression with her for the first time on that WW paper. Ahhh…what a great thing.

    Thanks for listening/reading my excitement in life right now.


  2. Crystalbella says:

    Congratulations to Helenabella! I do love that sentiment and THANKS EM for the hint. There has been massive chit chat back in forth and a bidding going on about what bella you will premiere on the 1st. Can’t wait, can’t wait. Will the sentiment and stamp come out together? OOOOO this is so great!

  3. Tanya says:

    Congratulations to Crystalbella and Helehabella…oh wait, I mean Helenabella:) I am SO excited to see what the sentiment will be from Crystalbella!!! I went back through just now to see what the winning sentiments were and holy moly…Crystalbella had a gazillion ideas!!! I’m so excited for the 1st…I just can’t wait! Congratulations once again Bella’s…well done!
    PS…Crystalbella…are you doing a Bella swap on SCS? I believe we’re in the same swap, not sure if we’re in the same group or not…I’m orangegymnut:)
    Ok…thanks again for the wonderful Bella’s!

  4. Helen (Bagpuss) says:

    *GASP* That’s me!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooo excited – thank you!!!!!!

  5. Helen (Bagpuss) says:

    Sorry my speech wasn’t quite as long as Crystalbella’s but I was typing one-handed while trying to phone all my friends with the other!!!! I’ve never won anything since that bar of medicated soap in my teenage years… oh and the jellied fruits in a raffle when I was eight. This is the best!

  6. Julie Masse says:

    Congrats to both – can’t wait to see the new sentiments!! 🙂

  7. Tanya says:

    Tomorrow’s the 1st…that means a NEW BELLA!!! I’m so excited to see what you’ve come up with! I can’t wait!!!

  8. I love the new jammiebella – I love Crystalbellas acceptance speech! This is pretty much the first place I check everyday… I just need time… do you have a maketimeabella????

  9. veronica says:

    where is our newest bellas????? oh my goodness I set my alarm clock to get up early to see our new sista…lol
    ok when I get back from a coffee run I will check again…gotta have our bellas

  10. Christine Mott says:

    Congratulations to Helenblla and Crystalbella. I enjoyed talking with you, Emily on the phone the other day. I love your style and you seem to be such a sweet lady. I can relate to the kids at home. Now my kids are in there teens and the bella’s really stick out with my daughter!! Who is another Emily!!!
    thanks for all the bellas and inspiration!

  11. Erica says:

    Congratulations Crystal and Helen, enjoy your new stamps :D!

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